Need the NHS suffer because of public spending cuts

One of the big news items today was a claim that the government’s spending cuts would hit NHS front line services.
From BBC News
Government spending cuts will stretch the NHS and social care services in England to the limit, according to a report by the Commons Health Select Committee. The committe of MPs say the plans assume efficiency savings on a scale never before seen in the NHS, or in other countries. Steven Dorrell, chair of the committee, said the NHS had to save 4% per annum for four years – a “huge target”.

Read John de Roe in the Daily Stirrer on how we can make savings on the bnloated NHS budget without sacrificing essential clinical care.
Government Spending Cuts Hit NHS

Flu Deaths Soar To Fifty This Winter – 1/60th of annual average

4 thoughts on “Need the NHS suffer because of public spending cuts

    1. Ciomments. I’ll have to get Ian to do this again.

      Ros, you ask are NHS managers protecting their oen empires. I could not possibly comment because I am a finance manager in local government for a few months more at least so they are colleaugues in a way.

      I was only repeating gossip I heard from a close friend who is a ward sister.


  1. Yes, too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. Ha! Actually, there’s loads of Indians in the NHS and, in my experience, most do a pretty good job.
    But, as you say, the ones holding the reins of power are the ones in the best position to hold onto their jobs while vital workers may well lose theirs.


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