Pictures Of "Good Men" Opposing Tyranny

Not long ago Little Nicky blogged about the situation in Lybia and how, thanks to the illegal war waged by the powers of the FUKUS axis to bring down Gadaffi, that country is now in the grip of a multi – factional civil conflict.

Somecocksucking left wing bell end stoped by to spout meaningless politically correct platitudes as if parroting cliches was a reall original and intelligent thing to do. /Here’s his first comment:

“Nations are born out of the blood of men. Impyling Gaddafi kept peace is nonsense. If we want to live in a better world we can’t really be supporting such tyrants, even posthumously, as that only desynthesises their actions. ‘All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing'”

Wonder how this pillock feels about the ‘good men’ in Syria who are currently doing something about overthrowing the tyrant Assad by staging public executions in which they behead not Assad supporters but non partisan civilians who have not actively supported the Islamofascist terrorists brave freedom fighters who want to replace Assads secular tyranny with a medievalist theocracy.

Seems to me when the two sides in a conflict are fascist and religious fanatics the best thing good men and civilized nations can do is keep the fuck out of it. Anyone who thinks replacing a ruthless nutter with a bunch of insane nutters is humanitarianism is a nutty as the nuts they want to put into power.

See latest videos posted by Syria’s brave freedom fighters, showing what happens to people who don’t support them.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Another Secret Cancer Cure

One of Little Nicky Machiavelli’s favourite pastimes is helping to kick Big Pharma in the balls. We independent bloggers are like lilliputians taking on the Gulliver sized public relations budgets of corporations that have grown fat by gorging on taxpayers money paid out for “cures” that only alleviate symptoms while creating patients for life.

One of the biggest scams in the healthy industry is cancer. While senational headlines about the “latest breakthrough in the fight against cancer” proliferate, not of these miracle cures ever amount to anything.


Because the last thing the cancer industry wants is a cure for cancer. It would destroy their cash cow. That is why over the decades several promising therapies have been swept under the carpet.

Read of one such theraby here, very cheap, reportedly very effective and very carefully buried by the medical establishment and Big Pharma.

Alternatives In Cancer Therapy – Hydrogen Peroxide

Will it work for someone you know? I don’t know, the idea of a cure – all that will be effective against every cancer is probably a big Pharma fairy tale. Will your doctor ever tell you about it? – no, because nobody is going to make much money out of such a commonplace substance.

Just When You Thought The Threat Of War Had Gone Away

The Mexican standoff in the eastern Mediterranean goes on, with American warships pointing their guns at Syria while Russian, Iranian and Chinese warships point their weapons towards the west and the Syrian navy (a couple of blokes on lilos armed with water pistols) splash about on a beach near Antioch.

Meanwhile elsewhere Barack Obama pursues his arrested adolescent foreign policy of trying to be everybody’s best mate. He even wants the Iranian government to be his new best mates and to that end is trying to negotiate a deal to lift economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for Iran giving up its attempts to develop nuclear weapons.

Three things to be aware of here:

Iran already has nuclear weapons
Iran has weapons more destructive than nuclear devices
A similar deal with North Korea resulted in the North Koreans exploding a nuclear bomb at a test site shortly after the USA announced Fatboy Kim’s government had agreed to give up its nuclear weapons project and sanctions were lifted.

There is another thing too. Iran has lots of oil to sell and lots of money to buy armaments. American armaments manufacturers are pissed off that they can’t sell weapons to Iran while Russia and China are getting all the business.

Now here’s where things get complicated. America’s ally Israel still wants to reduce Iran to rubble. Obama’s new best mates in Iran want to reduce Israel to rubble. Obama is under pressure from the Muslim Brotherhood supporting members of his administration (a hugely disporoportionate number of Obama administration senior officials are Islamists.

America’s pro Israel lobby, AIPAC which stands for something like American Israeli Policy Advisory Committee would could just as easily be named Goldman Sachs political meddling department are not happy that Obama is sucking up to Israel’s biggest enemy.

Here’s what American military news site Veterans News has to say:

‘Robert Satloff, a top AIPAC staffer, warns President Obama today that he either abandon negotiations with Iran (and impose new sanctions) or its war. We will know this week if the lobby (using its owned Members of Congress like Sen. Menendez) can succeed in derailing negotiations and achieving war.

America and Israel are in uncharted waters. Just eight months since President Barack Obama visited Israel on the first foreign trip of his second term in an attempt to patch things up with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the two close allies are at odds once again—this time over a proposed “first step” nuclear agreement with Iran. Washington and Jerusalem eventually will find a way to move beyond this titanic clash, but no kiss-and-make-up effort can erase the scars that will be left behind.

The current crisis is already one of the biggest U.S.-Israel blowups, ever—and it could get worse before it gets better.’

Read full article:

Still thinking war is off the agenda? I think things are more dangerous now than they were back in September.

Typhoon Haiyan Used As An Excuse To Recolonise Philippines By U.S. Government

Experiments in controlling weather as a potential weapon, population control system and for other reasons have been carried on by governments since the early 1950s and despite the insistence of science and big government fans that it is a conspiracy theory, the US government’s HAARP project has been acknowledged. So are suggestions the recent Philippines typhoon Haiyan catastrophe a result of an EMP weather weapon attack feasible?

Follow the link to find out where the world is on Electromagnetic Pulse weapons.

Typhoon Haiyan Used As An Excuse To Recolonise Philippines By U.S. Government

The Bin Laden Death Conspiracy

Little Nicky has always told you he does not believe the official American story of how in May 2011, Barack Obama personally led a team of U S Navy SEALS on a daring raid deep inside a sovereign nation to terminate America’s number one enemy Lex Luthor Magneto The Joker Dick Dastardly Osama Bin Laden.

Aside from the inconvenient detail that , as has been reported in this blog, Bin Laden was already dead and had been for several years there was just too much dodginess about the story.

Well now a Pakistani TV station, Samaa has screened an interview with an eye witness who claims he lived in a property adjacent to the compound where the raid is supposed to have been carried out.

Interesting …

The Truth About Western Humanitarian Intervention In Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan

Just occasionally us truth tellers have to deal with a fully paid up, card carrying member of the idiots union. Yesterday for example, a comment on Little Nicky’s post about Libya sliding towards civil war as a result of the botched intervention by the FUKUS axis attracted a comment from some plank who wanted to tell me it was nonsense to suggest that “Gadaffi kept the peace”. Well it would have been wrong to apply that phrase but regular readers know Little Nicky would never use such a mealy mouthed, limp wristed, wussy, pink knicker wearing phrase.

Gadaffi was a brutal dictator who maintained a kind of order by suppressing brutal, bloodthirsty, fanatical factions who would otherwise been in a state of permanent civil war. Big difference, and the reason why most Libyans wish Gaddafi was still in charge.

Here for the benefit of cliche spouting idiot lefties who think ancient hatreds can be resolved by telling people to join hands and sing Kumbaya, is a snapshot of the “peace” that has reigned in three nations after western intervention removed brutal dictators.

If you are a stupid leftie who wants to tell me how mean and horrible I am for telling the truth about the total failure of Kumbayaism, don’t bother, just fuck the fucking fuck off. I am not interested in anything morons have to say.

The bloody disaster of Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan is laid bare

from Simon Jenkins in The Guardian

‘Forty-three people died on Friday in clashes between militias in Libya, as did 22 on Sunday from bombs in Iraq. In Helmand, a return of the Taliban to power is now confidently expected. Why should we care? Why should it feature on our news?

The answer is that we helped to bring it about. Britain’s three foreign wars in the past decade were uninvited military interventions to topple installed governments. All have ended in disaster.

In each case – Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan – it was easy to see evil in the prevailing regime. These are bad guys that we need to go after, said the Americans. Yet the removal of law and order from a nation is devastating, however cruel that order may have been. Iraqis today repeat that, whatever the ills of Saddam Hussein, under his rule most ordinary citizens and their families could walk the streets at night without fear of murder or kidnap. Religious differences were tolerated. Iraq should have been an oil-rich modern state. Even the Kurds, scourged by Saddam in the past, enjoyed autonomy and relative peace.’

Afghan Speech Signals Soft Coup Has Made Trump A Lame Duck

Libya On The Brink Of Civil War

To those who originally supported the regime change war on libya, because as so many people were eager to say, it was the brainchild of the only ever perfect human being, The Obamessiah, Barack Hussein Obama, whose skin colour render him incapable of being wrong, I say one again, I TOLD YOU SO.

Libya: on the brink of abyss

“The deterioration of the political and security situation in Libya has been worsening throughout the year, stocking fears that the country risks total anarchy and civil war. Violence and instability have increased in parts of the country, while the level of insecurity, particularly in cities such as Tripoli and Benghazi, has worsened. Indeed, a simple survey of headlines such as “Libya: Going wrong”, “Libya on the brink”, “Premier’s brief ‘arrest’ highlights anarchy”, or “Deepening crisis in Libya”, all tell the story of a failing Libya.

The latest violent incident which occurred on November 15, epitomises the gravity of the crisis. In the worst street fighting between one of the revolutionary brigades in Tripoli and residents of the city, at least 32 people were killed and about 400 wounded.

Thanks to the ill advised intervention by the FUKUS axis of evil (France, UK, USA) Libya, without its local tyrant Gaddafi to keep apart the implacable religious fanatics and tribal warlords, rapidly became a failed state, run by paramilitary militias and criminal gangs.

Now it is set to descend into the inevitable bloodbath.

Another triumph for the Obama doctrine, make a speech full of cliches and self adoring banalities, supply weapons and ammunition to the dickheads and strut around telling everyone you are Emperor of the Entire Universe and everything else besides.

But the people who fell for that schtick are the real idiots.

Read more on Libya’s crisis at Al Jazeera: