Return Of The Food Fascists

My initial feelings about the coalition government were that I wished them well but feared that like their predecessors they would be unable to resist the attractions of control freakery.

I was right to worry.

The Health fascists have been out in force this week. With reports on the dangers of alcohol, meat, salt and obesity published our resistance is being tested. Like Most of you Little Nicky is enjoys a nice steak washed down with a glass of decent wine, a sprinking of salt on our food makes it much more tasty and so what if you are a shade overweight. Tgis blog has always been happy to expose the dodgy ‘science’ and rigged evidence behind theses control freak fear and panic exercises.

Here’s the first in a Daily Stirrer series on the bogus science used to support control freakery.

Acohol Abuse Will Kill 250,000 A Year Unless Governmnt Acts say Control Freak Doctors

Public Sector Fat Cats As Fat As Bankers?

The Daily Stirrer had learned that highest-paid public sector employee last year was the outgoing head of one of the country’s smallest district councils.

54 year old Phil Dolan trousered £569,000 of taxpayers’ money in salary, pension and redundancy payments after accepting a gloden nandshake deal to leave his post as chief executive of South Somerset district council. He is now working as a freelance consultant for other local authorities.

According to our information two more executives at the tiny council also figured in the top public sector fat cat’s list receiving more than £300,000 each in salary, pension and severance payments last year.

It means every resident of the district paid the equivalent of £7 in council tax last year just to fund the three men’s emoluments. This sort of revelation puts into perspective the leftie’s wailing and gnashing of teeth about how the coalition’s spending cuts. No government gets it all righ all the time and the cuts, that are urgent and necessary if the economy is to avoid being drowned in a flood of public secor debt, will no doubt create some injustices.

But if on balance they squeeze out the people in the public secor who have made lucrative careers out of building bureaucratic empires and fleecing the taxpayers then overall they will do us all a favour.

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Eurodebt Threatens Portugal – Inflation Threatens Your Pocket

No good news this wee. Then to cap it all today we hear the latest on inflation. Oh well tht’s goodbye o our savings, pensions and lifestyles.

Meanwhile Portugal looks set to become latest eurozone member to be threatened by speculative attacks in the bond markets as borrowing costs soar

The European Central Bank (E.C.B.) has stepped in to the financial markets to buy Portuguese bonds on Thursday amid growing fears that the eurozone’s rolling crisis is about to claim its third victim.

Policymakers in Frankfurt intervened for the first time in three weeks as borrowing costs on Portugal’s debt remained at a level that proved to be unsustainable for both Greece and Ireland.

Left Bloc, one of the smaller parties in Portugal’s parliament, said on Thursday it would table a motion of no confidence in the minority socialist government.

There is a pattern emerging here. Oo – er we have a coalition government with a minority party whose members are not happy.

Roll on The New World Order.

Drop in UK inflation Is Not Good News
The Office for National Statistics has reported a sharp fall in the Consumer Prices Index – down from 4.8 per cent in November to 4.2 per cent last month – was the sharpest drop in the annual rate since December 2008 when the UK was in recession and VAT was reduced. Government ministers and propagandists will try to talk this up as a sing that the economy is starting to recover. We should be wary however, in the current economic circumstances a drop in inflation, especially one this rapid in what is traditionally the best month of the year for retailers, is not good news …

Economic Doom: Sovereign Debt Leads To Inflation“The bond vigilantes are walking out on Greece, Spain, Portugal, the U.K. and Iceland,” “Unfortunately in the U.S., the bond-market vigilantes are not walking out.” Roubini said during a panel discussion on financial markets at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California. “The thing I worry about is the buildup of sovereign debt,” said Nouriel Roubini, a former adviser to the U.S. Treasury and IMF consultant who in August 2006 predicted a “painful” …

The Debt Threat To Our Way Of Life
Japan’s Triple A credit rating has just been downgraded, that of the USA is looking a long way short of secure.What is going on in the world of finance when economic powerhouses like these are in trouble? Is the continuing financial criis and the threatened meltdown in the bond market just a knock on effect from 2008’s problems or is something bigger going on?

Inflation Tax
Inflation is the cruellest tax, it hits the cautious, prudent and hard working, rewards the feckless, reckless and downright foolish. We have a bout of inflation under way, engineered by governments to reduce their unsdustainable levels of debt incurred in the business of buying otes to stay in power. What will be its effect on ordinary people?

Workers Hit By Wage Cuts As Prices Rise

US Says Obamanomics and Quantitative Easing Is Not To Blame For Food Prices Rising

Ben Bernanke, the head of the US Federal Reserve, yesterday rejected suggestions that the central bank’s policies of deficit spending and printing moneyt are to blame for the rise in global food prices and commodity to record highs that have contributed to political unrest in Egypt and other developing nations.

Little Nicky Machiavelli was warning of food price inflation before Obama was elected so the guys at the Federal Exchange are part right at least.

Mr Bernanke said the rapid rise in living standards in developing economies was behind the increase in food prices, rather than the Fed’s much criticized decision to embark on a second, $600bn (£371bn) round of quantitative easing (effectively printing money by buying in its own bonds). “Clearly what’s happening is not a dollar effect, it’s a growth effect,” Mr Bernanke said in a question and answer session with journalists at the National Press Club in Washington on Thursday.

Well he would say that wouldn’t he?

He is completely wrong of course. By printing money the Obama administration is deliberately trying to recuce the burden of debt their loonyoons public spending programmes have incurred. That is not working however as creditor nations are driving down the value of their currency in parallel with the sinking dollar. The net effect of this is to keep currency exchange rates fairly stable while causing prices of commodities to rocket.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO) has warned that high prices for staple foods and essential minerals, already above levels in 2008 which sparked riots, were likely to rise further.

The FAO measures food prices from an index made up of a basket of key commodities such as wheat, milk, oil and sugar, and is widely watched by economists and politicians around the world as the first …


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