Little Nicky Machiavelli talks to God

In my Little Nicky Machiavelli persona I get some strange responses to blog posts, none stranger than some of those that arrive when I post or matters relating to religion.
For example way back last December I posted an item titled Keep The Holy Books Out Of Politics, an item about fundie congressmen in America protesting because a muslim senator wanted to swear the oath of office on The Koran rather than The Bible.

Yesterday I recieved this comment from someone called simply God, he did not provide a first name:

We will have every Hizbollah women fucked by dogs.
We will send Phallus of ours into ass of All priests muslims.
We will have Khamenei and Rafsanjani and Ahmadinejad and Khatami and
Akbar Ganji fucked by a great penis Of donkey and whale .
We will fuck all foreign government which help mullah.
کیر سگ تو کس ننه سید اولاد پیغمبر و کس ننه خود پیامبر اسلام.
کیر خوک تو کس ننه امام حسین.
کیر خر تو کس ننه شیعیان.
صلوات: الله و کیر خر تو کس ننه محمد و آل محمد.
This is a beautiful cultural message for you.

Which I guess proves what Little Nicky has always said, that God is the invention of a bunch of semi literate goat botherers with deep insecurities about the size of their pricks.

Naturally Machiavelli (“I hold religion but a childish toy”) replied to this Mr. God saying:

You might scare the Christians and Jews and Muslims but don’t fuck with the Druids.
You see we know his holy and unspeakable name which means he has no power over us.

Someone’s Having A Laugh

Surely we are all a tad fed up of all the B.S. coming out of government circles about the need to reduce our carbon footprint. Its in a good cause we tell ourselves, saving the planet and all that. So we put up with patronising speeches and punitive taxes. After all its not just us ordinary punters, its the rich and big business too. Same rules apply.
Or do they?
At the same time as the government is lecturing us and hiking up fuel taxes they are dismantling the planning regulations that give the public a say on decisions to build new roads and extend airport runways. Today we hear the totally unneccessary extension to Stanstead airport is to be railroaded through the approvals process.
The governments of the G8 countries are doing nothing to make it less profitable to ship carrots halway round the world to our supermarkets simply because greed and short termism are the controlling issue.
Without growth the global economy falls apart. And growth depends on putting more cars and trucks on the roads, more planes in the air and more fossil fuel in the engines and furnaces of industry.
While politicians mouth hypocritical platitudes about reducing emissions they are actually working to a plan that will INCREASE emissions by around 25% by 2030.

Someone is having a laugh at our expense.


McDonalds are trying to use their corporate clout to have the word McJob removed from the Oxford English Dictionary. McLawyers are arguing that the term, which refers to an “entry level career opportunity,” (the Department of Work and Pensions phrase not mine) and which most of us take as a colloquialism for a crappy, dead end job, demeans their staff.
How very Mc Caring of them. Unless of course there is a Mchidden agenda. After all is is, is it not, the McDonalds McBrand that is being McDissed, not the workers who are merely McVictims of twenty – five years of disastrous education and economic policy under both McLabour and McTory governments. These years have resulted in more people being employed in menial tasks in the service sector than work in our once great manufacturing industries or in agriculture. What a McTriumph for McThatcherism.
McMachiavelli sees a McSymbiosis here though. As successive govrernments have implemented McPolicies that suppress unions, erode workers rights and allow corporate interests to do more or less what the McHell they like, McDonalds have brainwashed the McYoung with their misleading McAdvertising and made them think it is cool to eat brain rotting concoctions of McLips, McArseholes, McColouring and McFlavour enhancers until they are too dumb the demand a fair McDeal.

McWorkers of the McWorld unite! You have nothing to lose but your McJobs.

Fancy seeing me in Mc Court Ronald?

Make My Day.


A headline in one of today’s papers, over a picture of an overturned and burned out tank in which six U.S. soldiers and an interpreter told us that Iran is orchestrating an offensive aimed at driving the Americans and British out of Iraq.
The story that followed reported that new alliances have been forged between Sunni insurrectionists (they’re not insurgents, OK, they’e bloody insurrectionists) and Shia militia, Al Quaeda terror groups and Syrian geurillas have increased the strike capabilities of the Iraqis.

This is the response to Bush’s surge of course.

Loyal readers of Machiavelli blog will recall we predicted about a year ago that the conflict would escalate towards full scale war in late 2007 or early 2008 as defeat for the religious right in the U.S. Presidential elections started to look certain.

Earlier this year we reported that U.S. and British troops had been carrying out covdert operations inside Iran with the aim of stirring up unrest.

Now our discredited and deluded politicians are trying to fool us by crying foul when the Iranians retaliate.

It is time we took to the streets to put an end to this insanity before we are counting our dead in hundreds rather than tens each week.

Iraq Inquiry – Blair Guilt

Labour Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Labour MPs and Civil Rights groups are outraged that industry minister Margaret Hodge has said the perception of her constituents is that the needs of immigrants are given priority over those of local people.
Ms. Hodge, who is MP for Barking (!) was the Labour Minister who not long ago said her seat could fall to the BNP at the next General Election you may remember.
I live in the town next door to Burnley, another constituency where the BNP have been successful. Being fairly local I know that the perception among white working class voters in Burnley was similar. The local Labour party again backed by civil rights groups dismissed the rejection of their policies by saying the perception was wrong.

Now will someone just remind me, which party was it that won three General Elections while led by a man who said “perception is everything?”

Cameron’s Epiphany

The Boy David had a Road to Damascus moment on selective education this week, but isn’t the Conservatives’ conversion to the cause of comprehensive education a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has been taken to the glue factory?
Cameron’s Cowboys are claiming selective favours the affluent education stops children from poor backgrounds improving their status. Grammar Schools should be abolished they say.
A double dose of hypocrisy is involved here. Grammar Schools now only exist in hardcore tory boroughs populated mainly by affluent people. The eleven plus examination is the only way kids from poor homes in such areas will ever get a shot at a decent education. Otherwise its the sink school that serves the local council estates.
(don’t get me started on the stigmatization of social housing dwellers)
Eleven is much too early for pupils to be saddled with choices that will affect their entire life but isn’t it hypocritical to suggest that selection by examination is any more unfair than the current postcode lottery which has seen affluent parents buying houses and keeping them empty simply to have an address that qualifies their children for a well ranked school even though they may actually live up to twenty miles away, or parents joining a church when they have no religious convictions simply to get their offspring into a church school?
Would Mr. Cameron like to tell us how any of this improves the chances of any children whose parents are not property developers or wealthy professionals
Thought not.

In that case could the Conservative leader keep his stupid OLd Etonian gob shut as he is undermining people’s faith in private education.

Jerry Falwell RIP – not.

Read the obits on U.S. Fundie preacher and founder of the “moral majority” today. I think it is the first obituary I have ever read that found nothing nice to say about its subject. Which is nice.

I know some people think I am unduly hard on Christianity. Well perhaps so but that is, is it not, the fault of moderate Christian leaders who let fascist hatemongers like Falwell, Robertson and Buchanan hijack the word Christian and turn it from something fairly innocuous into something very unpleasant.

The Evil Cult of Scientology

Did anyone else see the documentary last night on the evil mind – control cult of scientology? Leaders of the evil mind control cult of Scientology hate being referred to as a cult, they claim their evil cult is a religion.
Little Nicky Machiavelli has been warned before that the leaders of the Scientology cult get very nasty with anyone who criticises their mind control techniques or their crackopot teacvhings based on the lunatic fantasies of the failed sci-fi writer and small time con man L. Ron Hubbard. L Ron Hubbard wrote worse books than Jeffery Archer. L. Ron Hubbard told bigger lies than Jeffery Archer.
Little Nicky Machiavelli has studied the mind control techniques used by the Scientology cult to subjugate the will of individuals. One of the favourite techniques of this mind cointrol cult it to repeat phrases over and over again until they are printed on a recruits mind.
The scientology cult has a reputation for geting njassty with people who tell the truth about it.
The leaders of the Scientology cult are lobbying to have their mind control cult declared a religion in Britain.
Little Nicky Machiavelli’s message to the Scientology Cult in Britain is, “I count religion but a choildish toy, so come and have a gho if you think you’re hard.”

BTW If Scientology is as enlightening as they claim how come they are still lobbying to be recognised as a religion and granted charitable status? They have had ten years to work out that all they had to do was bung Blair a few million and they would be exempted from all UK laws and allowed to do what they like.

Redistribution of wealth? I don’t belieeeeeeeve it.

When I saw in print a claim that one of the great triumphs of the New Labour years had been the redistribution of wealth I experienced a Victor Meldrew moment.
And then I though no, hold on, they have been successful in redistributing wealth. All the reliable measures show that in the last decade the poor have got poorer, the rich have got a bit richer and the stupendously rich have got stupendously richer.

Best For Britain

In his resignation speech Blair said he believed had always done what was right for Britain. He has not been indicted or impeached for his war crimes nor for lying to Palrliament of course.
Looking back at the previous post does it not seem the two men jailed for leaking official documents were harshly treated for doing what they believed was best for Britain?

The Swansong Has Ended (but the mendacity lingers on)

It was an even better day to bury bad news than 9/11.
As we all celebrated Blair’s announcement that he is, at last, to quite, few noticed that Civil Servant David Keogh and Parliamentary researcher Leo O’Connor were quietly jailed for attempting to leak to the media details of a meeting between the war crimninals and mass murderers Bush and Blair in which they hatched plans for the destruction of Falluja.
Publising details of the documents may have breached the Official Secrets Act, (for which the rabid (my country) right (or wrong) brigade would have them shot at dawn, but surely if we are to claim that human rights count for anything in this alleged democracy this is one occasion when the public interest overides any other consideration.
Am I right to say that. Well senior military figures and civil servants in the MOD and Foreign Office seem to think so as representatives of both have condemned the verdict as unjust.

Scrutinising Christian values (again)

An Alabama woman convicted of shop lifting from a Wal Mart store was ordered to parade outside the store on two consecutive Saturday’s wearing a sandwich board which proclaimed “I am a thief, I stole from Wal – Mart.
Such retribution through humiliation is becoming quite fashionable in American Bible Belt states and unsurprisingly a few minutes research revealed that the Judges keen to hand out such punishments are the ones who make a big deal out of the fundamentalist Christian faith.
Such Christians are so far up their own fundaments of course they see no contradiction in inflicting total humiliation on a poor person whose small crime is born out of poverty and need while at the same time praising a giant corporation like Wal Mart for its “Christian Values” and good business practice when it steals from its customers, suppliers and staff.

System Problems

In the chaotic aftermath of the Scottish Elections, as fingers are pointed and blame is assigned let us not lose sight of the fact that among all the human folly, the new hight tech vote counting system failed.
As pressure mounts for us all to interact with government agencies online, manage our finances online, do our shopping online and even socialise online there is a serious need to remind people of technology’s many triumphs which have improved our lives and which I will now list. Erm…

Yeah, not a very long list.
Despite all the promises, the only thing that has changed since we all got PCs is that “Not Fit For Purpose” is acceptable.

Vote For None Of the Above

Anyone remember that brilliant Richard Pryor film Brewster’s Millions where on inheriting a fortune he ran a political campaign asking people to vote for None Of The Above. In America of course people can write in any candidate they like. Were we to vote for, say, Andy Pipkin (of Little Britain) it would just be counted as a spoiled ballot paper.

That being the case I must ask you to vote for fringe parties wherever possible. Greens are my fave, but one issue Independents, minority socialist and Old Labour factions, Liberals without the dems, nationalists anyone. Even Lib Dems (brink back Charlie) and UKIP at a pinch.

Let’s give the two main parties the kicking they deserve us for having taken us for granted these past three decades.