Labour Creeps Ever Closer To Fascism.

One of the founding principles of the Labour party was opposition to the direction of Labour. People should not be compelled on threat of losing benefit, to work at jobs to which they are unsuited.

The latest government scam to hit the news, to deny social housing to people not deemed to be seeking work enthusiastically enough. So somebody who has worked in middle management for example and who is made redundant, who has to sell their home to pay off debts, could be forced to take work as a factory hand and once employed thus will find such a job on their CV counts against them when seeking to get back into the work they are qualified for.

The problem neither the Conservative under Thatcher and Mini Maggie Major or Labour under Blair and Brown have never even understood let alone attempted to address is that technology has mopped up millions of jobs. On top of this, millions more have been exported to low labour cost nations thanks to the insane market-mania of successive governments. This has led to phoney employment in what a trade union leader once called candy-floss industries.

Its a recipe for disaster for any economically developed nation.