Benefit Scrounging Scum and the craziness of the system

You might think a blogger who chooses the pen name Benefit Scrounging Scum would be a cloven hoofed, pointy tailed troglodyte who supports tax free status for the rich.

But you would be wrong. I look in occasionally and find well reasoned articles highlighting the craziness of the system that disabled people have to deal with.

Like “why can breast enhancement be had on the NHS while those with genuine need are denied a motorised wheelchair

I like people who are prepared to be provocative, even if their opinions are not always in line with mine. On the subject of giving free boob jobs to women whose depression and low selof esteem is due to their flat chest, the blogger and I are entirely in accord. Its bloody stupid.


On The Northern Rocks

The queues outside Northern Rock offices are amazing really, as there was never any suggestion that savings were threatened.

It just shows how little the type of people who like to tell us what a good job Maggie Thatcher did for this country really understand of what she did and how harmful to the nation it was and will continue to be for many decades to come.

The Modern Mystic defined

I don’t suppose anybody noticed but I have been a bit pissed off with “scientists” recently. Now you may think this is strange for somebody who did very well in the computers and communications industry, but really I still find scientific enquiry fascinating. No, the people who piss me off are the people who proclaim themselves “scientists” as if this indicates they are all wise and must never be questioned. People who cling to their certainties as tightly as evangelical Christians cling to their dogma.
People like the guys (there don’t seem to be any girls – are we surprised?) who hand around the cultish Bad Science Forum and their spiritual leader Ben Goldacre.

What have they done to me? Nothing, what could such people do to me? They are just so smug, so arrogant, so utterly lacking in imagination and so smitten with tunnel vision they piss me off. Oh and there is the small matter of their commenting on my posts and when I respnd they then reply to the answer they expected me to give rather than the one I gave.

So I was delighted to see one of my fave US blogs, The Huffington Post has given a regular spot to a modern mystic. This lady is worth reading if you are open minded and like to see the big picture.

Stop The Pond Life Breeding? – Its Not Just Me.

A couple of weeks ago I asked is it time we stopped certain people breeding. Although my post in no way suggested selective breeding to eliminate certain races, people of low intelligence or those with physical defects, as anticipated a couple of people of the type that either comment withourt reading or read without understanding, accused me of advocating eugenics.

Well I am not the only liberal intellectual who is prepared to face up to the fact that one of the great causes of environmental deterioration is that their are just too many people. We have to reverse population growth. Not eugenics, that is something completely different, not fascism – again different, but simple common sense. If people show they are not prepared to reproduce responsibly they must be stopped from reproducing. Even if we abolish religion now, it will take a generation for education to do the job so drastic action is needed.

Read Madeline Bunting’s article in the Guardian and consider the consequences of allowing people to breed indiscriminately.

Eugenics my arse

Little Nicky felt like a few days off but is back this week.

Thanks to my chums at Boggart Blog for their support when, while I was on R & R, someone came in with a stupid, fatuous comment accusing me of advocating eugenics simply because Isuggested some people should not be allowed to breed. Eugenics my arse.

Regular readers and friends get it of course but visitors to this blog should tread warily, it is full of traps and snares for people who think they are smartarses but really lack comprehension skills and a sense of humour.

Read this at Boggart Blog,