I Am Not A Number I Am A Human Being

The Guardian’s Jenni Russell, a Labour supporter in the past turns on the party and explains how their failure to win the popularity they expected after their claimed increases in public spending can be explained by the obsession with figures, targets, statistics and management babble. On top of that they made the great mistake of treating the public as stupid, thinking we would happily accept their statistics showing improvement in the NHS when people’s experience is of patients being neglected while clinical staff are prioritizing bureaucratic tasks, why so many children are emerging from the education illiterate and inummerate and even university graduates on entering employment need remedial training in basic literacy and numeracy while examination result statistics show year on year improvement..

Read Jenni Russell’s article New Labour’s Mistake Is In Thinking We Are All Automatoms

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The Folly Of Innovation

Sad to see Andrew Keen who once wrote a book about the sheer awfulness of the internet (The Cult Of The Amateur) now praising the “technological revolution” and talking about how those who have no access to the web will be left behind in the rat race (Is Innovation Fair).

Maybe somebosy paid off Keen. Msybe Little Nicky Machiavelli should write a book about how the internet makes us unable to distinguish between worthwhile content and dross so the dross merchants will pay me to get off their case.

The internet, like a child with ADHD thrives on novelty and noise. Therefore I wonder if it is the 25% in Britain (75% worldwide) who are not wired that will be left behind or wil they continue to develop, profiting from life experience and book learning, while the online community stagnate into a subspecies of twitterers and delusion dwellers?

Just sayin’