If We Do Not Act Global Cooling Will Kill Millions

I’m fed up of telling you … so here’s something from The Daily Sheeple for all the fools who still believe in the omnipotence and infallibity of the almighty Hockey Stick

“Climate change is a way of raising money for governments that just won’t admit they were wrong. It’s a way of taxing us to the point where we can barely afford to put food on the table. It’s a way of instilling fear into children, installing the ‘problems’ in their impressionable minds so that they grow up accepting and not questioning that global warming is an issue.

The change of title from global warming to climate change was subtle. It was a change that was designed to cover all bases. The term global warming signifies just that, that the world is warming. We know it isn’t, it’s cooling. The data bears this out and has done so for the last decade. When the warming stopped back in 1998 it created a problem for our fraudster government, along with all other governments that had bought into the global warming hype. How could they call a problem global warming when the world had actually stopped warming?

For a couple of years there was a hiatus, the Earth stayed roughly where it was, and then the cooling began, and the term climate change came into popular usage, particularly by politicians.

There is nothing wrong with believing the science of the day. Looking back it did indeed appear that the planet was heating up…i

Read more at The Daily Sheeple:

You are about to be mugged (and there is nothing you can do to stop it)

The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)has drafted secret plans to loot bank accounts; yours, mine, everybody’s – and don’t think the fact that you voted Labour will buy you an indulgence, were you really so gullible as to think those elitist champagne socialists scumsucking scab lice cared about you?

This news is hardly a surprise, apart from the fact it has been talked about openly (though not reported in mainstream media) since the big bankers and global government brigade go away with robbing Cypriots, it was inevitable really. Kleptocracy was already the financial policy of supra national bureaucracies before the slow motion collapse of the Euro began. Market analyst Graham Summers explained, “Depositor theft is coming. Europe is banker occupied territory. So is America.”

Finance is the new form of international warfare. A market stitch up can wreak more havoc than than standing armies. The Banking giants,run things. Rothshilds via Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo are the American institutions on the list.HSBC, Lloyds, Barclays,BNP Paribas,Deutsche Bank, Societie General, Commerzbank, UniCredit, UBS Switzerland, Credit Suisse, Ings, Santander, Nordea, Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp and Bank of China are those listed by Forbes Magazine as too big to fail.

They are also too big to be concerned about cross border disputes and a bit of foot stamping by petty tyrants like Fat Boy Kim.

And of course, they and their political lackeys see no reason why the diempowered individuals of Cyprus or the nations of Europe and North America should enjoy protection when banks screw up.

Cypriot officials agreed to tax citizens’ savings accounts. Canada, New Zealand, and Euroland member states have already announced they plan on doing the same thing. The Obama administration in the United States of America have admitted the idea ‘has been considered’.

The Official name for such government kleptomanis is “bail-ins.” In plain English we would call it theft. Instead of breaking up, nationalizing, or closing down failed banks, funds sequestered from depositors will keep them operating.

Commercial Banks, Central Banks and governments must have known the money printing madness (Quantitative Easing, Stimulus) could not go on forever. Since 2001, major currencies have held value against each other thanks to cosmetic exercises in market fixing but have all taken around a 50% devaluation against major traded commodities. Regulators like FDIC no longer have enough money to guarantee deposits. It’s simple arithmetic.

Ordinary people, from the modestly rich investor to granny’s savings account have trillions in bank accounts. It’s low-hanging fruit, such people have neither the ability to move money offshore not to hire expensive lawyers to protect them as the seriously rich can. Punters’ nest eggs are a treasure trove begging to be looted. All that’s needed is a bit of legislative jiggery pokery to make theft by government’s lawful.

It has been approved in Canada. Obama’s kleptocratic goons are drafting the law for America. The E U is talking about extending the grab from Cyprus to other troubled nations in the Eurozone.

“What happened in Cyprus isn’t a ‘one-off,’ ” says Graham Summers. “When systemic crisis hits, things happen FAST and FURIOUS.”

Cpyriot bailout negotiations had been going on for months, the nation’s financial situation was known two years ago. But in the end the entire banking system fell apart in one weekend.

Banks shut their doors. Restrictions on movement of money were imposed. People couldn’t write checks. Cash machines were switched off. People were deprived of access to their funds. When the banks reopened only limited amounts could be withdrawn. Strangely the seriously rich were tipped off and their money left the Island before the crisis. The thrifty and hard working, uninformed of what was coming are now left to pick up the tab.

Think it can’t happen here? Think again. It’s coming. Proposed FDIC legislation lets it “take control of banks it deems systematically important and write down your savings (and other bank accounts) as part of the bail-in.”

What is happening is wrong and criminal. It provides a veneer of regulatory cover at the expense of the economy, sovereign states, local communities, and of course ordinary people who will be hit hardest.. It’s a scam. Like global warming, like green energy, like globalisation, like Quantitative Easing, it is a racket conjured up to try to disguise the fact that the global economy and the fractional reserve banking system are screwed. But what really matters is it lets Wall Street, The City of London, Hong Kong and other financial centres carry on with business as usual.

What are we going to do about it?

No bank is safe
From Bail Out To Bail In
IMF backs bank bail in powers


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The Latest ‘Green’ Levy Is A Stealth Poll Tax

The government’s latest ‘Green Levy’ is a stealth tax on families and will increase domestic fuel bills by 8%. The ‘carbon price floor’ which comes into effect today will drive tens of thousands of families into fuel poverty, experts warn.

This new ‘green energy’ surcharge on commercial and domestic energy consumers (everybody) is designed to ensure suppliers use less gas, coal and oil – but has been described as a ‘stealth poll tax’ on individuals and businesses.

In fact it is to ensure the thieving scum who jumped on the green energy bandwagon when Labour were handing out subsidies for wind turbines and solar panels for not generating electricity will be stealing more of your money for providing no electricity in future.

Analysts say the levy on the production of electricity from fossil fuels will account for an 8 per cent rise on household bills in just two years.’ The Coalition are not prepared to be honest and denounce this crooked scheme cooked up by their predecessors because they too get donations from the fascist corporations who benefit from this legalised theft.

The Carbon Price Floor is of course an EU promotion. We must leave the EU.

Vote UKIP – or anybody except Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem.

Read more: Carbon Price Floor Under Fire, Dubbed Stealth Poll Tax

The Creatures That Feed From The Bottom Feeders Bottoms

After bludgeoning Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, Barack Obama’s Hypocriteocrat Party (The Democrats) have been uncharacteristically silent on the Cayman Islands investments of Obama administration nominee Jack Lew.

There are many reasons for conservatives to oppose Jack Lew’s nomination for Treasury Secretary and yet they are being accused of obstructionism and trying to derail Obama’s financial policy of trying to turn the USA into Greece. The fact that Lew is known to have held a substantial, and entirely legal, investment based in the Cayman Islands is not one of them.

But shouldn’t the Obama felchers of the left liberals be furious? Last year, the Obama campaign and its surrogates savagely attacked Mitt Romney for “betting against America” through his financial portfolio, which included foreign holdings — including some in the Cayman Islands. This ad painting the Republican nominee as an unpatriotic hypocrite was memorably unsparing on hyperbole. Observe the demagoguery for yourselves:

Now cast you minds back to the idiotic “Occupy movement” those dopehead rich kids in designer clothes who set up a campaign to occupy the streets (but went home to Mum for a shower and a hot meal when it got cold and dark) until all the personal wealth of ‘The One Percent’ (of rich Republicans)had been confiscated and given to … erm … somebody else, preferably somebody with dark skin.

You would think those people would be going crazy about rich Democrats using the same accounting techniques to avoid tax as the evil Republicans wouldn’t you? After all the infinite moral superiority of Democrats, liberals and progressives as they like to style themselves, is said to make they love paying taxes. We’re not the only ones to think so as this report from Buzz Feed shows:

President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign famously trolled Mitt Romney for having bank accounts in the Cayman Islands throughout 2012, with campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt calling it proof that the Republican “bets against America.” It’s a line that was echoed during the election by Governor Martin O’Malley, the Democratic National Committee, and several web ads on Obama’s own YouTube channel, which featured at least 20 videos mentioning Romney’s Cayman accounts. A search for Cayman Islands on the Obama campaign’s website brings back more than 1200 results. But now that one of Obama’s own cabinet nominees is defending his own Cayman account, Democrats are suddenly silent on the matter.

It’s a safe bet that the Democrats will not be distributing mock Cayman passports to reporters in an attempt to torpedo the president’s greedy, patriotism-challenged nominee (according to their own very recent standards). Marc Thiessen of The Washington Post digs deeper into the astounding but entirely typical double standard from the left of the political spectrum:

Just last week, during a “60 Minutes” interview before the Super Bowl, Obama declared, “When you look at some of these deductions that certain folks are able to take advantage of, the average person can’t take advantage of them. The average person doesn’t have access to Cayman Island accounts.” It’s a recurring theme for the president. In a 2009 speech, Obama focused his ire on “a building in the Cayman Islands that had over 12,000 businesses claim this building as their headquarters” — a building called Ugland House.

Obama said, “And I’ve said before, either this is the largest building in the world or the largest tax scam. And I think the American people know which it is: The kind of tax scam that we need to end.” Well, guess who was involved in the “largest tax scam” in the world? Jack Lew. According to the New York Times, Lew’s Cayman Islands fund was based in “the notorious Ugland House, a building whose mailboxes are home to nearly 19,000 corporate entities, many of them tax shelters.”

Well apart from revealing that Barack Hussein Obama is a mean spirited little shit who can’t resist rubbing salt in people’s wounds (but most of us were aware of that) what does that tell us about Obama’s hatred of tax avoiders? nothing actually, because according to Team Obama, Lew’s situation is totally different, you see, because he’s a … umm … you know … a Democrat.

It’s also worth noting that the ad shown in the video above also slammed Romney for supposedly outsourcing American jobs while at the helm of Bain Capital. There is zero evidence to back up this false claim, which Team Obama leveled repeatedly. Every independent fact-checker including uber – lefties Snopes and Politifact debunked this ad and others like it, verdicts that did nothing to dissuade the Obama campaign from running the spots from coast to coast or the the creatures that feed from the bottom feeders’ bottoms, i.e. the idiots who worship Obama (PBOH) as the second coming of Jesus chuffing Christ from believing it and parroting it’s false claims.

Democrats they sacrificed all credibility by suggesting that Romney might be a felon … a sleazy, backdoor attempt to justify their original lies. They acused Mitt Romney of being responsible for the death of a woman who had died of cancer several years after her husband had been made redundant by Bain Capital, even though Romney’s association with Bain at the time of the man’s redundancy had only been that of shareholder. This escalation prompted another fruitless round of rebukes from fact-checkers. Senior professional turd hurler for Team Obama, Stephanie Cutter breezily still affirms that she harbors no regrets over her starring role in promulgating these lies that were aimed at discrediting a credible candidate for the US Presidency. And why would she? She’s a shameless means-to-an-end bottom feeder, and her side won. Result. The end always justifies the means for the morally superior Democrats.

Little Nicky Machiavelli is a British blogger of course and you might well ask what any of this has to do with Britain. Well nothing, but it is entertaining to see how far, in just four years, the hypocrisy and mendacity of Barack Hussein Obama and his corrupt regime has taken the worlds most powerful economy towards banana republic status. And it may serve as a warning to the hand wringers, bleeding hearts and idle dole bludgers of where we will be heading if we ever put the Labour Party back in power. If you think the coalition are bad, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Progressives Going Round In Circles Rather Than Moving Forward.
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Crippling Fuel Prices Caused By Tax Increases Over Past Ten Years

Crippling Fuel Prices Caused by Tax Increases Over The Past Ten Years

by Phil T Looker

These pages don’t really work on blog.co.uk but if what you see whets your appetite real the full article Crippling Fuel Prices Caused by Tax Increases Over The Past Ten Years at The Daily Stirrer

The Hidden Cost Of Green Energy
Building gas-fired power plants instead of more offshore wind farms could actually lead to greater carbon savings at a lower cost, a leading …

Are Governments And Corporations Using Bad Science To Rob Us? http://www.greenteethmm.com/climate-stasis.shtml
The ‘big six’ energy companies are claiming that aside from the wholesale gas price, the biggest factor in rising tariffs is the raft of subsidies for wind farms and …

Inflation The Big Threat To Recovery
The Daily Stirrer brings you opinion and comment on issues in the news that are likely to affect the lives of ordinary people. We therefore focus …

Food Price Inflation Rip OffWe therefore focus on economic matters, prices and inflation, jobs and … fascism, politics, politically correct thinking, junk science or tax eaters …

The simple rule all politicians, expert advisers and economists need to get their heads round.

Holy City

We’re All Doomed I Tell Ye, Doomed
World Economic Forum Calls For $14 trillion program to make the global economy greener
But they’re as bit vague as to how they going to tackle the job.


Illiberal Undemocratics

The Illiberal Undemocraticrty Pa, are poised to become as authoritarian as their neo Nazi chums in the Labour party. Following in the footsteps of the world’s most powerful liberal fascist Mayor Bloomberg of New York the Illib Undems are taking up the mantle of the anti-coke war in Britain. At the upcoming party conference, the party formerly known as the Lib Dems will argue for the need for a fizzy-drink tax, presumably on the predictable grounds that it will ‘combat obesity’ while raising tax revenue. But, in reality, this is an attempt to use taxation as a means to change people’s consumption habits by imposing a sin tax.

This type of fascism (we are imposing our will on you by force to save you from your own folly)which I have previously dubbed Populist Authoritarianism is not just typical of the Lib Dems and those other “progressives” in; it is quite popular with the conservatives too, and increasingly with politicians all around the free world too. All generally seem to agree that we need high taxes on alcohol and tobacco, not to mention plastic bags.

Traditionally, the soft socialism of centre-left political parties led to a desire to subsidise via taxation the goods that people consumed daily, making them cheaper and easier to purchase. The idea was that as the rich paid most tax and some of that revenue helped poorer people to enjoy a few indulgences the greatest good of the greatest number was achieved Now however, parties like the Lib Dems are more concerned with raising the prices of certain goods in order that people make politically correct lifestyle choices i.e. the choices of people who are members of the neo fascist Liberal Democrat party.

The hypocrisy of these smug scumsuckers is nauseating.

The Future Beyond The Thunderdome
Fizzing with authoritarian intent

"Tesco Tax" The First Step Towards Saving Our Towns

When Northern Ireland Finance Minister Sammy Wilson announced his “Tesco Tax” a planned levy on big stores intended to underwrite tax breaks for small, independent businesses and go some way towards redressing the balance after small shops were forced during thirteen years of Labour misrule to fund tax breaks offered to entice global retail corporations to set up shop in out of town big shed developments he expected a reaction from the corporate retailers. He did not however expect such a hypocritical outbreak of orchestrated whining considering Labour’s favouritism to the retail giants has resulted in up to a third of shops in some traditional town centres standing empty.

Swedish pedlers of crap, tat and overpriced kitsch furniture giant Ikea claimed the minister had potentially put hundreds of jobs at risk and was hindering other stores coming to NI. Sorry, but we don’t remember IKEA shedding any tears over the jobs lost in local retailers when they grabbed the subsidies and local tax reductions offered to open their shops.

Mr Wilson said he had listened to what the big retailers had to say and had cut the tax they would have to pay. “The levy has been reduced from 20% to 15% saving Ikea £70,000,” he said.

Pity, that, he should have hit them with an extra levy for having the nerve to whine. The so-called “Tesco tax” has been fiercely opposed by most large retailers who said it could limit investment and cost jobs. On average big retailers will pay an extra charge of £66,000 a year, raising £5m. It will affect 76 large shops. Well £66,000 a year is peanuts compared to what these hyper stores make so you have no need to feel sorry for them. Let’s explode a forty year old myth to put the whinging in perspective. It has long been the case in mainsteam media to toe the government propaganda (Ministy of Truth) line that when a new hyperstore opens hundreds of jobs are created, (you’ve heard the announcements on local news). Nobody ever quantifies how many jobs are lost from small businesses that can no longer survive.

The finance minister argued that the “Tesco tax” is designed to help small businesses. “The whole aim is to create a more level playing field. It is about what we do to stimulate the small business end of the economy,” he said. Good, in spite of the fuckwiited windbaggery about level playing fields from Tony Blair and other Labour leaders for too long small businesses were playing up an ever steepening slope as The Peoples’ Party helped the people who are most generous; billionaires, tycoons, bankers, lawyers and speculators.

Think back to the report from Mary Portas on high street shops published earlier this week, the harm done to small businesses and communities by corporate friendly government policies and bureaucratic smothering of startup enterprises was highlighted there. And it is not recent, this cosyness between elected politicians, gravy train riding tax eaters and greedy corporate execs has gone on for decades. More recently they have been attacking local employers by enacting measures aimed at pushing business online.

On the whole any news that suggest government is trying to get itself out of the pockets of big business is to be welcomed.

War On The High Street Is Just A Skirmish In The War On Our Way Of Life
It seems the mainstream media are for the first time acknowledging the government, lackeys of fascistic corporate interests and banks, have been complicit in the waging a war on the Hiigh Stret and local shops. The weaponse have been generous tax breaks for global corporations who wanted to open for business in out of town “Big Shed” developments and the lax regulation of internet commerce which allowed fraudsters …

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Dave Didn’t Jump To Veto, He Was Pushed

We have heard a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Eurolefties over the weekend about how David Cameron had betrayed us to suck up to the Eurosceptics in his own party.


Well rather the British Rabid Right than the New World Order.

Dave didn’t jump, he was pushed out of the EU inner party that is planning a EuroBig Brother regime.

It was the intransigence of Germany and France on the financial transactions tax wot done it. I have explained before this tax is not a levy on bank profits, not even on the profit they make on each transaction but a half per cent levy on the value of the transaction. And international banking deals often have a margin of half a per cent or less (half a percent of a billion punds is a nice day’s wages – do the maths).

Clearly Merkozy were trying to trash The City which our economy is far too reliant on for us not to defend it. I am no fan of bankers but let’s be realistic, this was not an attack on banking in general but an attack on Britain, a clear sign that Merkozy want to raid the London banks to offset the financial burden of propping up the basket case economies.

Or maybe the Gallic shortarse and the “unfuckable lardarse” are labouring under the misapprehension that if they shut down London with their Brithate tax the world’s financial centre will move to the overtaxed, over regulated regimes of Paris or Franfurt rather than Wall Street or Zurich.

Proof yet again that politicians do not live on planet reality.

Can The Euro Be Saved

The only thing I wish had been different is that instead of saying a new treaty and common fiscal overshight was not in Britain’s interests, Dave (6′ 2″) had said to the gnome Sarko (4′ 2″) Oi, shortarse, let’s get this sorted. Me and you outside, NOW!”

American Economy Stgnates As Congress Hirs Deadlock
Government Cost Saving Centres – Another Effing Fiasco

Guardian Do Gooders? Oh What Hypocrites.

The Guardian Newspaper has always been one of the noisiest, waily-gnashy-teethyest whingiest moaners and bleaters about the evil rich using perfectly legal tax avoidance arrangements as a means of not paying UK taxes and thus condeming the lower orders to lives of such abject poverty the poor sods have to subsist on thin gruel made from house dust and second hand water, walk around wi’ nobbut one clog to their feet and light their own farts to keep warm in cold weather.

Or so you would think to read the current crop of Guardian commentators.

Imagine our shock at reading this on Guido Fawkes blog:

The Guardian Media Group is one of the shrewdest corporate avoiders of tax in Britain, in 2008 it made a £300 million profit and yet managed to pay no corporation tax, the following year in 2009 it still paid no corporation tax, it uses the offshore Caymans tax haven to own assets, it uses tax efficient trusts and deploys all manner of perfectly legal tax shelter strategies to avoid paying tax.

Meanwhile one of the team read elsewhere that Guardian Media Group’s UK operation lost about £150 million on paper in the last financial year.

And they have the nerve to slag off Lord Ashcroft who at least is not ashamed to admit he’s a greedy, self interested twat.

GM Food Needed To Beat World Crisis

180 Quangos Face The Axe In Coalition Cuts

180 Quangos Face The Axe In Coalition Cuts

Not before time we have a government that is willing to take action to reduce the size of the bloated public sector:

from BBC News:
Proposals to abolish 180 quangos and merge a further 124 have been seen by the BBC’s Politics Show. The Renewables Advisory Board and Museum, Libraries and Archives Council are among taxpayer-funded bodies proposed for abolition.The list, dated 26 August, includes groups linked to all major government departments.

The Cabinet Office has ordered a leak inquiry and says it regrets any “uncertainty” for employees. The list of public bodies up for abolition, mergers or other reforms was included in a letter from Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude to other ministers… read all

also on this story from The Daily Telegraph: 177 Quangos To Be Scrapped

Throughout their years in power Labour used expansion of public sector employment to mask the true level of decline in our industrial and commercial base. This employent policy lies behind the structuraL deficit that is dragging our economy from recession into stagnation and slump. It costs so much to run the country and pay public sector wages, benefits and interest on our debts we do not take in enough revenue from taxes, duties and speeding fines to cover the outgoings so we have to keep borrowing more. Appointing another tax eater does not help grow the economy it helps grow the deficit.

For thirty years under both Conservative and Labour governments, quangos (quasi autonomous national government organisations) have become the personal bureaucratic empires of ‘special advisers’, failed businessmen, academics in search of a pension fund and clapped out government ministers in search of a peerage Sme of these organisations to a good job but most cost a fortune to run and achieve nothing except the creation of lots of paper for the recycling industry to repulp.

If the coalition can dump a few of them it can only be good. And the tax eaters they employ will cost the nation less on the dole.

Mr. Bean Slams Savers
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Robin Hood Tax

Gordon Brown has been busy all week telling everybody who would listen there was “growing universal support’ for Barack Obama’s idiotic, ineffectual and unworkable proposal for a levy on financial transactions to tax the banks and curb their profligacy as well as stopping them gambling on dodgy investment vehicles with depositors money.

We all despise bankers, we all want to stick it to them for the misery cause by their irresponsibility and greed but few are deluded enough to think that a tax imposed in the USA and among those leaders who remain convinced Obama is a god come to earth cannot succeed. Without the support of the Chinese nothing…. read all Robin Hood Tax at The Daily Stirrer

Fruitcakes, Financial Crisis and Guido Fawkes

Little Nicky Machiavelli has grown up and doesn’t play around blog.co.uk much now. These days he is working for The Daily Stirrer where today you will find some vigourous stirring on these topics:

Who Are The Fruitcakes Now
UKIP leader Nigel Farage thinks now Ukip’s policy to reduce tax on low wages has been taken up by Oxfam ans other poverty relief agencies his party is well on the way to breaking into the mainstream. Who are the fruitcakes and loonies now? he asks. Well bearing in mind the Lib Dems had the same policy years ago and it did not do a lot for them…

Extreme Right Cherish the financial crisis
Financial turmoil helps populists such as Geert Wilders; to beat them we must come clean about how we got in this mess say the authors of this article. Well OK so long as we really come clean and don’t try to hide behind politically correct eyewash.

Guido cofesses
Blogger Guido Fawkes comes clean on how he slighly exaggerated a jounalists complain that Guido had slightly exaggerated the stupidity of questions asked by the journalist about the Damien McBride / Dolly Draper smear scandal.

Rivers of Beetroot Soup

,How strange that a speech made forty years ago by a pointy headed intellectual of thE rabid right tendency should still arouse more passion than the systematic breakup of the welfare system, the privatisation of the health service and the reduction of the police to a revenue collecting bureaucracy, or Blair’s illegally leading us into an illegal war without consulting Parliament, but when an obscure Conservative of the sweaty – toothed tendency mentioned Enoch
Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech last week we saw the political establishment become more animated that they have for years.
So why do our usually colourless and ball-less politicians become excited by a non issue?
Well, anything to do with immigration is a key issue among the 50,000 people whose votes actually matter in General Elections.
In a small, overpopulated island like Britain large scale immigration must be a serious concern that deserves to be debated openly and honestly. Unfortunately due to the dark forces of Political Correctness, no debate that might result in criticism of certain factions of immigrant community will ever be tolerated. The dark forces of Political Correctness always shout so loudly for democratic debate that they completely drown out any opinions that differ from theirs. And more often than not, when somebody does try to question the Politically Correct line on immigration, old pointy – head Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech is brought up. So when one of my local councillors recently asked how a town the size of Accrington is supposed to cope with the sudden arrival of a few thousand Poles and groups from various other nations newly enrolled in the EU, nobody could say, “You have a point, we need support from central government,” because all the PC brigade were jumping up and down yelling “Enoch Powell, Rivers of Blood”.
In consequence of this silencing of debate we have over the last few years acquired lots of little local immigrant problems. Schools cannot cope with large numbers of pupils who cannot speak English, social housing agencies cannot cope with increased demand for low – cost, family – sized accommodation, welfare agencies and health services cannot cope with new arrivals needing high levels of support and so on. All the little problems only need one trigger to convert them into a big, national problem. This has happened in Italy in the past few days; the murder of an Italian woman by a Romanian gypsy whose record of violent crime would have prevented him obtaining a visa before Romania joined the EU and its people were able to travel to and settle anywhere in Europe.

The little local problems we have are a direct result of the most unfortunate coincidence in modern British politics. At the same time as the “Jolly Good Chaps” Conservatism of McMillan’s era gave way to the swivel eyed, bonkers-in-the-head politics of the Thatcher era, Old Labour imploded. This opened the way for two decades of bonkers-in-the-head government. Margaret Thatcher’s answer to every domestic problem was “shaft the poor, give the rich ( wealth – creators ) a tax cut.”
“There are no principles, only expedients,” declared the Iron Lady in justification of her knee jerk approach to policy making, thus eternally making fools of those who still admire her for sticking to her principles. Tragically, her grasp of expediency was as shaky as her sanity. Thatcher’s expedients (shaft the poor some more, give the rich another tax cut) were the equivalent of sticking a band aid on a gushing artery. Problems were never dealt with but simply swept under the carpet as her neo-cons pressed on with their war on the working class.
(NOTE for people who still think Thatcher was good; if your livelihood depends on a milk – cow, you don’t beat it to death for not giving enough milk. The working class are the milk cow of any industrial nation. Its not rocket science, not even for the swivel eyed tendency.)
Collective bargaining through unions was undermined, the expensive and totally unfair burden of training their workforce was lifted from those poor, hard done by employers, apprenticeships coupled to further education through day release was virtually abolished. Despite all the hypocritical speeches extolling family values, tax breaks designed to make it possible for a single income family on an average wage to have a decent lifestyle were abolished to fund tax cuts for the rich. After all, the basic principle of swivel eyed economics is that the best way to make everybody better off is to take money from the poor and give it to the rich.

Even after Thatcher was deposed by her own despairing party, the swivel eyed tendency held on to power through John Major’s Conservative rump (oops, pardon!) and then Thatcher clone Tony Blair. As a result, Thatcher’s flagship policies, all made up on the spur of the moment when a difficult question needed to be fended off, continued for another ten years to exacerbate the problems, thus creating the current skill shortage, debt crisis and chaos in the housing market, not to mention the immigration problem and the shortage of plumbers, brickies, electricians, mechanics, machine operators, nurses etc. etc.

Had Madame Swivel Eyes not so thoroughly antagonised our European partners we might have been able to command enough support to block the onward march of Federalism. Thus we may have been able to restrict immigration to people who have something to offer. Had she not so thoroughly destroyed the social and economic infrastructure that held the nation together we might have been better equipped to deal with the challenges of post – industrialism.

Now we have huge social problems queuing up and an unholy alliance of the self interested super rich and the Political Correctness police doing all they can to prevent these problems being dealt with in any sensible way. So with the increasing unrest will Enoch Powells Rivers of Blood turn into Rivers of Beetroot Soup? Will it be the hoards from Eastern Europe rather than the poor corners of a crumbling Empire that swamp our nation and hijack our cultural and social institutions? It is unlikely.

Perversely, most of the voices raised against immigration now belong to the people who wholeheartedly support “free enterprise” and “maket forces” and thing Margaret Thatcher “did a lot of good for this country.” If any of them would like to tell us how it makes sense to deskill the workforce, destroy our industrial base and force our workers to compete for jobs with workers in the low labour cost economies of South East Asia while we have to import trained plumbers, electricians, brickies and plasterers from the old Soviet Bloc nations is “doing a lot of good” we will be eternaslly grateful. If you cannot, however, shut the fuck up and learn to love beetroot soup.

The bulk of recent immigrants are from Poland and the Baltic states and given half a chance will assimilate quickly. All it needs is for national and local government to recognise that some communities, where the migrants are focused, will need special support and extras investment (OOPS, BLASPHEMY!).

Whether that can happen while the two main political parties are in thrall to those 50,000 voters in the marginal constituencies where NIMBYISM rules and the immigrants are concentrated in traditional “safe seats” where the thinking voters vote means nothing remains to be seen.

Swivel Eyed, Pointy Eared, True Blue Tory Monster

Nice to see the re-emergence of Conservative Mr. Spock impersonator John Redwood to the front rank of the Conservative Party.
Resurgent Redwood has surged back to the fore just when the Tories were in danger of starting to look a weeny bit credible.
Launching a review of economic policy Mr. Redwood came up with a totally new and revolutionary idea for the redistribution of wealth. Abolish inheritance tax. Yeah right! We haven’t heard that one before.

All this proves is the Tories have not moved forward one single step singe the mother of all swivel eyed politicians made them unelectable with her looney economics.
Yes the suburban S&M queen, Maggie “skewer the poor” Thatcher still holds the party in thrall.
Just analyse Redwood’s plan to abolish inheritance tax and you see how looney it is.
Nobody pays inheritance tax now unless they are a mentalist. The seriously righ have their money, share and property portfolios safely wrapped up in offshore trusts, the working class have their fortunes invested in cirrhosised livers and hardened arteries while the dodgy geezers like my car – dealer mate Big Jim will just give heirs the keys to the safe deposit box and the instruction “stay stumm.”
As for the Daily Mail Readers who are scarecd their million pound suburban semis will attract inheritance tax, don’t fret. You may be clinically sane now but the proceeds from the sale of your home will have been eaten up by care bills long before you pop your clogs.

So what are the Conservatives on about?

Will You Be Mugged By The Labour Thieves?

The Government’s latest plan makeS euthenasia look like a good option for the approaching 70s even if they are healthy.
Were you ever tempted to think what nice caring people those New Labour robots were, the way they exhorted us to abandon our bad habits and save our spare cash for a comfortable retirement or so that we could leave a tidy sum to our surviving perners or descendants..
You poor deluded fools.
This LABOUR Government have already decimated many modest pension funds accumulated by hard working people and they plan to tax us every time we leave home. Now they are planning to tax us on living once we get too old to work, whether we are fit enough to go out for a drive or not.
Under Labour’s latest daylight robbery wheeze, inheritance tax will be 44% as it is now, but the residual amount in the pension fund at death will be taxed, starting at a rate of 70%.
So that’s 44% of everything and 70% of whats left in your pension fund. Not what is left after the taxman takes his 44% of the estate but 70% of the total value of the pension fund.
And that is the cheapest possibility, some types of pension will will be taxed more highly.
This could leave the descendants of many modestly rich people owing more in tax that they will actually inherit.
The only people to escape will be those who do not have a penny to scratch their arse with and of course Labour’s bestest buddies The Very Very Super Dooper Rich who can afford to stash their money in offshore trusts that cannot be taxed.

Oh well, goodbye savings. Open another bottle of wine and pass the fags.


Minister Admits Government Are A Fraud.

It is not often we get chance to say something nice about a Labour minister so kudos to Ian Pearson, the environment minister who has revealed that compliance with new controls on carbon emissions by airliners is pretty much voluntary for flight operators (and that the Americans regard themselves as exempt.)
Climate Change deniers have always said, with some justification, that emissions from aircraft are, by volume, small compared with the amount of pollution being pumped out by industry and road transport. This however is a classic case of concealing a lie within a truth.
While aircraft emissions amount to less carbon pollution than is caused by other sources it is where those emissions are emitted that is the problem. Gases like carbon dioxide and methane become greenhouse gases when they reach the upper atmosphere. This is because while shortwave radiation from the sun easily penetrates to the planet surface where it is reflected as longer wave radiation that is absorbed by carbon gases and water vapour thus trapping heat.
Pumping carbon dioxide into the troposphere at altitude 25000 or above, where there is no rain to mop up mess and no plants to turn carbon into leaves and stems is a much more efficient way to pollute than simply squirting shite around at ground level. And of course, as the air density is much less the same amount of pollutants can spread themselves a lot further.
In the face of corporate protests that the airlines and the oil companies are being victimised Pearson is the first politician to acknowledge without first removing himself from office, that maybe, just maybe, the victims here are the poor buggers whose homes are being swept away in floods, wrecked by hurricanes and typhoons, whose crops and livelihoods are being destroyed by droughts and ice storms, whose health problems are being exacerbated by excessive heat or cold might actually be the real victims in all this.
In doing so he has exposed the traitor and war criminal Blair as a fraud more concerned with his legacy that the wellbeing of the public. He has also show that the gesture politics of King Kenute of Livingstone are just a smokescreen to conceal stealth taxes and have no chance of turning back the tide of climate change.
Before we British can start doing out bit to save the Earth two things must happen:
(1) We must find a way to elect a government that will stand up to corporate bullying.
(2) We must find a Prime Minister who will stand up to American bullying.

Make My Vote Count
Nature Does Not Negotiate
Ian Pearson

If you were hoping for the article on avoiding exhorbitant rail fares today, it will be along tomorrow providing there are no more SHOCK! HORROR! Politician Tells The Truth stories to distract me.

Taxing Times For Motorists

An independent report on improving Britain’s transport system commissioned by the government has recommended that motorists should pay by the mile for road use. Well I suppose the people who commission independent reports have some right to decide in advance what he findings ought to be before the authors even start to consider the evidence The outcome of this exercise was as predictable as the results of enquiries into the death of a government scientist and the total lack of WMD which in both instances said the mishaps nothing to do with the Government.
Now it is not Little Nicky Machiavelli’s way to sing his own praises (he said without a trace of irony) but regular readers may remember I predicted almost a year ago that the governments great transport initiative would amount to nothing more than taxing private motorists of the road to make more room for corporate execs in the chauffeur driven Limos.
Call me simple minded if you like (possums) but I thought the taxes I pay on every gallon of petrol were to subsidise the public transport system. I mean what else could they be for except to fund illegal wars and hand out massive sweeteners to PFI contractors?
The transport report makes a number of claims that are quite startling in their stupidity, the main one being that the £28 billion a year brought in by the new tax will reduce congestion and pollution and benefit rail and bus users so much it will render unnecessary the building of new roads and railways.
Yeah right.
But how are bus and rail users going to benefit when there are no buses or trains that take them anywhere near where they want to go. And when bus and rail operators already announced earlier this week that the additional costs of providing extra services to meet anticipated increases in demand will be passed on to travellers in the form of extra costs.

It all sounds like a gigantic fraud to me. I will bet that the outcome is we all end up paying huge amounts of tax just to keep the transport system we have now.

Tyranny shows its ugly face

While everybody is screaming about the Government’s plan to introduce travel taxes (pay per mile for each journey)behind the flimsy smokesceen of reducing carbon emission Little Nicky will just take a moment to remind everyone that the Machiavelli Blog predicted this move several months ago.
Superficially the plan is to fleece us of course, the government’s assertion that it will encourage us to use public transport looks a little thin when we realise that the same government has handed what was left of the public transport system after their predecessors had savaged it, to a bunch of bucaneers who have sold off everything that could be sold and are now jumping ship leaving their PFI companies to go bankrupt.
No; this plan is not about making us use public transport, this plan is about putting a GPS device in our cars just like the one they plan to put in our ID cards, so the bastards have a record of where we are 24/7.

Little Nicky’s new project, the passive resistance blog “They Can’t Put Us All In Prison” will be online soon and we will be telling you how to deal with such threats and shaft they system totally.