Don’t Piss Off The Grey Pound

Retailers risk repelling some of their wealthiest customers with excessive and poorly-designed packaging which older people find difficult to open or use, the charity Age UK claims. It says that people over 65 years old spend nearly £100bn a year but half of them struggle to unwrap products or read instructions because the print is too small.

Michelle Mitchell, a director or Age UK, said: “Despite their rising spending power, millions of older consumers face difficulties this Christmas because of the restrictive … read full story: Grey Pound Warns Retailers Not To Piss Off £100bn Market

Serves them right for always sucking up to the fickle little shits (aka the 16 to 24 demographic) who make most noise but rely on Mum and Dad for spending money. Keep your grey pounds in your pockets my fellow oldies, let’s make the bastards squirm.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Piss Off The Grey Pound

  1. Many oldies have have the money to spend. Ignore at your peril, retailers. Great article. I find, as an oldie, the buttons on a mobile phone too small. And, even with my glasses on, struggle to read instructions on package inserts for medicines.


    1. I notice many web sites are using quite small and poorly contrasing type and they do not space the lines widely enough.

      But maybe the print on medicines is small for a reason Rob. If you read it and find out all the possible side effects you’ll never take the stuff.


  2. Yep. I weary of the consumer market and its relentless campaign in targeting youth – many of whom don’t have an income so we know from whose pockets the cash comes flowing.
    I’m not an Oldie yet – got 11 years to go – but more Power to the Legions of Grey. Tell it like it is.


    1. One that get’s me is the music awards, up they come and Trinchy Snyder or Dizzee Rascal or somebody with an equally stupid name has won best selling male artist.

      Truth is Daniel O’ Donnell has outsold them all. I’m not a fan of his but credit to the guy, he sells loads of records. Why does his fans’ money not count?


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