Little Nicky and the niquab

Been following the debate about the muslim veil this week. Nobody seems to want to mention that far from being a religious requirement the veil worn by Muslim women of some cultures is not required by the Koran which only says women should be modest in their dress, it is a class thing.
The practice of veiling the face started in the ancient Assyrian empire when the wives, daughters and concubines of wealthy and important men wore a veil in public simply because the hoi polloi were not regarded as worthy of being allowed to look at lovely (or at least rich) faces.

Oh yes lads, the likes of you and me, the ordinary punters were only allowed to look at mingers. So forget religious freedom and cultural diversity, our elected representatives should be stamping on rampant elitism now!

Actually the veil can be sexy in certain circumstances. Many years ago I was seeing a very liberated Muslim woman and we had been talking about veils and such one night.
“You would look good in one,” I said, “you have amazing eyes.”
Now Mazarat, who also had an amazing body and knew it, did not posess a formal veil but she went off to the bedroom to return with her head swathed in chiffon scarves, only her eyes were visible…above the neck. She wore nothing else apart from the scarves.

Little Nicky says let’s have more Muslim women as liberated at that one.

Talk to Tom Paine about the Army Mutiny.

It seems in his decrepitude the great libertarian agitator and free thinker Tom Paine has become a TORY.

Yes, over on his blog The Last Ditch which is billed as being about the death of liberty in Britain, Tom is slagging off the honourable and decent Army officer who has spoken out on behalf of his men against the idiotic and self serving policies of the TRAITOR Tony Blair.
The imposter Paine who writes the blog seems to think the nation will be plunged into a constitutional crisis if the WAR CRIMINAL AND MASS MURDERER BLAIR does not sack the General.

LITTLE NICK MACHIAVELLI say the General is right, the principle duty of an army officer abroad is to the safety and wellbeing of his men. Constitutional crisis my arse, if Blair does try to sack Sir Richard he could well have a military mutiny on his hands.

You can join the debate with Little Nicky at The Last Ditch

Talking Bollocks About You Tube

Don’t technology journos talk bollocks. I yearn to seen some quality journalism in this field but all I see is sychophancy towards Google and Microsoft, the two corporations that have bludgeoned us into acceping that “totally useless utter crap” equals “fit for purpose.”

Follow the link to read Web Pundit John Harris waxing lyrical about the Google takeover of You Tube and then check out the response as Little Nicky Machiavelli tells the hapless writer a few home truths.

Your Country Needs You Tube