180 Quangos Face The Axe In Coalition Cuts

180 Quangos Face The Axe In Coalition Cuts

Not before time we have a government that is willing to take action to reduce the size of the bloated public sector:

from BBC News:
Proposals to abolish 180 quangos and merge a further 124 have been seen by the BBC’s Politics Show. The Renewables Advisory Board and Museum, Libraries and Archives Council are among taxpayer-funded bodies proposed for abolition.The list, dated 26 August, includes groups linked to all major government departments.

The Cabinet Office has ordered a leak inquiry and says it regrets any “uncertainty” for employees. The list of public bodies up for abolition, mergers or other reforms was included in a letter from Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude to other ministers… read all

also on this story from The Daily Telegraph: 177 Quangos To Be Scrapped

Throughout their years in power Labour used expansion of public sector employment to mask the true level of decline in our industrial and commercial base. This employent policy lies behind the structuraL deficit that is dragging our economy from recession into stagnation and slump. It costs so much to run the country and pay public sector wages, benefits and interest on our debts we do not take in enough revenue from taxes, duties and speeding fines to cover the outgoings so we have to keep borrowing more. Appointing another tax eater does not help grow the economy it helps grow the deficit.

For thirty years under both Conservative and Labour governments, quangos (quasi autonomous national government organisations) have become the personal bureaucratic empires of ‘special advisers’, failed businessmen, academics in search of a pension fund and clapped out government ministers in search of a peerage Sme of these organisations to a good job but most cost a fortune to run and achieve nothing except the creation of lots of paper for the recycling industry to repulp.

If the coalition can dump a few of them it can only be good. And the tax eaters they employ will cost the nation less on the dole.

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The Dementia time bomb

Litle Nicky may have a young outlook but let’s be honest I’m no chicken. This issue is of some interest to me them.

The Daily Stirrer has warned many times of the various time bombs that are ticking in the basement of our bloated society. Forget climate change, it was a diversion, a phishing expedition by scientists and bureaucrats to see how much money they could persuade gullible and fear driven politicians to pump into expensive vanity projects the aim of which was not to save the planet but to win Nobel Prizes and other prestigious awards and “secure a place in history.”

Climate change is a problem but it is not our biggest nor our most urgent.

The biggest problem is overpopulation, solve that and the climate will take care of itself.

Next on the list is ageing. Medical science expects to be thanked for curing or controlling many potentially fatal conditions enabling us to live longer. Unfortunately they have not cracked the problem of age induced infirmity. The burden of caring for the elderly infirm is straining the social infrastructure of developed societies.

from The Daily Telegraph
The £388 billion cost includes that of social care, unpaid care by relatives and the medical bills for treating dementia.

The figure is expected to rise rapidly in the coming years but governments are woefully unprepared to meet the challenge, said the World Alzheimer Report 2010.

Experts at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and King’s College London examined the cost of dementia care and found that, if it was a country, it would be the world’s 18th biggest economy.

And if it was a company, it would be the world’s biggest by annual revenue, way above Wal-Mart (£265.6 billion) and Exxon Mobil (£200 billion).

Campaigners already warned that the costs of caring for people with dementia are on the rise, mostly due to people living longer.

The number of people with dementia will … read more
A HREF=”http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/8015078/Global-cost-of-dementia-almost-400bn.html”>Dementia Costs Equal 1% Of World Economy
In the UK at the moment according to figures quoted in a BBC documentary, The Young Ones, last week one in five of people over seventy needs either full time or part time care. In the 1980s and 90s the elderly infirm, those not able to live independently, were moved to municipal care homes. These were impersonal and bureaucratic so eventually the emphasis was shifted to one on once care in the home. While better for individuals this was enormously expensive for the taxpayers and also distorted the state of the employment situation by vastly expanding the proportion of people employed by the state as against those working in true revenue generating industries.

The nineteenth century social reformer William Cobbett referred in his writing to tax eaters. It is an appelation we would do well to reclaim. Reducing unemployment by appointing vast numbers of tax eaters. To do that is to merely massage the statistics. We are left then with a conundrum for the science lovers to choke on. How do we now stop people living so long they become a burden on society? Or more to the point what is being done to ensure that as people live longer they do not become a burden on society? If half the population are over a million years old and the other half are busy caring for them who is going to grow food, build houses, make machines etc.

Euthanasia is not going to play well with the voters so the only alternative is rather that governments continuing to promote a dependency culture to return to a social system in which people are not given unrealistic expectations.

As humanist philosopher David Hume said: It is better to die at sixty – five while in command of one’s faculties that have a few more years of increasing infirmity.

more on David Hume’s life and philosophy

Listen carefully to the climate change alarmists, pay the same kind of forensic attention to the virus alarmists, the terror alarmists and all the rest. Their scaremongering is always full of might and possibly and could and maybe. Their predictions are based on mathematical models not reality.

The age time bomb is with is now and it is ticking away under the chair on which you are sitting.

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Clegg Tries To Reassure The Liberal Democrats

From BBC News
Nick Clegg will try to reassure Liberal Democrat members unhappy with the coalition, telling the party’s conference it is “the right government for right now”.

from the Daily Telegraph Clegg Warned Against Lib Dem Dictatorship

Thanks to the ill – advised merger of the Liberals with the Social Democrats and the plague of sentimentality that is corroding middle class intelligence the Liberal Democrat party was always going to experience this kind of discomfort. Liberals have no business dabbling in the type of populist authoritarianism embraced by the other parties.

It is fine but empty rhetoric to talk of building a fair society while standing outside the cancer ward of a Chidren’s hospital as Nick Clegg did durng the election campaign. What a pity the location, a place that demonstrates life will never be fair, mocked his words. It is fine but empty rhetoric to talk of tolerance while supporting laws that force us to tolerate the most intolerant extremities of minority and alien cultures. It is fine but empty rhetoric to talk of equality and liberty when the government does not understand the difference between equality and uniformity or liberty and freedom.

One society, one culture. A large society can accomodate many sub – cultures but one unifying principle must be adhered to. SAME RULES APPLY.

Little Nicky Machiavelli has been supportive of the coalition government so far, mainly because it did at least reflect the wish of the voters that one party, one set of interests, chould not be trusted to have overall control of the nation’s destiny.

The Liberal Democrats have shown at their conference they are not in the business of solving problems but instead are intent on spoonfeeding bullshit about fairness to the gullible. If the hand wringers and bleeding hearts of the Lib Dems can’t get their heads round the realities of governing and are prepared to carry out their threat to bring down the coalition the Conservatives could not govern alone and Labour could not form a ruling coaltion.

And if the are not pepared to carry out that threat but fail to support the coalition the party will be reduced to a pointless rump at the next election.

We might end up with David Cameron calling an election and campaigning on the slogan “Apres moi, le deluge.”

The Daily Stirrer – September 2010

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A Bad Case Of Wind In Denmark

Saw this story on the Sunday Telegraph website. Once again it gives Little Nicky Machiavelli a chance to say “I told you so.”

Ill Wind For Denmark’s Green Revolution

Denmark has long been a role model for green activists, but now it has become one of the first countries to turn against the turbines.

To green campaigners, it is windfarm heaven, generating a claimed fifth of its power from wind and praised by British ministers as the model to follow. But amid a growing public backlash, Denmark, the world’s most windfarm-intensive country, is turning against the turbines.

Last month, unnoticed in the UK, Denmark’s giant state-owned power company, Dong Energy, announced that it would abandon future onshore wind farms in the country. “Every time we were building onshore, the public reacts in a negative way and we had a lot of criticism from … more >>>

The Daily Stirrer has reported the failure of the Danish and Spanish green energy experiments a few months ago. Even a fool should have been able to see committing to wind as the nations primary energy sdource was never going to work. Still at least the German and French conventional generators are happy. They are supplyinmg the electricity needs of neighbouring nations.

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Blair’s Revenge Splits Labour

Blair’s Revenge On Brown Splits Labour says The Daily Telegraph gleefully.

The Guardian meanwhile has a story on Blair The Zealot saying his book reveals a seriously dysfunctional mindset.

The sheer brutality of Tony Blair’s attacks on Gordon Brown, which amount to character assassdination threaten to split Labour so deeply the party will sing into another period of internicine conflicts thus consigning itself to the electoral wilderness for a generation.

Published on the day Labour members received their leadership ballot papers, the former prime minister’s detailed and sustained criticism of his successor in his memoir has prompted extreme reactions from former cabinet colleagues.

Some said it risked reopening the conflicts that marred the New Labour era and could be extremely damaging as the party tried to move on from its general election defeat. Figures close to Mr Brown retaliated by accusing Blair of being “delusional.”

read more on Blair – Brown split Labour at The Daily Telegraph

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