A Wellspring Of Hypocrisy

In the last post we looked at how America is shaping up under Obama and saw that blighted nation is more irreconcilibly divided than ever before.

This post looks at an aspect of “The Obama Effect” around the world. All we see is that while third world nations are carrying on exactly as before the west is becoming increasingly more politically correct, that is to say losing its grip on reality.

For example what are we to make of a pladge from G8 leaders that access to clean drinking water will be a basic human right. Are they aware how meaningless this is to people who might have their hands cut off for straying onto a rival tribe’s turf on their way to the well.

Wellspring Of Human Rights

If Only The World Were Fair
Refuse To Kiss Obama’s Ring

How Is America Looking Under Obama>

So as we come up to the anniversary of Barack Obama’s election how is America looking?

Well we will pass over the state of the economy and the disaster that is unemployment. We will even overlook the administrations rather lame assertion that things would have been a lot worse had threy not embarked on an insane spending spree which is laregly responsible for the Dollar’s freefall against other world currencies except the pound which has tracked the American currency all the way up shit creek.

But what about the general mood in America. How is that looking. has the euphoria of the left after the election translated into a mood of general optimism? Well erm… America Is Collectively Insane

Barack Obama Museum Of Creation

How To Rid The Blogosphere Of Online Stalkers

From Malakeas’ idea.

Make this pledge to yourself

My name is XXXXX XXXXXXXXX and I will no longer
tolerate online stalkers.

I will not feed their fire by responding to their comments or posts except in three ways:

1. I will choose to delete their offending comment if I can
2. I will ignore their comments/posts on another blog
3. And then, I will move on.

I will not give them blogging space or another thought for there are many other people here that deserve my energy and attention.

May this blogging community regain its blogging spirit and take back this community from stalkers and claim it as their own.

If you believe this as well, then copy and post this on your blog with your user name.

That is all.

Kudos to RI Thompson for circulating this. Trolls need to be made to understand we have no duty or obligation to give a platform to their views. We are not denying their right of free speech, they can write what the hell they like on their own blogs – and not get read because they are not smart enough to learn how to generate traffic 🙂

The Dollar Is Sinking – Man The Lifeboats

Quite recently, back in August I think, The Daily Stirrer, the publication that Little Nicky Machiavelli does most of his work for now, predicted the demise of the $US as China decided not to buy any more US Treasury bonds and to demand interest payments due on the $2trillion of US bonds they hold in gold bullion rather than cash.

Last week the United States suffered the indignity of having to stand by, powerless as small South East Asian nations including Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong (not acutally a nation but an autonomous province of China) had to step in and buy up billions of dollars that were flooding the world markets in order to protect the value of their own holdings.

Is this another example of the “change” Barack Obama promised?

The old Chinese curse goes, “May you live in interesting times.”

We do, we surely do.

The Dollar Is Sinkng, Man The Lifeboats.