Global Warming – The Secret Of The Pause Revealed

How is it then that while real world data shows no significant increase in global mean temperature for eighteen years, the scientists claim real world data iis not reliable and their mathematical models (with are infallible coz its science FFS) show that global warming is happening much faster that even the most fantstical scientific computer models predicted.

Well I do know how actually, I know because Guido told me. And it the answer will leave you gobsmacked.


2 thoughts on “Global Warming – The Secret Of The Pause Revealed

  1. Changing the way stats such as unemployment figures are measured – or even doctoring the stats themselves – so as to be able to publicise a convenient untruth as truth, used to be the dark domain of politicians… what am I talking about, used to be. Gotta keep the masses on board the good ship utility bill / green taxes scam.


  2. comment posted on by Dennis Lefarr
    There has always been climatic variations and there always will be, For humanity to claim that they are the primary cause is in my opinion incorrect. We undoubtedly contribute to the total effect but we are not the primary cause. As previously stated politicians are ready for us to accept responsibility to enable them to penalise us by imposing restriction and cost’s. The best way to deal with Global warming is for us to make provision so that we can live with it. Dennis


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