Libya On The Brink Of Civil War

To those who originally supported the regime change war on libya, because as so many people were eager to say, it was the brainchild of the only ever perfect human being, The Obamessiah, Barack Hussein Obama, whose skin colour render him incapable of being wrong, I say one again, I TOLD YOU SO.

Libya: on the brink of abyss

“The deterioration of the political and security situation in Libya has been worsening throughout the year, stocking fears that the country risks total anarchy and civil war. Violence and instability have increased in parts of the country, while the level of insecurity, particularly in cities such as Tripoli and Benghazi, has worsened. Indeed, a simple survey of headlines such as “Libya: Going wrong”, “Libya on the brink”, “Premier’s brief ‘arrest’ highlights anarchy”, or “Deepening crisis in Libya”, all tell the story of a failing Libya.

The latest violent incident which occurred on November 15, epitomises the gravity of the crisis. In the worst street fighting between one of the revolutionary brigades in Tripoli and residents of the city, at least 32 people were killed and about 400 wounded.

Thanks to the ill advised intervention by the FUKUS axis of evil (France, UK, USA) Libya, without its local tyrant Gaddafi to keep apart the implacable religious fanatics and tribal warlords, rapidly became a failed state, run by paramilitary militias and criminal gangs.

Now it is set to descend into the inevitable bloodbath.

Another triumph for the Obama doctrine, make a speech full of cliches and self adoring banalities, supply weapons and ammunition to the dickheads and strut around telling everyone you are Emperor of the Entire Universe and everything else besides.

But the people who fell for that schtick are the real idiots.

Read more on Libya’s crisis at Al Jazeera:

4 thoughts on “Libya On The Brink Of Civil War

  1. Nations are born out of the blood of men. Impyling Gaddafi kept peace is nonsense. If we want to live in a better world we can’t really be supporting such tyrants, even posthumously, as that only desynthesises their actions. “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”


    1. That’s just left wing bollocks. The people who oppose evil bastards like Assad and Gadaffi are even more evil bastards than the ones now in power. Good men never do anything, they just sit and whine, (pretty much like you have above)that’s why evil always wins. Think before you come spouting your politically correct platitudes here because what you have just done is announced your approval of the wholesale slaughter of Syriac Christians and Shi’ite Muslims by Sunni fanatics in Syria, another bloodbath that was only being held back by the brutal regime of Assad. Feel proud of yourself now?

      There’s a reason these places always end up with ruthless dictators in charge. Try reading a bit of history. Or better still, go over to Syria and offer your support to the brave freedom fighters who are trying to establish a brutal theocracy that will implement genocide on all tribes and sects butr their own. Maybe they will let you have a couple of bites of raw human liver as a welcome.


  2. All men are born to be free. If we look at history we will see many nations rise from Civil War.
    “All men are by nature equally free and independent. Such equality is necessary in order to create a free government. All men must be equal to each other in natural law”


    1. Oh FFS grow up and get a grip on reality. The platitudes you spout are meaningless. In all the middle eastern countries where local tyrannies have been deposed (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya) either an American backed Muslim Brotherhood tyranny or a Russian / Chinese backed military dictatorship will eventually rule.

      And the free and independent spirits will be murdered as dissenters.
      Is that wrong? Yes.
      Is that what actually happens? Yes.


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