Old Bastards Are Robbing The Young

The Intergenerational Foundation (IF) think tank has got itself in the news again. This taxpayer funded front for a bunch of unreconstructed Marxists not so long ago came up with a wizard plan to boot older people out of their homes, believing in typical neo – Stalinist fashion that what people do with privately owned property is in any way business of government bureaucracies.

Now they are wailing and gnashing teeth over how hard done by the younger generation are and how it’s all the fault of those greedy, selfish, wrinkly old gits who worked hard and bought their houses:

An IF press release announcing their latest report claims;
Younger people in the UK are losing out financially and politically to older generations.

The Intergenerational Fairness Index suggests the prospects of younger people have “nose-dived” since the start of the financial crisis in 2008.

The index uses official statistics to compare different generations’ stakes in key areas from income and employment to housing, pensions and education.

Co-author Angus Hanton said the plight of younger generations was clear.

“The index shows that poorer young people are financing richer old people as our society grapples with demographic change and increasing longevity.”

Utter and absolute bollocks. Everyone has suffered as a consequence of the economic difficulties. Many older people as well as young people lost work as a direct consequence of the 2008 economic crisis and the fallout from it and have seen their lives turned upside down.

It is not the fault of people who did not lose their jobs or whose businesses have continued to prosper.

Now would the person who recently tagged me a Tory because I am not a rabid Marxist like to defend this piece of neo Stalinist thinking. And if you try, be sure I will have the Oswaldtwistle Peoples’ Frond round to have you out of your house double quick.

Meanwhile, the Golden Orwell award to the Intergenerational Foundation. There is only one thing preventing these people proposing euthanasia as their next egalitarian idea for creating a socialist utopia.

They have already done it.


Guardian Do Gooders? Oh What Hypocrites.

The Guardian Newspaper has always been one of the noisiest, waily-gnashy-teethyest whingiest moaners and bleaters about the evil rich using perfectly legal tax avoidance arrangements as a means of not paying UK taxes and thus condeming the lower orders to lives of such abject poverty the poor sods have to subsist on thin gruel made from house dust and second hand water, walk around wi’ nobbut one clog to their feet and light their own farts to keep warm in cold weather.

Or so you would think to read the current crop of Guardian commentators.

Imagine our shock at reading this on Guido Fawkes blog:

The Guardian Media Group is one of the shrewdest corporate avoiders of tax in Britain, in 2008 it made a £300 million profit and yet managed to pay no corporation tax, the following year in 2009 it still paid no corporation tax, it uses the offshore Caymans tax haven to own assets, it uses tax efficient trusts and deploys all manner of perfectly legal tax shelter strategies to avoid paying tax.

Meanwhile one of the team read elsewhere that Guardian Media Group’s UK operation lost about £150 million on paper in the last financial year.

And they have the nerve to slag off Lord Ashcroft who at least is not ashamed to admit he’s a greedy, self interested twat.

GM Food Needed To Beat World Crisis

The Perfect Storm

Before Ian abandoned this blog to set up The Daily Stirrer Little Nicky Machiavelli blogged many times on the instability of the British, European and Global economies. Well with his new friends at the Stirrer Little Nicky’s former alter ego has kept up that fine tradition of spelling out the unpleasant truths.

Read The Perfect Economic Storm which covers events of the past few days and provides an extensive roundup of posts from The Daily Stirrer and other new media warning of exactly what has happened over the course of the global financial crisis.

All the time the increaingly pathetic mainstream media were parroting the message of politicians and bureaucrats who were talking up the illusory economic recovery.

Robin Hood Tax

Gordon Brown has been busy all week telling everybody who would listen there was “growing universal support’ for Barack Obama’s idiotic, ineffectual and unworkable proposal for a levy on financial transactions to tax the banks and curb their profligacy as well as stopping them gambling on dodgy investment vehicles with depositors money.

We all despise bankers, we all want to stick it to them for the misery cause by their irresponsibility and greed but few are deluded enough to think that a tax imposed in the USA and among those leaders who remain convinced Obama is a god come to earth cannot succeed. Without the support of the Chinese nothing…. read all Robin Hood Tax at The Daily Stirrer

Crazier and crazier

The religious hysteria whipped up by The Obamessiah’s election campaign is just getting go insane I can’t write about it.

The Socialist International – Barbara Eichenreich cooks up a theory of right wing conspiracies because John McCain had the audacity to say he thought he would be a better President that his opponent. Poor Johnny Mac, he forgot The Obamessish is the anointed of God and must not be questioned. What would the Democrats be like if The Republicans had managed to find a credible candidate.

Why This recession will be a doozy – Henry Blodget.
Meanwhile the news on the global economy and the financial just gets worse. The glass is not half empty, it is lying on the floor shattered, its contents spilled.

Labour, Mandy and the Glasgow Drunk.

Billy Connolly used to do a routine about a Saturday night drunk in Glasgow staggering to the all night bus stop but only striding forward with one leg and so going round in circles. In bringing back the universal sleazebag Peter Mandelson to mainstream politics, Gordon Brown is, is he not, at risk of turning the reinvented Labour Party (NuLab) into a pastiche of that comedy routine.

As if to underline the point Mandelson’s first pronouncement on rejoining the government concerned the economic crisis. The man who once wore a dead slug on his top lip (the gayest moustache east of San Francisco) informs us the only way to get out of the mess that has caused meltdown in financial markets around the world is MORE globalisation.

Is this political homeopathy I wonder or is it the alcoholic’s hair of the dog approach to curing hangovers. I lean toward the hair of the dog myself (it could actually have been a dog turd Mandy had on his top lip) because Mandelson is a hooked on power as any alkie is on booze.

Solving the problems of globalisation by pushing more globalisation is not an answer for the simple reason that China and India rather than the western economies are in the driving seat now. Advocates of globalisation claim it has reduced poverty but that is just spin and statistical trickery. Which is probably why Mandelson is a fan.

Since 1981 which was about the beginning of globalisation addiction among politicians and economists the number of people living on less than a pound a day has fallen. This is not due to the opening of third world markets to the west but to industrialisation in China and India. The measure of poverty is spin also. Since 1981, despite inflation statistics being rigged by spin doctors the cost of living, particularly of basic items like food and fuel has risen astronomically. People now living on £2 per day are now poorer that people who were living on £1 a day in 1981.

So Mandelson has not even taken his seat at a cabinet meeting yet and already he is peddling the lies of his corporate paymasters.

Good work Mandy, keep it up. Single handedly you could ensure Labour is totally wiped out at the next election.

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The Death of Free Enterprise

I hope the current turmoil in the world’s financial markets is not the death of free enterprise system, but Capitalists seem to have had a deathwish for twenty five years now.

Here are a couple of good srticles on related topics.

Davos 08: The poacher turned gamekeeper Uber-capitalist George Soros tells why he thinks the current financial crisis may be the start of the worst recession in living memory.

The free-marketeers abhor the crutch of the state – until they start limping
The Northern Rock meltdown is a lesson to the free market maniacs. Bubble economics are fine but what goes upo must come down