The Real Thunberg Agenda?

By William B. Stoecker – All News Pipeline
The environmental extremists continue to chant their monotonous mantra about the “existential threat” of man-made global warming, or climate change. Indeed, the climate is changing, and it has been changing for nearly four billion years. They recently began using an (apparently autistic) teenager as their spokes-mouth. Like all leftists they talk a good line, assuring us that they care deeply for wildlife, nature, clean air and water, etc. But it has long been obvious that their pretended concern for the environment is merely a cover for their real agenda, which is the impoverishment, enslavement, and eventual extermination of the human race. They are the ultimate “againsters,” people who pretend to be in favor of some noble-sounding cause, but who are really not for anything, only against.

I confess, like many of their rank and file followers, I used to believe their beautiful lie, even joining the Sierra Club until I gradually became disillusioned with them. Even today I have a fondness for mass transit and feel that, as long as we have cities, it would be better if they were more compact; less urban sprawl would mean paving over less farmland. And I think both the US and the world in general would be better off with fewer people. But no one has the right to dictate to others how they should live, and the Earth can sustain the seven billion plus people now crowding onto it, and, in any event, birthrates are dropping.

In fact, in First World countries, birthrates have dropped too far, and are below the replacement rate. The Japanese are a dying race, as are the Russians. After working for many years as a welfare eligibility worker, watching our tax dollars fund the breeding of a class of multi-generational parasites, I can almost see the point of eugenics; I’ve often thought that it might be a good idea to require that people submit to sterilization as a requirement to get welfare benefits. But there is no need, and no one has the right, to forcibly sterilize people or to target certain races.    READ ALL >>>