The One We’ve All Been Waiting For: The Credit Crunch..

It’s here at last folks, the show you have all been waiting for, The Conservative Party Credit Crunch Conference. How interesting it will be as Lord Snooty Cameron and his Pals take centre stage to hear what they have to say about the meltdown of the global economy and the irresponsibility of the Merchant Bankers who caused it. Especially when you remember Lord Snooty and his Pals were at school with that very same bunch of Merchant Bankers. In fact some of Lord Snooty’s chums used to be Merchant bankers when they were younger but, we hear, now they are serious politicians their tastes have matured and they can only be satisfied by a couple of visits a week to Nanny Whiplash.

No doubt as the chums take the podium they will unite behind Lord Snooty Cameron in blaming the hapless Gordon Brown for the crisis. Fair play, he was in charge of the tuck money for eleven years but we must not forget it was Lord Snooty’s Party, The Conservatives, led by Margaret Thatcher who kicked off the economic madness that led to the bubble and squeak economics of the past quarter century by a hasty and ill though out package of deregulatory measures.

Before Thatcher’s disastrous meddling on behalf of her hubby’s cronies, short selling, known by the much more sinister sounding name of arbitrage, the process of selling something one does not own in the expectation of buying back the asset more cheaply before returning it to the owner at a profit was illegal. People could go to prison for it. So was arbitrage a restrictive practice holding back markets or just good sense.

Whatever we think, short selling, in effect betting on stock market movements, was so lucrative that trade in “derivatives,” administrative vehicles facilitating such trades, became more profitable than trading in boring old stocks, commodities and bonds. The risks became greater too but nobody mentioned that.

As time passed the Merchant Bankers became more greedy and took bigger risks. They were not risking their own moolah of course, oh no, they were betting with your pension funds and personal savings.
There have already been two financial disasters, in the early 1990s and the dotcom + 9/11 bust of 2000 and 2001. if once is unfortunate and twice looks like carelessness to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, then three times is downright stupidity.

So it will be a tad hypocritical for Lard Snooty and his pals to stand up and condemn the Labour Party for mismanaging the economy. They were simply playing the game invented by the Conservative economists with more flair and panache than the Conservatives have shown.

So it will be like blaming Brazil for England’s decline as the foremost footballing nation.

Milliband suggests Brown has small penis and polls suggest Obama is losing badly.

Little Nicky has been out and about today making mischief where he can.

The Labour party conference dominates of course, especially the eagerly awaited buzzword count for Gordon Brown’s speech. Elsewhere David Milliban managed to suggest the Prime Minister has a very small penis.

Across the pond they have an election going on and the Democrats are starting to realise they picked another lemon to be their candidate. This is giving rise to much wailing, gnashing of teeth and accusations of racism. The fair minded among us fail to see why Obama should be so far above criticism that any questioning of his campaign is branded racist.

Even with the few points swing to Obama in poolls following last week’s economic meltdown he is not leading clearly enough to be sure of an electoral college majority when the Bradley effect and that world wide feature of elections, the lift in the conservative vote just before the election is taken into account. Factor in these and the vote is loaded between 6 and 10 percent in McCain’s favour.

With almost six weeks to go to the election its a bit early to write off the Democrats of course. Obama might be a loser but we are starting to hear rumours of a conspiracy aimed at dumping him in favour of Hillary Clinton. Watch this space. Meanwhile there is plenty of time for McCain’s health to fail. Oh no, that could mean President Palin.

While everybody else is getting seriously deluded about Obama’s chances I’ve been following the election via satirical blogs and on the all important sense of humour issue the Republicans win hands down.

If you want to know why chack out The Nose On Your Face and especially their Obamessiah series of video shorts starting with The Adulteress Other Obamessiah blogs, Teaching In The Temple and The Chosen One Walks On Water are linked from that page.

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Labour’s Great Triumph Over Child Poverty

On the first day of the Labour Party conference the boy politician Davo Milliband said the party must be more positive in talking about its successes.

One of those successes, a resounding triumph according to Labour leaders has been in reducing child poverty. Labour politicians are always banging on about it.

How ironic then that young Davo should bring up the topic of Labour’s successes in words addressed to delegates to the Labour conference in Manchester on the same day that a new report revealed 1 in 4 among children in the North West is living below the official poverty level.

Wonder if Davo has any thoughts on how to be positive about that.

While we are on the topic of poverty it is perhaps worth remembering that one of Labour’s most iconic figures from the past, Aneurin Bevan, said “poverty of aspiration leads to poverty of spirit.”
So there you have it. Poverty is not just about money.

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How Many Cars Should A Candidate Own?

Remember the furore about john Two jags Prescott. That was before we found out about his two shags of course. We thought two was one too many.

Well as the American election campaign descends into total silliness the Obama camp’s latest snide attack on John McCain alleges Johnny Mac owns thirteen cars while Barry Soetoro Obama owns only one. (story: News week)

What they don’t tell us is whether Obama gets round town by riding a bike like our Tory Boys BoJo and Dave Cameron or whether he rides around in a stretch limo with darkened windows hired for him by the American taxpayers.

McCain’s Thirteen cars

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Who do you believe

Andrew Keen, author of an excellent book, The Cult Of The Amateur is know for his controversial views on the relentles march of technology and where it might eventually lead is. In this post, the age of disbelief he responds to alleged inventor of the World Wide Web,Tim Berners Lee. TBL is currently whinging about the amount of dross on the web, but typically of a scientist he complains that the rubbish is “forcing the real science to the sidelines.

Isn’t that typical of a scientist? He ignored warnings that his brainchild had no security so shouldn’t the finger of blame be pointing at him? Oh no, he’s an omnipotent scientist, he cannot possibly have made a mistake. But in reality before Berners Lee had won the ear of governments we in the Information Technology industry had a very good internetworking system that was very secure and capable of being properly managed. And it was so simple a filing clerk could use it. It baffled scientists of course, they can’t do simple, it’s not scientific enough for them.

TBL has defended his dysfunctional brainchild against all criticism of course. No he says, it would not have been better if he had listened to professionals who knew what they were doing. Yes he was sure “anyone can do anything” was the right approach. The trouble is humans are not driven by logic and cannot be programmed. If people can do something they will. And if their idea of ruining someone’s life, stealing their csh, trashing their reputation then they are going to do it. After all the internet has no serious security or auditing so people are free to do anything. Yay freedom, yay science.

Now, after a couple of years ago saying kiddieporn, hacking and identity theft were minor inconveniences compared to the benefits of an unregulated internet Tim has had a change of heart and is now calling for regulation because it seems he was pissed off by all the ridicule thrown at the Large Hadron Collider. He is calling for regulation to restrict all us jokers so the World Domination Club of Coneheads can post their evil agenda without ever being challenged, mocked or having people gob on the back of their anoraks.

Berners Lee says his call for regulation is a reaction to the ease with which cults and conspiracy theorists can spread their ideas. Well here’s a conspiracy theory for him to chew on. It’s obvious an elite group of scientists are trying to turn science into a religion to place themselves beyond criticism. They must be stopped. Comrades, the end justifies the means. We mush search out and kidnap young scientists, get them drunk, get them laid, make them live with the pikeys on sink estates, in other words we must help them to get a life. It is our duty.

Victim of a Witch Hunt
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Religion vs Science (the new religion)

The launch of The Large Hadron Collider at CERN has really wound things up in blogs, science versus religion (chapter MMMCMMDLXXXVIII) with the usual boy scientists claiming that science is the one true religion (they don’t actually realise they are doing that because their education is too narrow) and asking anybody who challenges their view if they have submitted their ideas in an article to scientific journals for peer review. If not, apparently you are not allowed to have an opinion.

Most recently they have turned their righteous fury on Robert Winston, populariser of science and all round nice bloke because he has correctly pointed out that religious faith and commitment to science are not mutually exclusive.

Follow this link to read the article and comments. Robert Winston challenges “science delusion.”

Or read Little Nicky Machiavelli’s response here.

And finally a message for any young people passing. If you read the thread of the linked article just see how stupid the scientists are and take heed, choosing a career in science can turn you into an ignorant, narrow-minded billy-no-mates nerd with bad ance and personal odour issues.

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Science: Who Do You Believe?
The Higgs Boson Explained for people with a short attention span

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