Shock, Horror! Lib Dem Ministers In Coalition Are Thinking For Themselves

It’s rather revealing to see the press united in condemnation of Vince Cable’s confession that he had gone to war with Rupert Moloch Murdoch’s media empire over News International’s attempts to make Sky ( BskyB ) a wholly owned subsidiary.

Not so long ago the media were uniting against Murdoch family empire building plans.

Let’s not forget Murdoch already owns a sizeable chunk of UK print media and has a controlling interest in satellite broadcasting. It was only thanks to Vince Cable earlier this year that News International were blocked from gaining a controlling interest in ITV which under a Labour government led by Murdoch’s best buddy (until he ceased to be useful to The Dirty Digger) Tony Blair.

So the question is do we want to be governed by a coalition of elected MPs or by the most facistic and self interested of corporations headed by a leading member of The Bilderberg Group.

Before the terminally gullible among you reach for the hate keys to tell me there are no such things as conspiracies and the Bilderberg group are not shape shifting lizard men read this.

Elsewhere there are more reports obtained by under cover reporters secretly recording “off the record” conversations revealing that unlike the unthinking automatons who make up most of the Conservative and Labour parliamentary parties, the Lib Dems are actually having heated debates about what needs to be done.

The press are more agitated about the idea of independent minds in government than they are about the failure of public service providers to keep the country moving throughout the cold weather.Obviously the meeja lefties of Fleet Street and Broadcasting House still don’t understand what coalition government means.

Either that or they yearn for a return to the days of New Labour with it’s loonytoons economics and the authoritarianism of the politically correct thought police, the people who made gay rights issues more of a priority than sorting out unemployment, the NHS or the fubar schools system

So far the coalition have given us a mixed bag of results. We would have to grade them fair to middling with a lot of room for improvement. And the Europhilia and enthusiasm for greater integration being displayed is a big worry. But they have made a few steps in the right direction on rolling back the nanny state’s invasion of our wheelie bins, living rooms, kitchens and beds.

Need the NHS suffer because of public spending cuts

One of the big news items today was a claim that the government’s spending cuts would hit NHS front line services.
From BBC News
Government spending cuts will stretch the NHS and social care services in England to the limit, according to a report by the Commons Health Select Committee. The committe of MPs say the plans assume efficiency savings on a scale never before seen in the NHS, or in other countries. Steven Dorrell, chair of the committee, said the NHS had to save 4% per annum for four years – a “huge target”.

Read John de Roe in the Daily Stirrer on how we can make savings on the bnloated NHS budget without sacrificing essential clinical care.
Government Spending Cuts Hit NHS

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Guardian Do Gooders? Oh What Hypocrites.

The Guardian Newspaper has always been one of the noisiest, waily-gnashy-teethyest whingiest moaners and bleaters about the evil rich using perfectly legal tax avoidance arrangements as a means of not paying UK taxes and thus condeming the lower orders to lives of such abject poverty the poor sods have to subsist on thin gruel made from house dust and second hand water, walk around wi’ nobbut one clog to their feet and light their own farts to keep warm in cold weather.

Or so you would think to read the current crop of Guardian commentators.

Imagine our shock at reading this on Guido Fawkes blog:

The Guardian Media Group is one of the shrewdest corporate avoiders of tax in Britain, in 2008 it made a £300 million profit and yet managed to pay no corporation tax, the following year in 2009 it still paid no corporation tax, it uses the offshore Caymans tax haven to own assets, it uses tax efficient trusts and deploys all manner of perfectly legal tax shelter strategies to avoid paying tax.

Meanwhile one of the team read elsewhere that Guardian Media Group’s UK operation lost about £150 million on paper in the last financial year.

And they have the nerve to slag off Lord Ashcroft who at least is not ashamed to admit he’s a greedy, self interested twat.

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Don’t Piss Off The Grey Pound

Retailers risk repelling some of their wealthiest customers with excessive and poorly-designed packaging which older people find difficult to open or use, the charity Age UK claims. It says that people over 65 years old spend nearly £100bn a year but half of them struggle to unwrap products or read instructions because the print is too small.

Michelle Mitchell, a director or Age UK, said: “Despite their rising spending power, millions of older consumers face difficulties this Christmas because of the restrictive … read full story: Grey Pound Warns Retailers Not To Piss Off £100bn Market

Serves them right for always sucking up to the fickle little shits (aka the 16 to 24 demographic) who make most noise but rely on Mum and Dad for spending money. Keep your grey pounds in your pockets my fellow oldies, let’s make the bastards squirm.

Pissed Pensioners
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