The Rumour That Will Not Go Away

Who Started the Obama is a Muslim story? It is turning into one of those rumours that just will not go away. It sticks to the Democrats candidate like a bad smell.

Technically speaking of course B.O. is a Muslim even if he was never introduced to the faith and has never shown any interest in it. Just as Jewish blood is passed down through the maternal line, Islam is passed through the paternal line so as Brak Obama Snr. was a Muslim his son is too, technically speaking. In the same way the daughter of an atheist mother whose mother was also atheist is still technically Jewish if there is a Jewish woman way back in the line somewhere.

This is why Orthodox Jewish families have such a big issue with sons “marrying out.” If the daughter marries a Christian, atheist, Hindu, Muslim or whatever, her children are still Jewish and her daughter’s children will still be Jewish. If the son marries a non jew, the line is severed.

Its the opposte way round in Islam.

So the nasty smell of rumour will keep following B.O. around until he confronts the issue and finds a Rabbi who supports the Democrats to help him explain the situation.

Down in the Bible Belt states of course, all the explaining in the world will not change the fact that he’s black.

Sunday’s Blog Roundup

The appearance of this article in HuffPost’s green page raised a few eyebrows but aparently the author is deadly serious. Is a gas fuelled BBQ better for the environment that a charcoal one? If we are being picky then an open cooking fire is the best but it makes little dfference if you are cooking grain fead meat on it.

McCain says Obama’s word cannt be trusted. News from the American election, John McCain who changes his position more often than a contortionist, has accused Barak Obama of untruthfulness and hypocrisy because Obama seems to change his position on every big issue according to which audience he is adressing. Words like pot and kettle come to mind

Remember the scandal of Maidstone hospital, where the boss had to resign over dirty wards. Well the hospital management has not learned its lesson as Iain Dale reports.

A Conservative blogger says he enjoyed Cherie Blair’s book. That’s how bad it is

What does Henley Mean for the Lib Dems? So was the by-election a disaster for the Liberal Democrats. Opponents are quick to write off the third party but though unspoectacular their vote could point to a positive trend.

New Hybrid Car All Hype And No Substance

A new hybrid car developed by General Motors as the Chevrolet Volt is described by a reviewer fir huffington Post as the Barak Obama of cars. Raders of this blog will know I think Obama is all hype and no substance so is the Chevvy Volt the same.

It seems so.

As usual the scientists who have come up with the technology have blinded themselves with science and failed to see the big picture. Which is that making a set of Batteries for a hybrid such as a Volt or Toyota Prius uses quite large amonts of very nasty heavy metals which need some filthy and higly pollutive processes to turn them into batteries useable in cars. And then of course at the end of their life these have to be disposed of.

Meanwhile my 16 year old Volvo 440 still gets 40 mpg on the open road, more if I keep my speed down uses no fossil fuel generated electricy and seems to have a few years left in it yet especially as I only drive about 3000 miles a year.

The way to reduce pollution is a change of lifestyle, not technological gimmicks. Just think how much pollution you would have saved if you had all stuck to your Walkman or Discman and used BT phone boxes to call home or check in with the office.

Don’t get me wrong, technology is great, we just need to get a better perspective on how much it actually benefits us.

The Great Technology Scam

Google Car Driverless Because No Sane Person Would Be Seen Dead In One

Is Barak Obama a Legitimate Candidate

An interesting rumour circulating on American political blogs questions whether Bsrak Obama is legally qualified to be President. If there is any substance in this it will be very embarrassing for The Democrats.
Obama not a legitimate candidate?
We wait further new with baited breath.

But other political bloggers are suggesting more nasties are waiting to jump out and bite Little Black Barak’s arse.

Liposuction – the key to energy independence
A novel solution to the enegy shortage

Raw Story – The Coming War.
Following on from something we reported on Friday

And don’t forget the funnies blog on the web: Boggart Blog

Labour Invites You To Seduce Yourselves

In an interview with Progress magazine Andy Burnham, Culture Secretary in Gordon Brown’s Government warned voters not to be seduced by The Cameron Conservatives talk of how liberal and cuddly the Tories have become.
Burnham then went on to remind us of attacks on civil liberties that were every bit as illiberal as things New Labour are doing and that were enacted during the eighteen years of Tory misrule.

Seduced by the Tories eh? Hang on, Andy Burnham is a supporter of New Labour, the party that removed all constraints from the Finance industry and invited us to seduce ourselves with the idea that we could all become millionaire property developers by selling ourselves our own houses. Labour is the party that told us run down inner cities could be regenerated by building supercasinos and opening lap dancing clubs. Labour is the party that turned government job centres into recruiting services for pimps and ponces by making managers advertise jobs in the sex industry (with the tacit threat that anybody turning down interviews for such jobs could lose benefits.
Labour is the party that relaxed licensing laws to allow supermarkets to sell cheap booze seven days a week and now castigates those who buy it in order to seek a temporary respite from the living hell that three terms of Labour government have of Britain.

Don’t be seduced by the Tories, New Labour will be happy to carry on raping you.

Apology wanted from Andy Burnham

Jack Straw is Caligula I had him down for Claudius myself.

Taking The Food Crisis Personally Is vegetarianism the only way to save the world. Not if cranks like this guy are the best advocates of a meat free diet.

Is It Time To Ban Maths From Schools?

Yesterday I was involved in yet another discussion about whether we should be encouraging Faith Schools with Government Grants or banning them completely. Not so long ago another discussion in the same forum was about whether we should be trying to force fed pupils more maths or whether maths as taught in schools is a waste of time? The arguments followed a remarkably similar course which lends credibility to my contention that certain scientists treat science as a religion.

In the maths debate, mathematician Marcus de Sautoy opened for the pro maths side and demolished his own case in his first sentence, saying: “When Wayne Rooney takes a shot at goal he first does a simultaneous equation.”

I think not. Can you imagine Motty raving: “ And the ball goes to Rooney. He does an equation, he shoots, he scores.” The suggestion that Rooney even knows what an equation is stretches our credulity.

The reason I raise this is a new government report on education concludes that primary teachers are not good enough at maths to teach their pupils. I think fatsally might have a few things to say about that so we await her comments with baited breath.

When I had a quick look at a SATS examination paper aimed at eleven year olds it was clear at once that the problem lies not with teachers but with the people who control the curriculum, the maths academics. The tests are being set by the kind of fuckwits who find maths fascinating.

The problem with maths you see is there exists a small minority who think mathematics is the most interesting thing in the world and worth doing just for fun. Then there are the rest of us who are sane. Now the maths for fun brigade, who include most academic mathematicians, cannot understand why sane people do not share their enthusiasm. But these people would rather solve an equation than get laid so there you go.

To illustrate why maths is such a deeply unpopular subject for study here is a question from that maths test.

Steven makes between 30 and 50 biscuits. If he packs them in threes he has two left over and if he packs them in fives he has one left over. How many biscuits did Steven make.

So what does this question tell us about Steven? First, he hasn’t the sense he was born with, anybody with at least one functioning brain cell would just count the effing biscuits. Second, Steven suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. A normal person would just tip the biscuits in a tin or a Tupperware box. The answer to the question then is who cares, Steven should try to get out more.

Only a person with the mindset of Roy Cropper from Coronation Street or Gordon Brown would pack the biscuits in threes or fives. And even they would just eat the spare ones instead of fretting over them. This leads us to think that Steven the biscuit maker is not simply a tad obsessive but might be autistic.

And what kind of message does that send to schoolkids about the desirability of learning maths.

The skill of the Mathematician lies in their ability to turn a very simple everyday situation into a very complex mathematical problem. Count the effing biscuits, fuckwits.

As Aristotle said: What we have to do we learn by doing. And many of us who daydreamed through maths lessons in school found in later life we could solve very complex arithmetic problems because we had a practical need to solve them.


Britain’s maths policy simply doesn’t add up – but neither does overestimating the importance of maths.

I Can’t Do That.

A review group has noted that the English seem to have a ‘can’t do’ mentality where Maths is concerned.
Perhaps they should have looked deeper, we appear to be raising a generation who just “can’t do”, nor can they learn.
Ask a young person to perform a task and the most likely answer is “I can’t do that. I don’t know how.”
Explain or demonstrate and then leave them to it and you will probably come back to find a half arsed effort at best or no attempt at all at worst.
For example, teaching children to divide a decimal number by 10, say. Now I know we are told to use the correct terminology and methods but the easy way to do this is ‘to move the decimal point one place to the left’, yes I know the decimal point never moves but to say ,”move each digit one place to the right”, makes it a whole lot more complicated to the average 11 year old, especially when many of them do not count ‘0’ as a digit. So you demonstrate on the board, then you get children to come and demonstrate on the board, then you check using Q&A around the classroom and then you ask if anyone wants any further help and then you say, “Ok, turn to page 31 in your text book and start working through exercise 1.”
Then you start going round the classroom and you come across the most weird and wonderful answers, some having completely different sets of digits in the answers than are in the question, and you ask what have they done and they say,
“I don’t know. I don’t get it.”
Then you ask if anyone wants to go through it again and half the class put their hand up, so you do and they say they understand, but left to their own devices the results are just the same.
And so the process goes on.
Or take writng. You set a task, you tell the children to think about what they are writing, to remember capital letters and full stops, and to have a go at spelling any words they don’t know, and you highlight strategies for spelling; break the word up into syllables, sound out using phonics or mnemonic methods, (hear has an ear in it, here the place is like there the place, I’ve Got Hairy Toes words light, sight, might etc.) You’ve barely got back to your desk than someone will be there with their spelling book asking, “How do you spell Saturday?”
And you say, “How do you think you spell Saturday?” and they say,
“I’m no good at spelling.”
So you suggest they spell ‘sat’, which they do, then you go onto ‘ur’, which they spell ‘er’ but you suggest they have another go and they come up with ‘ur’, then you prompt them on ‘day’ and hey presto!
“You spelt Saturday, see you can spell,” but two minutes later they will be back with another common word which they should really be able to work out and which, if they looked, they would see appears in a display on the walls, and yet they can’t be bothered, and when you read through their work you will see that the next time they write ‘Saturday’ it will be spelt wrong.
It’s the same with everything. Ask them to load the dishwasher and you’ll find knives in the bottom, cups the wrong way up, plates stacked so they are touching and won’t wash properly.
Peg washing on the line, the washing won’t be straightened out.
Lay the table, there won’t be any condiments.
Cut the grass, the lawn will look like a row of Mohikins and you think, “Surely I don’t have to explain how to do this? Surely they can see how things are done and they will try and do it the same?”
But they don’t, so you explain how it should be done.

“You take the envelope out of the bag, you look at the address and check you have the right road and then you take a note of the number and you find the house with that number on it and you put the envelope through the letterbox, usually situated on the front door.”
But no, not only does the trainee postman walk willy nilly over everybodies’ gardens, he shoves a whole streetful of post through your cat-flap.
When you collar him he say, “Oh I couldn’t see a number.”
“Well look, it’s there, on the front door, number 12. Just above the letterbox.”
“Oh I didn’t see that. And the house next door doesn’t have a number.”
“No, the house next door dosn’t have a number, but the next one does and it’s number 16, so what does that make the house next door?”
“I dunno. Number 9?”

And so it goes on. And we are to blame because we let them get away with it. A university lecturer resigned last year after 13 students whom he and a formal examinations board deemed to have failed a course were allowed a pass by the university authorities. An official felt that students should be able to pass on lecture notes alone and did not need to do the required reading. But that’s the whole point of further education, it’s finding things out for yourself, looking at the sources, analysing the material and forming an opinion, it’s not just reciting what your lecturer chooses to tell you.
But no doubt, if these students had been asked why they hadn’t done the required reading they would have answered, “I didn’t know we had to.I didn’t know what to read. I didn’t know where to find it. I’m not very good at reading.”
And so they’ll whine on, denying responsibility and wallowing in self pity, safe in the knowledge that they will still get their degree, get their A level, or GCSE or Level 5 at KS2, because the government has set targets and has league tables and all our educational institutions have to be seen to be performing to target, despite the fact that in reality they are becoming woefully inadequate and letting down a whole generation of pupils.