Is ten too young to face criminal justice?

Is the age of criminal responsibility too low at 10 asks a typical bleeding heart? (Are chidren too young for justice at ten) We think it depends on your point of view. If you think children are old enough at ten to know it is very very naughty to torture toddlers and small furry animals then obviously you disagree with the writer. If on the other hand you think every male child has a right to try a bit of rape without having to face legal sanction then you will support the writer and would vote for the age of criminal responsibility to be raised to sixteen. Remember, already the authorities exclude crimes committed by the under sixteens from the “recorded” crime figures.

UPDATED 14:42 Feb12, 2009
Criminal Justice is not the awesome force it once was, far more fearsome are the disciplinary tribunrals convened and overseen by the Politically Correct Thought Police. In the same way as during the witch hunts of the seventeenth century the word of a gentleman was sufficient evidence on which to secure a conviction, now the word of a “right – on” person is sufficient to prove a case “beyond resonable doubt.” The case of a head teacher who referred to female staff as his harem is a good illustration of how mercilessly efficient the Politically Correct Thought Police can be.

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