White Privilege?

White privilege?

It’s time our elected representatives and mainstream media started to defend the white people of these British Isles against the onslaught of racist bigots like Black Lives Matter and Marxist nutters like the EkSTINKtion Rebellion crusties. It’s time these anti-white Marxists were told there was no “privilege” working 12 hours a day in coal mines, 12 hours a day in the steel and cotton mills, and living bleak lives on bleak housing estates.

We white people built, with our brain and muscle, the greatest, most affluent and most free society in history, a truth that the old Labour Party understood but that is now overrun by anti-white Marxists who promote the interests of blacks and Muslims whose collective efforts never managed to progress their homelands beyond medieval feudalism and who now hate white people and the prosperity and liberal values of societies whose countries they want to destroy.

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Want to Know the Truth About Carbs? Here It Is

We all want to stay healthy right, but there’s so much conflicting advice out there about diet and health it’s hard to know what is useful and what is just a sales pitch. Still there are independent voices out there in the cyberuniverse who are not trying to sell you diet or exercise plans or dodgy maging pills. Here’s one of them >

by Auriene Alix<, Medium.com/a>

Are carbohydrates responsible for fat gain? Yes and no. That’s the complexity of the matter. Let’s stop with the false assumptions and shortcuts. The reality is not so difficult to understand. It’s actually quite simple.

We make nutritional choices based on what we’re told, without ever making the effort to understand how these foods affect our body. Yet, food is our fuel.

For a long time, I just ate what I wanted to eat. I was told that fruits and vegetables were better for my health than hamburgers and pastries, so I tried to eat more of the former than the latter. It wasn’t until I began to realize the crucial importance of diet, and started my fitness journey, that I became interested in nutrition.

I wanted and needed to know what I was putting into my body. Which choices were to be preferred. What false beliefs had been guiding my diet for years.

Starting with carbohydrates. Most people misunderstand them. Most explanations on the subject make it more complicated than it is.

Here’s a digest of the ton of reading I’ve done.

If you are on a fitness or weight loss journey, this is for you. Welcome also if you just want to understand your body … Continue reading >>>

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Food healt fascism


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