Heathrow Expansion Talk Shows Coalition Have Totally Embraced Labour Hypocrisy.

Grant Shapps, Conservative housing minister in the Coalition cabinet has signalled government support for the revival of one of Labour’s most useless, fuckwitted and hypocritical ideas, a third runway at Heathrow Airport.

“Britain must consider building a third runway at Heathrow if it is to remain a great trading nation”, Shapps said yesterday. FFS, what panet is he on.

Little Nicky has blogged about this back in the days when Gordon (Psycho) Brown was battering dissidents to death with the office telephone and threatening that anyone who obstructed his plan to suspend planning laws and fast track plans for Heathrow to get runways 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 would be taken outside and shot.

Not only is it stupid, because very little freight is moved by air, the biggest airfreight jets having a payload of around 150 tons (the equivalent of three standard freight containers) while a small container ship with a 15,000 ton payload can move 1000, the equivalent of 300 trips for airfreight and the the Emma Maersk, one of the bigggest container ships in the world with a payload of over 200,000 tons can shift ten thousand containers at a time.

Airports are for moving people around and with the communication ability the internet, cellular telephony and modern telephone networks give us we should have less rather than more need to shift people from continent to continent.

Heathrow runway 3 is a vanity project and exposes government hypocrisy. Why would anyone, Labour, Conservative or Lib Dem who was ever serious about “greening the economy” support such a carbon intensive idea. Unless they are all going to stand up and admit all that “climate science” bollocks was just a scam to justify banging a tax on domestic fuel.

Chasing Bubbles
The Daily Stirrer – August 2012

Another insurgency of bad English

Little Nicky’s foreign policy position has always been the same. Let other nations sort out their own affairs, no matter how much the west likes or dislikes the government / freedom fighters of that nation. Having reminded you of that here’s today’s item:

Emergency teams this weekend searched for two Ugandan army helicopters feared to have crashed in thick forest in Kenya while flying to Somalia to support forces fighting insurgents there, officials said.

Now the loss of the helicopters and very likely their crews is unfortunate but that is the price of war.

What concerns Little Nicky is the use of the term “insurgents.” These helicopters would have been dispatched by the African Union, the local military wing of the New World Order and the Ugandan helicopters were flying over Kenya to Somalia to fight “insurgents” who have lived in Somalia all their lives.

Similarly our troops, “the boys from the Thames and the Mersey and the Tyne” to quote Elvis Costello, who have been sent thousands of miles to Afghanistan to fight native Afghan insurgents whose families have been in Afghanistan for hundreds if not thousands of years.

The Afghans and Somalis, the people getting shot at, bombed and droned in Sudan, Yemen, Syria (whichever side they are on), Pakistan and elsewhere are not “insurgents”, nor do they wish westerners any harm. They just wish the New World Order, (EU, United Nations, NATO, IMF, African Union and every other buch of meddling bureaucrats would fuck off and leave them alone.

But what Little Nicky wants you to notice is the increasing use of Orwellian Newspeak by the New World Order, words are stood on their heads, turned inside out and stripped of meaning.

We should fight to preverve our language because when we cannot communicate we cannot fight for our freedom. An insurgent from blackburn told me that.

Sentimentality Overrides Common Sense On West’s Approach To Syria.

The big news story of the day is that our esteemed bald git Foreign Secretary Willian (Fifteen pints)Hague has announced a decision to give more British taxpayers money to the fanatical arseholes brave freedom fighters trying to overthrow the tyrannical regime of Bashar al Assad in Syria.

But at last the message Little Nicky Machiavelli has always broadcast, that yes Assad is an evil twat but that does not mean his opponents are the good guys, is being picked up by people in mainstream media.

Last week I reported even the lefties at The Guardian had seen the light. Now C of E clergyman (but that does not mean he can’t be right on this score some of you, yes you know who you are;) Peter Mullen has written an good article on how we must not let political correctness and sentimentality blind us to the realities of what is happening in Syria.

Here’s a short extract:

Why has our government decided to give greater assistance to the opponents of Assad’s regime in Syria? The answer is to be found in cliché, sentimentality and fantasy, a misperception of what is actually going on there. There is a prevailing romantic vision of idealistic – it helps the delusion if they can be described as “young people” – aspiring democrats bravely spending their lives (and their mobile phone accounts) against the brutal dictator Assad.

No doubt Assad is a very nasty piece of work, but many of those who are opposing him are by no means pure as the driven snow; and many of them may actually be a great deal worse.

Read all “Political correctness is trumping reality in the West’s approach to Syria” by Peter Mullen on the Daily Telegraph website

Why has our government decided to give greater assistance to the opponents of Assad’s regime in Syria? The answer is to be found in cliché, sentimentality and fantasy, a misperception of what is actually going on there. There is a prevailing romantic vision of idealistic – it helps the delusion if they can be described as “young people” – aspiring democrats bravely spending their lives (and their mobile phone accounts) against the brutal dictator Assad.

No doubt Assad is a very nasty piece of work, but many of those who are opposing him are by no means pure as the driven snow; and many of them may actually be a great deal worse.

Obama’ s Xenophobic Administration Targets British Banks Again

Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action – James Bond

It sounds like something from a conspiracy thriller novel; an obscure but ambitious bureaucrat tries to catch the attention of his xenophobic and anti – british bosses in the regime by pinning a sanction – busting terrorist money laundering wrap on a mighty global bank. Will he succeed thus destabilising the global banking system and ensuring the corrupt and self serving bankers who have his own nation’s political establishment in their pockets emerge stronger and more untouchable?

Benjamin Lawsky is the superintendent of the New York States Department of Financial Services. He was once chief of staff to New York state governor Andrew Cuomo, so he knows his way around politics and is well connected. He has taken on Standard Chartered, making as yet unsubstantiated allegations that the bank was involved in laundering $250 billion in oil revenues (nice round number that) for the ayatollahs of Tehran.

Lawsky branded the globally respected British bank a “rogue institution” and insisted that it explain “these apparent violations of law” (interesting that he doesn’t seem sure whether they were violations or not) between 2001 to 2010. The bank has hit back hard, insisting that Lawsky not only based these charges on its own voluntary disclosures to the US authorities but also that he has got the law wrong.

We can safely leave that one to the lawyers but what is intriguing about this business is – as Citybriefing has pointed out – Superintendent Lawsky’s job description includes “keeping New York on the cutting edge as the financial capital of the world.” Could there be an agenda at play here? Could Lawsky be not just battling for truth and justice – that goes without saying – but also for Wall Street?

A bit of a pattern seems to be developing here. Three major British banks – Barclays, HSBC and now Standard Chartered – have fallen foul of US regulators in the space of a month. Coincidence? See above.
Some people have a very rose tinted view of how capitalism works. So what kind of bank thinks Tehran is more important than Wall Street?

Well, probably one that is seeking to maximise profit? What kind of bank launders money for Mexican drug dealers? What kind of bank illegally manipulates interest rates? What kind of bank bets small savers nest eggs on dodgy bundles of sub prime mortgage debt. And it is not just banks. What kind of company dumps contaminated waste into the sea or into the local river? What kind of company pays dairy fasrmers less than the production cost for their milk and gioves itself a 300% mark up?

What kind of company takes shortcuts that risk environmental catastrophe if things go wrong? What kind of company hacks into the mobile phones of murdered school girls? What kind of company stashes billions in tax havens to avoid having to pay a contribution to the society from which it benefits? What about arms manufacturers selling murderous weapons to brutal dictators?

Both the US and UK governments have done deals with the likes of Gaddafi, Saddam, the Saudis, the Israeli’s etc. They have backed military coups against democratically elected governments and provided them with the weapons and expertise to use against their own populations. The American’s are in no position to lecture anyone on breaking sanctions and dealing with dictators.

And we notice that no American regulator has so far tried to punish China for continuing to buy Iranian oil in contravention of American sanctions.

Even the lefties at The Guardian now accept Little Nicky is never wrong.

Do you remember, loyal readers (all two of you) the stick Little Nicky took when this blog said the west should keep it’s nose out of the civil conflict in Syria.

“Oh no,” the leftie sheeple bleated, “the west must intervene in support of the brave freedom fighters who want to overthrow the nasty consertvaive tyrant Assad and establish democratic rule, yooman rights and politically correct values in a multicultural system under Sharia law.

Then they departed singing their campaign song,

Yoo – man ri -ights, yoo -man ri – ights, we’ll support you evermore.”

The west’s leaders were lining up behind the wannabe global tyrant, Barack Hussein Obama, ready to engage in the kind of warfare favoured by the warmonger in chief Obama, that of sending unmanned drones to conduct an aerial bombardment unarmed civilians in the cause of bringing yooman rights to everyone in Syria except for those killed by the drones, when Russia and China stepped up to the mark.

“Oi, Bammy you jug eared streak of piss,” they said, “Assad is our mate, you want to fight him, you fight us too.”

Wee Mad Amadinejad in Iran squeaked “I second that.”

All of a sudden the idea of intervening did not seem quite so attractive. Suddenly the voices that had warned against intervention, that been telling you Assad might be a twat but the rebels were worse as they were Islamists who intended to set up a theocracy, were being listened to.

The conflict escalated. Obama could not resist meddling and started arming the rebels via borderline terrorist state Turkey’s border with Syria. Russia armed Assad. The civilians caught betwen the ruthless, well armed regime and the equally ruthless, slightly less well arned “freedom fighters” were slaughtered. And slowly the world started to get the message,. “You can’t impose politically correct values and bureaucratic dictatorship on people who do not desire it. Overthrowing tyrannical bastards is the easy part (so long as they are not best mates with Russia and China) Replaceing them with something better and winning the hearts and minds of the people is a different story.

The Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail came over to Little Nicky’s view quite quickly, The Times followed and the Indy has wavered. Even the BBC started to broadcast less biased reports. Security analyst Charles Shoebridge, congratulated the Beeb on a report that “shows Syria rebel fighters bringing chaos, terror, death, and [the] fear of Islamist extremism to Aleppo”.

Total victory over the dark forces of politically correct stupidity came when The Guradibi mercenaries woran ran a fire – and – brimstone – preacher style piece portraying the Syrian opposition as neo-con stooges of the Bilderberg group. (Not quite true, some are Bilderberg Group cannon fodder, some Al Qaeda mercenaries working for shadowy fundamentalists groups and some are local gangsters on the make.)

The slaughter would have happened on an even bigger scale had the west overthrown Assad and allowed the rebels to slaughter members of Assad’s tribe to stop them launching a counter revolution and slaughtering the Syriac Christians who make up about 10% of the 20 million population because it’s what you do.

Little Nicky’s message was, is and always will be: Meddling in things we don’t understand usually ends up achieving the opposite of what was intended.