Just When You Thought The Threat Of War Had Gone Away

The Mexican standoff in the eastern Mediterranean goes on, with American warships pointing their guns at Syria while Russian, Iranian and Chinese warships point their weapons towards the west and the Syrian navy (a couple of blokes on lilos armed with water pistols) splash about on a beach near Antioch.

Meanwhile elsewhere Barack Obama pursues his arrested adolescent foreign policy of trying to be everybody’s best mate. He even wants the Iranian government to be his new best mates and to that end is trying to negotiate a deal to lift economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for Iran giving up its attempts to develop nuclear weapons.

Three things to be aware of here:

Iran already has nuclear weapons
Iran has weapons more destructive than nuclear devices
A similar deal with North Korea resulted in the North Koreans exploding a nuclear bomb at a test site shortly after the USA announced Fatboy Kim’s government had agreed to give up its nuclear weapons project and sanctions were lifted.

There is another thing too. Iran has lots of oil to sell and lots of money to buy armaments. American armaments manufacturers are pissed off that they can’t sell weapons to Iran while Russia and China are getting all the business.

Now here’s where things get complicated. America’s ally Israel still wants to reduce Iran to rubble. Obama’s new best mates in Iran want to reduce Israel to rubble. Obama is under pressure from the Muslim Brotherhood supporting members of his administration (a hugely disporoportionate number of Obama administration senior officials are Islamists.

America’s pro Israel lobby, AIPAC which stands for something like American Israeli Policy Advisory Committee would could just as easily be named Goldman Sachs political meddling department are not happy that Obama is sucking up to Israel’s biggest enemy.

Here’s what American military news site Veterans News has to say:

‘Robert Satloff, a top AIPAC staffer, warns President Obama today that he either abandon negotiations with Iran (and impose new sanctions) or its war. We will know this week if the lobby (using its owned Members of Congress like Sen. Menendez) can succeed in derailing negotiations and achieving war.

America and Israel are in uncharted waters. Just eight months since President Barack Obama visited Israel on the first foreign trip of his second term in an attempt to patch things up with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the two close allies are at odds once again—this time over a proposed “first step” nuclear agreement with Iran. Washington and Jerusalem eventually will find a way to move beyond this titanic clash, but no kiss-and-make-up effort can erase the scars that will be left behind.

The current crisis is already one of the biggest U.S.-Israel blowups, ever—and it could get worse before it gets better.’

Read full article:

Still thinking war is off the agenda? I think things are more dangerous now than they were back in September.

2 thoughts on “Just When You Thought The Threat Of War Had Gone Away

  1. Our hick cousins over the water have never been very adept at foreign policy. Remember when they thought it would be a great idea to give those freedom-fighting Muhajadeen lots of weapons and ammo? My enemy’s enemy is my friend even if he’s a bloodthirsty Islamist fanatical bastard.


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