Psychological Warfare

Little Nicky was not impressed to read this news item.

July 26, 2006 | WASHINGTON — The 150,000-member American Psychological Association is facing an internal revolt over its year-old policy that condones the participation of psychologists in the interrogations of prisoners during the Bush administration’s “war on terror.”

I mean, psychology is bollocks isn’t it.

Exactly what is a psychologist going to achieve in the war on terror, help Evil Doors and people of Evelyn Tent (Bushisms) get in touch with their inner murdering bastard?

I am contantly gobsmacked at the way psychologists are allowed to elbow their way into everything in the US, doing more harm than good with their bogus science, cliches and total inability to grasp the first thing about human nature. (CLUE for Shrinks Freud may have wanted to shag his mother but I don’t. Its just not natural.)

It is well know among the unemployed that the best way to get on disability benefit (higher than unemployment benefit and you’re not expected to look for a job) is to feign mental illness. Real doctors want you to be well, shrinks want you to be ill – they have to justify themselves somehow.

My most recent experience of a psychologist was after suffering a massive brain haemorrhage. I was totally paralysed on one side, my blood pressure was going crazy, I was at death’s door, so ill I couldn’t even wipe my own arse.

The regulation shrink came round and asked “how do you feel about using the use of your left hand?

Well as I had lost my mobility, career, independence, libido and future but not my sense of humour I tried a joke, a poor one but at that stage I was more dead than alive, “oh not too bad,” I said, “I don’t often have to hold two drinks at once.”

“HE’S IN DENIAL!” sang the shrink. Denial of what? Loss of use in a hand was a minor problem, every night I went to sleep with the knowledge it was touch and go that I would wake up. One thing I did know though, a slide into self pity would have destroyed me.

Shrinks are no bloody use for anything, if they are to be used in warfare why not fire them at both sides in the Lebanon. Facing a barrage of psychologists might bring them to their senses. CAn you imagine the reaction to such news?

“Solly? Its Mohammed. We’d best stop shooting and eff off, they’re sending psychologists to bore us to death.”

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When will Blair start acting like a man

Twice in two weeks the insignificant piece of shit (a fave phrase of bigtime “Christian” George W Bush accoring to my Texan friend)who calls himself our Prime Minister has caved in before American demands and committed great injustices against British citizens.
First the Natwest Three were extradited to the U.S.A. under a treaty that has not been and will never be ratified by the U.S. Government, to face trumped up charges that will serve the purpose of letting spin docors suggest the Enron collapse was engineered by perfidious Albion (the bankers will probably be brought to court made up to look like Alan Rickman or Donald Pleasance) and was not a totally domestic fraud carried out by crooked American businessmen with the collusion of a crooked American government. These three were sent to America for trial having broken no UK laws and having only broken American laws while in the UK where, to the best of my knowledge, American law has no jurisdiction.
Now an executive of the small online betting firm BetonSport has been handed over to face American justice because he took bets online from American thus involving himself in illegal gambling and racketeering. Now lets be clear about this. The Bets were taken in the UK from Americans who contacted BetonSport. Again no British laws were Broken and any transgressions against American law occurred outside the jurisdiction of American law.

So why is that lily livered wimp in Downing Street not standing up to these blustering bullies. Maybe he thinks if he kisses pal Georgie’s arse enough times then Georgie will help him get a job as General Secretary of the United Nations.

Blair lost touch with reality a long time ago so he will not have considered that the appointment of a traitor, war criminal and known neocon sychophant to such a position would be vetoed by Russia, China and France.

Tough shit Tony.

The Tyranny of Bricks and Mortar.

Diligent as ever in his quest to expose ways in which ordinary punters are being stitched up, Little Nicky has turned his attention to the housing market and the way it is manipulated. What brought this to my attention is a report that house prices here in Britain are set to rise 50% in the next few years.
Now house prices have risen 120% in the nine years since New Labour came to power while earnings have only risen 24%. These figures just do not add up, surely it is time for a levelling off of prices?
With the appalling state of social housing, the only way people can afford a decent home in a pleasant environment is by getting on the property ladder. In fact those who do not own their own home are increasingly finding they are treated as second class citizens.
If the projected price rises happen only people in the most highly paid professions or those who can obtain help from their parents or are lucky enough to have a legacy from Grandparents or other sources will be able to afford a home and with loans running at around nine times average income the housebuyers will struggle to service the interest on such huge amounts and fend off starvation. They will not even be able to think of holidays, smart cars etc. Is it any wonder more young people are choosing to stay in the parental home.
It is only two generations since most Europeans escaped from the shackles of wage slavery and not much more than that since many turned their backs on the old world to find a new freedom in America, Canada and Australia. And yet those countries too, without even the excuse that population growth has outstripped the available building space, are suffering from exploding property values and stagnant incomes.
The situation has not occurred by accident of course, few things occur by accident in this world.
In the decades after the second world war, industrialised societies went through a social upheaval. The immorality of Christian morality was questioned and failed to stand up to examination. The old ruse of “do not question the will of God” was exposed as meaning nothing more that “do not question the will of the ruling elite.” The working and lower middle classes could no longer be bought off with the promise of rewards in heaven for a lifetime of suffering. State funded education had equipped the majority to relate to the existential view summed up as “you live, you die, end of story: so while we are in between we may as well enjoy ourselves.” People realised that their first duty was not to country or employer but to themselves and their families. They were encouraged by socialist politicians whose polices promoted the tearing down of vast tracts of slums to be replaced with municipal housing, the provision of public service healthcare, state controlled education for all and collective bargaining by trade unions to ensure the workers received a fair share of the profits. Unemployment benefits and other allowances provided a cushion against the vindictiveness of unscrupulous employers. The workers could no longer be starved into submission.
By the nineteen sixties the social revolution was in full swing. Timothy Leary invited the world to “turn on, tune in and drop out,” while in Britain music and fashion challenged the smug complacency of the middle class hegemony. Things were looking sticky for the ruling elite, the masses, proles, the great unwashed were saying “NO! we will not be told what to think and do, we will do what suits us best, thank you very much.

This should have been great news for the human race, but a population of individuals that have the power to think and act for themselves is never welcome news for any government, even those that wave their democratic credentials in the face of any criticism.
And so just as the medieval peasants who were virtually owned by the Lord of their village were superseded by the wage slaves of the Industrial Revolution whose life depended very much on the whim of a factory or mine owner, future generations will find their lives constrained by the need to service the interest on a crippling mortgage.
The bond will not end at death of course, already we feel social pressure to help our offspring spring onto the mortgage ladder, we are made to feel we have let them down if a substantial bung towards a deposit is not forthcoming.
“Oh but how will the poor little dears ever own their homes if you don’t help them” our peers say. Well maybe the best way to help them and to follow the advice of Jeremy Bentham and think about the greatest good of the greatest number is to make our sons and daughters face the reality our parents generation faced, “life owes you nothing,” and then they might get off their backsides and vote for the Green Party, the only political movement committed to ensuring our grandchildren have grand children of their own.
Will it happen? Its touch and go, you see the most sinister thing about this move towards mortgage slavery is it has taken on an almost religious element. And just as religions gained control over civilisations by promising rewards after death so the great god PROPERTY promises that if you work hard all your life, improve, trade up and work, work, work without ever rewarding yourself, you too can be rich when you are dead.
What they don’t tell you is that the more likely scenario goes, you work hard neglecting recreation, in retirement you become asset rich, cash poor thus inadequate diet and high stress levels will drive you into senile dementia. You will not be able to look after yourself and will be forced to go into care. Your home will be sold to pay the fees of the retirement home, you will end up having to move to a home for the bewildered because your funds will run out. You will die poor and forgotten. But don’t worry because by then you will have forgotten who you are anyway.
Is there an alternative?
There are many, we could rise up against the Tyrannies of Bricks and Mortar, Financial Planning, Mass Media and self serving politics. A mass movement can bring about social change. A widespread campaign of passive resistance such as Gandhi led to win India’s independence could disrupt the global economy. And we could all say “screw your overpriced, characterless little boxes,” and live in Yurts.
They can’t put us all in prison

The Party’s Over?

I guess few of us have been able to resist a smug chortle at the discomfort of Tony Blair this week, especially as it followed hot on the heels of an embarrassment for Hug-a-Hoodie Cameron. The Spinmeisters are coming unravelled.
But before we revel too much in the fact that Blair is about to be chucked out of office for doing something every Prime Minister since 1832 has done, we should think of the wider implications.
For decades Little Nicky has been arguing that Britain’s Parliamentary system with its official parties of government and opposition is undemocratic and breached the British constitution (yes ever unwritten constitutions can be breached)
How so?
The British Parliament is founded on the basis that elected representatives should put the interests of their constituents before loyalty to anything other than the nation itself. The political parties in Parliament operate in a way that requires MPs to put loyalty to party before anything else. The party whips offices are a blatant breach of everybody’s civil rights when they pressure MPs to toe the party line.
Under Blair’s premiership the flaw in this system has become very obvious as the party whips* (very appropriately titled considering the miasma of sex-sleaze surrounding both parties) have bribed, bullied and coerced junior members to support policies which put the interests of the American administration before those of either the British state or the residents (even the non – voting ones) of any constituency.
In future Little Nicky will be exhorting his rapidly growing band of followers to support The Greens, The Rainbow Alliance, The Monster Raving Looney Party, Independent candidates, UKIP (they’re a laugh), Respect or any other fringe candidate contesting any election in the UK. And if your only fringe candidate is a BNP supporter – well the least unacceptable option must be the Lib Dems because at least they support proportional representation, the system in which every vote counts.
It’s a system that favours the voters against the interests of the self-interest party and the “resistance-is-futile-you-will-be-assimilated” party.
Not only can we get the buggers out if we put our minds to it, we can make sure they never get back in.

*officials of the parliamentary groups whose function is to ensure members stay “on message” and are not tempted to try to think for themselves.

Hoodies are people too.

So the somersault is turned and with an allez and an oop – la to the smell of the greaspaint and the roar of the crowd, The Flying Parliamentarian Bothers have passed each other in mid air and exchanged positions totally. And while Blair talks tough on crime and the causes of crime Cameron advocates care and compassion towards those who might be planning to kick an old lady to death for her pension. Well we should not be hard on the little cherubs, after all they might come from poor backgrounds or dysfunctional families. Hoodies are human and will respond to love and compassion goes the Cameron line.

Now on most issues Little Nicky M. is well to the left of Lenin and Marx but he knows that if we are to have a just, egalitarian and inclusive society we must ensure that everybody who wants to live in that society must respect the person and social privileges of others. Privileges like being able to walk down the street without being intimidated by gangs of youths who hide their identities under floppy hoods.

Respect first, then compassion will follow says Nicky.

But we must not forget that it is a Conservative leader who is pleading for understanding and tolerance of the disillusioned young. And so is this political manoeuvre not a little hypocritical when we remember that the creator of a society in which parents were encouraged to abandon their kids to the tender mercies of the street culture while those parents worked 25/8 to pay off unfeasibly large mortgages on rather shoddy and inadequate little homes was the leading light of modern conservatism?

Twenty years ago, in a previous incarnation as Armytage Shanks, the man who puts the BIZ in ShowBiz, Nicky was arguing that the fostering of an obsession for owning property was a kind of quasi – religious scam. Just as the people who suffered poverty and deprivation in the Industrial Revolution were encouraged to believe in God so they would be happy when they were dead so the modern corporate class are encouraged to believe in the housing market and the promise they will be rich when they are dead.