So You Thought The War In Syria Was Over?

There has been so little news coming out of Syria that many people must have been thinking the war was over, assad was still in power and the rebels had taken their ball home because the dictator would not let them have a turn.

Well there has been a news lockdown, I mean the powers that be don’t want us knowing that the battle flotilla of US Navy ships anchored in the eastern Mediterranean withing range of Syria have fired several salvos of missiles in the general direction of Syria but all have been brought down by Russian or Iranian interceptors. Such news might dent the United States’ image of invincibility.

There is some news we do need to hear however and again you will not hear it from mainstream media. Foreign nationals fighting alongside al-Qaeda militants inside Syria have threatened to launch attacks in the United States and Britain as the next stage of their holy war.

In a video posted on PressTV, not the most reliable source but the only one we have, British, American and German nationals fighting for the rebels said the United States and the UK would be the next targets of their militancy.

On May 18, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that militants from 29 different countries are now fighting against the government in different parts of the country.

Another triumph for multiculturalism.

The Syrian Standoff

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