Will Change Be Unfair To Everyone?

The 2010 UK general election campaign has been more Presidential than ever. But does the focus on the three leaders, zGordon Brown for Labour, David Cameron for the Conservatives and the Liberl Democrats Nick Clegg. The emphasis on television debates has enabled the leaders to evade any difficult question requiring detailed answers but do their vague promises of change and a fairer society serve Britain’s version of democracy well?

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Unemployment Falls, Number Not Working Rises, It’s Magic

How can it be that there are less people in work than last month but also less people claiming jobseekers allowance. Well preparing statistics has always been an occultish activity and government statistics is definitely among the dark arts. The deception on this conjuring trick by the desperate and discredited Labour government is achieved by simply paying people to be out of work so they do not have to sign on as unemployed…

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No real jobs in the new economy

One of the daftest ideas to emerge from the Ploitically Correct Consensus that is fighting the election under three different party banners is that the “new” economy will be driven by jobs created in high tech and gree industries.

The economic engines of this new economy will be Universities that will be undertaking exciting new research project and finding ways to “monetize” the “intellectual property” created by this academic industry.

If you have not yet decided this all sounds like the kind of bullshit that fuelled the property bubble, the dotcom bubble and the debt bubble you can read more in The Daily Stirrer’s piece No Jobs In The New Economy

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Minimum Wage – It'[s A Moral Issue

Little Nicky replied to an article on Tim Worstall’s blog in which Tim took to task Polly Toynbee the wide eyed innocent who fancies herself as a sharp political commentator despite living in a solipsistc, Labour supporting cloud cuckoo land. Polly had said:

Tucked away in last month?s Low Pay Commission report is research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, estimating that for every 10% the minimum wage rises, the state saves between £560m and £680m in credits and benefits. With the minimum at a puny £5.91, the taxpayer is subsidising employers such as those signatories to pay people non-survivable wages.

Tim, like the conscientious blogger he is patiently explained to the still wet behind the ears despite being in her sixties senior bleeding heart and hand wringer for The Guardian that wages can only be set by market forces. Impose a minium wage on employers and they will cut jobs; make up wages from public funds through tax credits etc. and the more unscrupulous employers will use government subsidy as a way of cutting wages.

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The Daily Stirrers busiest writer added a bit of history to Tim’s well reasoned comments to show there was nothing new in “New” Labour’s thinking and the imposition of a minimum wage always has the same result.

The Minimum Wage Problem