A Day In Death Of New Labour

Liberal Democrat blogger Cicero predicts a lingering death for the Labour Party if either of the Milliband boys or Ed Balls becomes leader. As a party stitch up probably orchestrated by Mandelson has seen to it their will be the only names on the ballot it looks as if the band is already tuning up to play The Red Flag as a funeral march.

The Strange Death of The Labour Party on Cicero’s Songs
Labour Contender Line Up

The Perfect Storm

Before Ian abandoned this blog to set up The Daily Stirrer Little Nicky Machiavelli blogged many times on the instability of the British, European and Global economies. Well with his new friends at the Stirrer Little Nicky’s former alter ego has kept up that fine tradition of spelling out the unpleasant truths.

Read The Perfect Economic Storm which covers events of the past few days and provides an extensive roundup of posts from The Daily Stirrer and other new media warning of exactly what has happened over the course of the global financial crisis.

All the time the increaingly pathetic mainstream media were parroting the message of politicians and bureaucrats who were talking up the illusory economic recovery.

Then They Came For The Bacon Sandwiches and…

If you though a change of government would stop the march of the Politically Correct Thought Police think again. Here’s libertarian blogger Dick Puddlecoat coments on a legal defeat for Heinz that will make sure Tomat Ketchup tastes like baby food in future in That’s Ketchup Tackled, Now For The Bacon Sarnies. The latest campaign of the hand wringing army is to stop us all poioning ourselves by criminalising bacon.

Next they will come for our pies The Literary Lord Nosh

Dr Strangelove’s Secret Bacon Butty Weapon

We must tolerate their prejudice

A writer I have been enjoying recently for the devout libertarianism and fearless controversialism is Anna Raccoon. Today Anna wonders why the Politically Correct Thought Police are always on hand when an English person utters the slightest criticism of the non English but are quite happy to tolerate the overt anti – English bias shouwn by people of other nations against the English.

Vendetta by Anna Racooon

What’s The Effing Point?

A note to Nick Clegg, Vince Cable and all Lib Dem MPs.

What’s the point having three party leaders debates on television and the whole fiasco of the election campaign if, given the chance to do something at last you are going to duck out and let Peter fucking Mandelson pick who gets to be the Prime Minister.

I mean, the Conservatives won, I’m not delighted about that but they won though not by a knockout. So doing a deal that would put a Labour government back in power with the Democratic Unionists, Sinn Fein, Plaid Cymru, SNP and a tree hugger from Brighton all holding guns to their heads for a few weeks until it all falls apart is a betrayal of the electorate isn’t it?

Not to mention poilitical suicide. Get real you self righteous twats.

Labour’s biggest Balls – up yet to come?

I read today that readers of The Currant Bun had show remakable good sense in deciding by a considerable majority that in the even of a hung parliament with Conservatives the largest party the best option would be for David Cameron to try to form a Grand Coalition involving both Lib Dem and Labour members in the cabinet.

We know that will never happen as long as Gordon Brown leads the Labour Party. If Alan Johnson or Alistair Darling, both competent ministers but not Prime Miniter material, could easily step up it might be just what the country needs. A period when party politics is set aside would make solving our problems easier.

What if another Labour leader emerges. One half of “Deadward” Milliband for example, the Thunderbird puppet of the Harry Potter lookalike, or worse Ed Balls.

Well Mr. Bollocks’ chances seem to have taken a nosedive. Guido Fawkes has this story which would no doubt go viral if Balls-up announced he was up for the leadership. Balls Attacked For Expenses Abuses

Great To See Guardian Nu Labour Loonies Falling Out
Election 2010 Roundup
Labour contenders line up