Another Afghan Fiasco

The government of the NATO allies are talking about an exit strategy to hand over power and security to the corrupt and dydfunctional Afghan government and abandon the diastrous war in Afghanistan.

’bout time too. Does anybody seriously think though that following a British and American withdrawal the Taliban will not be back in power within three months. And does andbody really think if Obama sends massive reinforcements the Taliban will not just melt away into the hills and villages and bide their time.

Afghanistan 5 Rest Of The World 0

British Troops Will Leave Afghanistan by 2014 Says Defence Minister
Another Effing Fiasco
Harrassed In The Hindu Kush

She Had It All Except A Life

As the political editor of The Observer leaves her job with the quote, “I had it all but I didn’t have a life,” this article at Iain Dale’s Diary blog sums up very briefly how success can diminish our lives as the pressures of work, networking, keeping our skillset up with the bleeding edge and all the bullshit takes over.

Gaby Hinsliff has walked away from her career to get her life back. I almost doed and got mine back as an accidental but beneficial side effect of becoming disabled. I urge everybody however not to set out on tht road signposted “success” unless they are very sure they want to go where it leads.

Have We Forgotten How To Be?