Can Lib Dems Stop Themselves Sailing Into The West

With Labour floundering on the rocks to sustain the nautical metaphor and the Conservatives still too tained with sleaze and incompetence to completely win over the voters the Liberal Democrats should be sailing a broad reach towards their goal of becoming a serious challenger for government.

But somehow the Liberal Democrats always display an uncanny knack for statching defeat from the jaws of victory.

For some reason they do well when the conservatives have been in power a while but when a Labour government is approaching its end days the Liberal Democrats cannot persuade disillusioned Labout votes from going all the way across the political divide and voting Tory.

In Sailing Into The West The Daily Stirrer suggests how the party might avoid being dispatched back to Devon and Cornwall as an irrelevant rump.

Liberate Your Civil Liberties

Our civil liberties have been systematically attacked by the control freak government of New Labour. The Tories do not look as if they will do better on issues of personal freedoms in fact it is rumoured their draft manifesto includes a committment to restore droit de seigneur, Lib Dem leader Nick (Shagger) Clegg says this is his party’s moment. But with the main parties jumping on the public spending curbs bandwagon Vince Cable alone has labouiously pushed for so long, will the Lib Dems have the balls to take the civil liberties issue as their own. Labour as the party of sureveillance, databases are and national ID cards easy to hit but how does Clegg show dubious voters that faced with tough questions on personal freedom Cameron’s Bullingdon Bullies aka Lord Snooty And His Pals simply burst into a chorus of Lloyd George Knew My Father.

Palin No Longer Writing Her Own Speeches

American beauty queen turned politician Sarah Palin has hired a speechwriter and this Obamessiah cult follower along with the people in the thread are going crazy about it, as if she has dome something terrible like refusing to reval her birth certificate. Strange that supporters of a politician who can barely speeak without an autocue are so upset that one of his opponents is doing something every leading politician since Reagan and Thatcher has done.

Bugger me, can you imagine how mad they will go when she gets an autocue. Obamessiah worshippers don’t seem to think it significant their man can bareley speak a human language without his autocue but woe betide anyone else who even uses notes.

The more I observe the whole Obama circus, the more it comes to resemble The Church of Scientology.

Sarah Palin no longer writing her own stuff