Machiavelli on tour

After severe network problems for almost a month Little Nicky has been able to resume his world tour.

Yesterday brought me to a great article about how the western obession with free market economics has led to situations in which humanitarian disaters have been turned into business opportunities by corporate interests with the collusion of governments. Its a subject the Machiavelli blog will be picking up on but meanwhile check out the original story

What The Hell Going On In The NHS?

Last week Little Nicky stumbled upon the story of newly qualified midwives Kelly Ferris, Sharon Love, Cathy Earnshaw, Lorraine Dunn and Helen Greenwood who have recently graduated from Salford University with degrees in their chosen specialised field of nursing. Sexy Kelly (26) (do you like that pastiche of tabloid reportage? cool huh?) is off to take up a job offer in Dubai after being trained at the expense of UK taxpayers. Lucky girl, her ex – colleagues are not so fortunate. They cannot get jobs in midwifery at all – and let’s reveal the full story behind Kelly’s departure for warmer climes. It was not just the pay and perks that tempted her, the truth is that none of these five could find jobs within in the Manchester Area Strategic Health Authority, one of the largest of NHS regional bodies.
Does that make you wonder where those silly billies in the media get the idea there is a shortage of skilled nurses. Perhaps Little Nick has been cruel and heartless in accusing The Guardian’s Polly Toynbee of having a schoolgirl crush on Tony Blair just because she repeatedly writes that The Prime Traitor has made the NHS more efficient than ever. Perhaps this is true?
But the full story of Kelly and Co. has not yet been revealed. While none of these five can find appropriate work within the vast conurbation of Greater Manchester the aforementioned Strategic Health Authority are considering closing the Maternity Unit in Rochdale. Salford’s next door metropolitan borough because they cannot get skilled staff.

Little Nicky thinks its time we all asked WHAT THE CHUFFING HELL DO GOVERNMENTS DO WITH OUR TAX MONEY? because it is clear they are not using it to employ competent managers.

Slaves to Bricks and Mortar

A couple of weeks ago Little Nicky wrote with some concern of the constantly rising price of homes and said that the plan is to make us all slaves to our motgages.
Today a finance house in south-east England announced the launch of an ongoing, interest only mortgage. The idea is the fanancier buys your house and you pay interest on it for ever. Not just til you die, right, but for EVER!
There is a getout of course. You will be able to bequeathe your debt to your heirs. Alternatively the financier will simply grab your home and sell it again to some other mug.
After “renters” being stigmatised for the past few decades until they are second class citizens, this sounds an awful lot like renting but without any of the privileges.

If you want to know what happened lat week read a magazine,
if you want to know what happened yesterday read a newspaper, but if you want to know what will happen tomorrow read LITTLE NICKY MACHIAVELLI.

Tyranny shows its ugly face

While everybody is screaming about the Government’s plan to introduce travel taxes (pay per mile for each journey)behind the flimsy smokesceen of reducing carbon emission Little Nicky will just take a moment to remind everyone that the Machiavelli Blog predicted this move several months ago.
Superficially the plan is to fleece us of course, the government’s assertion that it will encourage us to use public transport looks a little thin when we realise that the same government has handed what was left of the public transport system after their predecessors had savaged it, to a bunch of bucaneers who have sold off everything that could be sold and are now jumping ship leaving their PFI companies to go bankrupt.
No; this plan is not about making us use public transport, this plan is about putting a GPS device in our cars just like the one they plan to put in our ID cards, so the bastards have a record of where we are 24/7.

Little Nicky’s new project, the passive resistance blog “They Can’t Put Us All In Prison” will be online soon and we will be telling you how to deal with such threats and shaft they system totally.

When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Eff Off

After three weeks of vacillation, weasel words, pious promises and arse kissing the American president, Tony “tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime” Blair has decided he will have to postpone his holiday to sort the middle east crisis out.The crisis has been going on for three weeks now; in the first week the Prime Minister fucked off to Germany to play at world statesmen, the second week he fucked off to California to kiss Rupert Murdoch’s arse and play Terminator with Governor Arnie.
So why delay his family jolly? Perhaps it is because he fears that with Johnny-the-Groper Prescott in charge and Margaret “I’ve-been-having-a-bad-hair-day-for-forty-years” Beckett overseeing our foriegn policy the country would not be in safe hands.
Or is it perhaps because he’s worried that if he leaves the high security enclave of Whitehall there are a lot of people out there who would like to shoot him?

So who’s anti semitic now.

Just over a week ago your pal Little Nicky was branded racist for suggesting the Israelis are a gang of murdering war junkies. I was not the only one of course, anybody who criticised the acts of the Israeli government was immediately dubbed anti semitic or anti – jewish.
As usual Little Nicky was proved right, double right in fact because not only have the Israeli government been escalationg the war but they have shown a p4enchant for attacking women and children, muslims and christians.
But Nicky Machiavelli is not one to blow his own trumpet. So what this post is about is nailing that anti – semitic jibe once and for all.
The people who use it do not know what a semite is. These idiots have been brainwashed by religious propaganda and in their ignorance they contradict themselves.
A semite, according to middle eastern legend is someone descended from Ham the son of Noah (you might think Shem and Semite would make more sense; so do I, but mythology does not have to make sense)and these tribes include Assyrians Phoenecians and Arabs in modern terms, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine (including Israel), Gaza and parts of Iraq, Iran and Turkey. So guess what. The LEBANESE are SEMITES as are many muslims and quite a few Christians.
When people say “time we told those Israeli bastards to eff off and leave Lebanon alone” they are actually being PRO-semitic as Lebanon contains a wider cross section of the semitic peoples than Israsel.
Same with Jews. If we criticise Israel are we anti Jewish? Well a Jewish person is someone from Judea, Jew is just modern usage covering many religious sects the chief of which are the Pharisee or what we would call orthodox jews. The Saducee or secular jews are more peaceful, inclusive and tolerant. Its rather like “Christian” being used as an umbrella for all sorts of beliefs from the extreme American pentecostalists to mainstream Anglican and Roman Catholic.
Religious tolerance is a fine thing but those who demand it of others are usually the same ones who, once tolerated, claim they are the ONLY sect who worship the true God and therefore they are entitled to kill everyone else. We must learn to tolerate everything except intolerance!
Never let trouble makers shelter under your umbrella for be sure, nothing is hidden from Little Nicky Machiavelli.