Guardian Do Gooders? Oh What Hypocrites.

The Guardian Newspaper has always been one of the noisiest, waily-gnashy-teethyest whingiest moaners and bleaters about the evil rich using perfectly legal tax avoidance arrangements as a means of not paying UK taxes and thus condeming the lower orders to lives of such abject poverty the poor sods have to subsist on thin gruel made from house dust and second hand water, walk around wi’ nobbut one clog to their feet and light their own farts to keep warm in cold weather.

Or so you would think to read the current crop of Guardian commentators.

Imagine our shock at reading this on Guido Fawkes blog:

The Guardian Media Group is one of the shrewdest corporate avoiders of tax in Britain, in 2008 it made a £300 million profit and yet managed to pay no corporation tax, the following year in 2009 it still paid no corporation tax, it uses the offshore Caymans tax haven to own assets, it uses tax efficient trusts and deploys all manner of perfectly legal tax shelter strategies to avoid paying tax.

Meanwhile one of the team read elsewhere that Guardian Media Group’s UK operation lost about £150 million on paper in the last financial year.

And they have the nerve to slag off Lord Ashcroft who at least is not ashamed to admit he’s a greedy, self interested twat.

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7 thoughts on “Guardian Do Gooders? Oh What Hypocrites.

  1. Nothing stinks like hypocrisy, but when it comes from the intellectual, sanctimonious, finger-waving do-gooding, holier-than-thou liberal-left, the reek is somehow that much greater.


    1. Guido was having a go specificlly at Polly Toynbee. Multimillionaire by inhertitance Polly is always bleating about “the poor” but owns three houses and is not putting up any homeless people in any of them.

      Nor is he bankrolling a homeless hostel or funding a soup kitchen. She seems to think lecturing the rest of us on how we are all selfish, callous tightwads is enough for her contribution to the fight against poverty.

      It certainly does stink.


  2. Sir,

    “noisiest, waily-gnashy-teethyest, whingiest” moaning and bleating about other peoples’ wrongdoings is the best method to distract attention from the own wrong-doings – every serious person/newspaper/politician knows it (that is ‘Machiavellism for beginners’).


  3. The lose they are making financially for trying to punch above their weight and giving all their content for free online, it does not surprise me that they would try and save throgh dubious methods.

    In my eyes, the Guardian is probably the most biased and poorly reported newspaper in the country.mile. CIF is desktop researched opinions of no value and a breeding ground in the comments section of hate and anger.

    The obvious choice of proof of bias would be the subject of Israel (this bias created the website cifwatch) and wherever your head is regarding the Middle East, there needs to be serious journalistic and editorial questions raised about a newspaper that reports every single thing Israel does with a critical eye but can not be bothered to write a single article about the forest fire that has killed over 40 israelis and ravaged the north of the country because I guess it is against their Israel is evil message.

    But then they are equally biased on more trivial things also, the brown-nosing of apple is a case in point.


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