MH17 prosecutor open to theory another plane shot down airliner: Der Spiegel

Oh why bother pretending, I just LOVE saying I told you so:

from Der Spiegel via Reuters

Dutch prosecutors investigating the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 believe the aircraft might have been shot down from the air but that a ground-to-air missile attack is more likely, a senior prosecutor said in a German media interview.

The Russian government has always said it has radar imagery proving the fully laden Boeing 777 was shot down by a Ukrainian military aircraft flying in its vicinity, but Western officials have never publicly accepted this scenario.

In an interview published by German newsmagazine Der Spiegel on Monday, prosecutor Fred Westerbeke said the Dutch would ask Moscow to provide the information that had led them to believe a Ukrainian aircraft was nearby.

So what happened to that ‘compelling evidence’ the Rent Boy President, Barack Hussein Obama claimed to have that proved beyond reasonable doubt that “it was Putin wot done it, he’s a Russian, what more proof do you need?”

It seems there was no compelling evidence. We are still no nearer knowing what really happened, but the fact that western governments are backing off from their position the “The Russians are the bad guys so that proves they did it,” really proves they have no evidence that would stand up in court.

I will await apologies from reality deniers, but not with bated breath because it’s likely to be a long time until the reality deniers are likely to be ready to acknowledge the reality that I’m smarter (and funnier) than them.

Ebola Hits France – 480 reports but no documented cases

Translated and edited from Le Parisien

Of a total of 480 “flags” for Ebola listed by the Institute for Public Health Surveillance (VS) since June in France, 17 cases were classified as “possible cases” but none of them has been positive, Dr. François Bourdillon, head of the institute said today (Thursday, 23 October, 2014).

“Of the 480 alerts, about one third involved people who had travelled from countries not so far involved the epidemic and therefore the cases were quickly excluded,” he has said during the weekly Department of health.

Out of all of these reports identified, 44% were people from Guinea, one of the three countries, Liberia and Sierra Leone, hardest hit by the epidemic.

Geographically, 40% of reports were from Ile-de-France, around 13% of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, and about 10% for each of the Pays de Loire and Midi-Pyrenees, all with “a peak in September.”

Among the suspected cases involving travelers who had visited or come from affected countries are several people who had been involved in voluntary humanitarian work for charities and health organizations operating in those countries.

When a case is “possible”, the [infection] management process is triggered, and InVS “starts before any confirmed identification of potential contacts, so as a result, if the person proves positive, we can establish isolation measures in order to cut off the chain of infection,” said Dr. Bourdillon.

Furthermore, he stressed that all caregivers of the hospice of Saint-Mande, near Paris, who had contact with the nurse repatriated to the Liberian hospital where she had been contaminated and now cured, are subject to regular monitoring.

Debeaupuis Jean, CEO of the health care supply to the [Health Ministry, ] noted that in the dozen hospitals of reference for Ebola, “twenty” negative pressure rooms were immediately operational and ready to receive patients (or suspects), adding that “the total capacity of these services can be increased if necessary.”

Ebola, which caused almost 4,900 deaths out of almost 10,000 cases since the beginning of the year, especially in West Africa, remains a “global health emergency”, according to the World Health Organization, “very concerned “at the situation in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

So as Little Nicky and The Daily Stirrer have been telling you, for those of us living in prosperous nations, having good diet and clean water to drink, there is not really much risk. The health system is quickly on top of any suspected cases.

The USA must be considered an exception to that, their Rent boy President seems determined to show solidarity with his African relatives by importing the disease to the USA.

No Apologies For This Sickening Video Of Brutality And Barbarism

Sorry readers, I know you don’t want to see pictures of Islamic State stoning a woman to death, but some people who look at this blog need reminding these are the same savages that not so long ago our left wing friends wanted to put in charge of Syria after a FUKUS axis invsion force had overthown the Syrian dictator Assad.

How does overthrowing an admittedly heavy handed and oppressive dictatorship only to replace it with medievalist shits who may not line up their opponents and shoot them, but only because public stonings, beheadings and torture are more fun and get the Islamist message across.

The same bloodthirsty left wing idiots were cheerleaders for the FUKUS axis in Libya that overthrew another oppressive tyrant by bombing the crap out of a small nation that had no means to defend itself.

Yesterday at The Daily Stirrer I reported on how far Libya, not a failed state with no effective government had falled into dystopian lawlessness. But as Prof. Want-War, the resident village idiot told me (and he works in a universisty so he can’t be wrong), “You can’t call the system Gadaffi ruled over order”

Well all things are relative and Libyans stufggling to exist under the rule of Gangsters and tribal militias yearn for the return of Gadaffi’s version of order. You will see why HERE

Sadly our leftie friends will never admit they were wrong, but in the deafening silence from their direction they must be experiencing some self doubt. They will be experiencing a lot more by May 2015 because between now and then the Libertarian blogosphere will have shattered the delusion that everything would be hunky dory if only Labour, the paedohile peoples’ party, the party that doesn’t give a flying fuck about ordinary while British voters, were in power. The link BTW goes to the latest Asian grooming gang scandal covered up by a Labour council.

Remember that Obama and Cameron are still providing “humanitarian” aid to these savages and arming the ones ostensibly fighting Assad even though we know the arms and supplies are finding their way to the front line in Iraq. The girl has dishonoured her family. Her own father casts the first stone – the honor code under Islam. Islam first and always above all the sharia – before family, love, humanity.

This is shocking footage understood to have been filmed in Syrian city of Hama. The Islamic cleric seen ranting at woman and accusing her of committing adultery is telling her to be ‘content and happy’ at stoning as it is ordered by Allah She pleads for her life before asking if her father could ever forgive her He responds telling her not to call him father, then orders murder to begin.

And our leftie colleagues think we should accomodate this shit in Britain. I say round them all up, accuse them of treason and dump them on St. Kilda.

SHOCK !!! HORROR !!! Politicians more out of touch than we thought

Yes, the headline is true folks. We all though politicians were totally out of touch with reality were living in a fantasy world where the best way to reduce debt is by borrowing more money, reducing unemployment and the attendant social problems can be achieved by bringing millions more immigrants into an already overpopulated nation with overloaded and failing public infrastructure and the best way of gaining world peace is by bombing the crap out of every third world nation that resists having the synthetic culture of globalism imposed on them.

But it’s worse that that:

Politicians are so far out of touch with the general public they might as well be a different species from a different planet. In a recent survey 86 out of 100 MPs said they thought they were trusted by their constituents – yes, 86% thought they were trusted by the electorate.

The reality is that cumulatively, opinion polls demonstrate that less than 10% of the population trust MP’s. And the politicos wonder why there is complete apathy and disengagement in the political process and people are turning to UKIP in droves because they are aware that the political esablishment, the LabLibCon only serves the elite and holds ordinary voters in contempt. In reality for decades now, when we vote, most people do so on the basis of who is least repugnant candidate / party.

Birmingham Child Abuse Scandal Set To Break – Will Dwarf Rotherham, Rochdale
British Democracy In Terminal Decline – Voting Is Redundant And Civil Liberties Are So Last Year

You Don’t Have To Be a Psychopath To Become A Schoolteacher But It Helps

Parents’ fury after children are banned from going to the toilet during lessons unless they have a sick note from their doctor

‘School chiefs have been blasted by parents after banning pupils from going to the toilet during lessons – even locking the doors during class times.

Parents of pupils at Auswicz and Buchenwald Westlands School and Sittingbourne Community College in Sittingbourne, Kent, were outraged to be told by Stromtroopers schoolteachers that their children could only go to the loo during lessons if they had a note from their doctor.

The two secondary schools, both part of the Swale Academies Trust, have a grand total of 2,700 pupils between them, with 1,600 at Westlands School and 1,100 at SCC.

School authorities say the only children allowed to go to the loo during lesson times are those who hand their teacher a note from their doctor with a ‘relevant medical condition’.’

Read more and support Little Nicky’s campaign to close ALL concentration camps state schools so that children have a chance of getting a decent education.

Continue reading about the schools in Sittingbourne

The Damning (but secret) Report On Blair’s Weapons Of Mass Destruction

The reason why the UK went to war in Iraq was a trumped up, sexed up dossier prepated on the orders of former UK Prime minister, the traitor and war criminal Tony Blair, accusing Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussain of stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. The accusations in the dossier have since proven to be completely false. Blair’s determination to blindly followed the US President to war is responsible for Iraq becoming the failed state it is today, costing countless innocent civilians, not least the lives of our own troops and massive cost to the taxpayer in the process.

Were there any illegal weapons found in Iraq you might well ask. A New York Times investigation, published on Tuesday of this week reveals there were, but not such as would justify war. American and Iraqi troops found, and in multiple cases, were injured by aged and degraded stockpiles of chemical weapons in Iraq.

The report stated however that the US withheld information of these discoveries from the world as the weapons were manufactured in the 1980s when the US and its allies were actively supplying chemical agents to Saddam Hussein’s regime during the Iraq-Iran war. In other words – western foreign policy makers fucked up again.

Why Bush Censored News Of WMD Finds In Iraq

Emirates Airways CEO Thinks He Knows What Happened to Flight MH370

We can sometimes keep news stories running for several months by pointing out the sheer irrationality of those who scream ‘conspiracy theory’ and demand that we all believe the government / mainstream media version. One of the two biggest stories in 2014 was the complete disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on a routine flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Seven months later not a trace of the Boeing 777 aircraft or any of its passengers has been located. As the official explanations grow increasingly more ludicrous …

Read More:Emirates Airways CEO Thinks He Knows What Happened to Flight MH370

Struggle for power in Brussels: Juncker disempowered EU financial Commissioner Moscovici

The new EU financial Commissioner Pierre Moscovici can not decide autonomously decisions Euro zone. He must coordinate the surveillance of budgetary and economic policy with the Vice President. The Frenchman is thus deprived of power before he took office.

Pierre Moscovici be destroyed as a new EU financial Commissioner before taking office of President Jean-Claude Juncker.

A geleaktes document to organize the responsibilities of Commissioners illustrates the circumcision of Moscovici’s skills.

It is the decision of the new EU Commission boss Jean-Claude Juncker, exclusive to adopt a special rule for the designated New Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Pierre Moscovici. This must develop and submit any decision for the coordination and monitoring of budgetary and economic policies of the Member States, in particular from the euro zone, together with the Vice President for Euro and Social Dialogue Valdis Dombrovskis.

“The European Commission backed a designate New Commissioner Moscovici. This fate befalls otherwise no other designated New Commissioner. So make Jean-Claude Juncker one, Lex-Moscovici ‘and restrict the rights of the French socialists, “commented Sven Giegold, fiscal and economic policy spokesman of the Greens in the European Parliament:

Dombrovskis will apparently ensure that the socialist Moscovici strikes a tough austerity measures and crosses. However, France was also with him as Minister of Finance be debt problem under control.

“Certainly, it is necessary that EU Member States are making efforts to reduce debt and for economic reforms. With this special rule Jean-Claude Juncker shoots but over the top. He creates a Commissioner Second Class. This is anti-European sentiment in France strengthen, “said Giegold on.

It is questionable, as the Frenchman wants to take action against his country. The country is heavily in debt and has a high unemployment rate.

France had also announced recently in wanting to cover the deficit limits for years.

At his hearing in Brussels EU Parliament on Thursday morning, Moscovici has pledged to crack down on deficit sinners in the whole of Europe. “I aspire to that the deficits are reduced,” said the Frenchman. “If a country, large or small, the rules do not comply, does not initiate the necessary steps, then I will push the deficit procedures.”

In particular, conservatives in the parliament accuse the Socialists, he did not get during his tenure as finance minister in Paris that his country’s deficit under control. Moscovici rejected this. During his tenure, which ended six months ago, the debt was employment decreased.