The Bin Laden Death Conspiracy

Little Nicky has always told you he does not believe the official American story of how in May 2011, Barack Obama personally led a team of U S Navy SEALS on a daring raid deep inside a sovereign nation to terminate America’s number one enemy Lex Luthor Magneto The Joker Dick Dastardly Osama Bin Laden.

Aside from the inconvenient detail that , as has been reported in this blog, Bin Laden was already dead and had been for several years there was just too much dodginess about the story.

Well now a Pakistani TV station, Samaa has screened an interview with an eye witness who claims he lived in a property adjacent to the compound where the raid is supposed to have been carried out.

Interesting …

2 thoughts on “The Bin Laden Death Conspiracy

    1. That story has been repeated by some very relioable sources (including Benazir Bhutto just weeks before she was killed – hmm)
      And there is medical evidence to support it too, Bin Laden was trated in the 1990s for an incurable liver disease.

      We live in a world of decption.


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