Seeing Through Windows Vista

How hard is it to see through Windows. Or to put it another way, what part of not fit for purpose do Microsoft not understand.

Having just been forced to go XP on a new laptop (but sticking with linux on my proper computer, I find myself hating my new OS more every day.

And Vista is worse. If you have not upgraded yet read why you shouldn’t at ZDnet Blogs

Rats and Sinking Ships

Former future Prime Minister Michael Portillo this week claimed that three months ago asked the rhetorical question “Can the Tories ever win another election?”
We remind you, only in the interests of accuracy because you know how Machiavelli hates blowing his own trumpet, that a year ago we asked that very question. Ahead of the pack again you see.
It is not just the defection of Quentin wossisname (did he used to be Jeremy Clarkson’s sidekick on top gear?) that tells us HM Opposition are once more in total disarray and another hopeless leader is being edged towards the door marked exit, but the very persistent rumours that another, very senior Tory is about to jump ship. Of course we cannot reveal who that might be, but do you notice a Patten here?

If Your House Is Flooded, Thank Thatcher

A couple of weeks ago I had a full and frank exchange of views with a Maggie Thatcher worshipper (yes, there are still a few out there)
In response to my witty and incisive analysis this superannuated Toryboy called me rude names and suggested I must be stupid if I did not see he was right but did not actually make a point to back up his assertion that “Maggie did a great job for this country.”
Well one of the great things Maggie did was bulldoze through laws dismantling the planning controls that stopped speculative builders putting housing and industrial estates on the flood plains of rivers.
Environmental scientists and civil engineers warned against this, but common sense was never allowed to stand in the way of quick profits and the builders moved in.
With its escape route obstructed, floodwater backs up with devastating consequences after any period of unusually heavy rainfall. We have seen the consequenses this week in Sheffield (my daughter was stranded in the office on Monday night – she said they all got drunk and it was quite fun) and around the country and in recent years in Nottingham, Carlisle, York, the Medway Towns in Kent and along the Severn Valley.
kudos to Maggie though, true to her image she has never admited she was wrong. That’s the kind of strong leadership that still blinds so many people to the social and economic disaters her half – wit policies caused.

Like A Bambi To The Slaughter.

Well that embarrassing display of grovelling known as the Yo Blair! moment has paid off and St. Tony finaly gets to go to the middle east in an official capacity.
With Palestine sliding into civil war and tensions rising in Lebanon once more the Eastern Mediterranean has become a no go area for Americans and so the job of sorting out the mess has been handed to Tony(Wonder if Paddy Ashdown refused this one too?)
“Prime Minister Blair is highly respected among the Arab political elites,” a White House spokesperson said as President Bush stepped back to admire the target he had been painting on his ally’s back.
You would think even Blair ought to have the nous to know its not the Arab political elite who will be hiding in burned out buildings aiming AK47s.

Taking a few days break

I have struggled long enough to recover the 75% of my traffic lost after the latest Google algorithm changes. Its time to take a few days break and study in depth what has happened. Its something to do with supplemental links I’m sure, so I may have to revisit all the sites that link into me and direct them to a specific URI (Permalink) rather than letting them point to the url.

Down and Out In The Olympic Village

Stung by criticism of the inept and profligate ways of the team he heads, “Lord” Seb Coe, the man respoinsible for delivering the 2012 Olympic Schlockfest has hit back angrily (ooooooh!) at accusations that progress reports coming out of the Olympic p[roject press office are “pure bunkum” and the Games are just a firey pit into which steroid enhanced stokers clad in leather harness and gimp masks are shovelling huge piles of taxpayers money.
The games, he says, are bringing regeneration to a rundown part of London. It will, he claims, lead to the creation of job opportunities and the building of new homes.
Now who is going to buy these new homes we wonder? Not the low paid service secor workers who will fill the new jobs, nor the displaced council tenants (of whom between 10 and 15% are classed as disabled or vulnerable) who are mostly earning well below the national average income.
You can bet your life savings on that.

Olympic Gold for Rachmanism?

In response to criticism of the heavy handed, bullying way “Lord” Seb Coe’s Olympic project is hounding lifelong London residents out of their homes to make way for The Great White Elephant Of The Self Aggrandising Elite, the ignoble Lord has rebutted suggestions that his team are misbehaving and telling porkies.
“It bis ludicrous tyo claim the Olympics will lead to displacement and poverty,” he whined.
Well of course it is. As most of the people to be evicted are old, vulnerable and/or economically disadvantaged they are already victims of poverty.
Their evictions will therefore lead to homelessness, despair and suicide.