Clegg Tries To Reassure The Liberal Democrats

From BBC News
Nick Clegg will try to reassure Liberal Democrat members unhappy with the coalition, telling the party’s conference it is “the right government for right now”.

from the Daily Telegraph Clegg Warned Against Lib Dem Dictatorship

Thanks to the ill – advised merger of the Liberals with the Social Democrats and the plague of sentimentality that is corroding middle class intelligence the Liberal Democrat party was always going to experience this kind of discomfort. Liberals have no business dabbling in the type of populist authoritarianism embraced by the other parties.

It is fine but empty rhetoric to talk of building a fair society while standing outside the cancer ward of a Chidren’s hospital as Nick Clegg did durng the election campaign. What a pity the location, a place that demonstrates life will never be fair, mocked his words. It is fine but empty rhetoric to talk of tolerance while supporting laws that force us to tolerate the most intolerant extremities of minority and alien cultures. It is fine but empty rhetoric to talk of equality and liberty when the government does not understand the difference between equality and uniformity or liberty and freedom.

One society, one culture. A large society can accomodate many sub – cultures but one unifying principle must be adhered to. SAME RULES APPLY.

Little Nicky Machiavelli has been supportive of the coalition government so far, mainly because it did at least reflect the wish of the voters that one party, one set of interests, chould not be trusted to have overall control of the nation’s destiny.

The Liberal Democrats have shown at their conference they are not in the business of solving problems but instead are intent on spoonfeeding bullshit about fairness to the gullible. If the hand wringers and bleeding hearts of the Lib Dems can’t get their heads round the realities of governing and are prepared to carry out their threat to bring down the coalition the Conservatives could not govern alone and Labour could not form a ruling coaltion.

And if the are not pepared to carry out that threat but fail to support the coalition the party will be reduced to a pointless rump at the next election.

We might end up with David Cameron calling an election and campaigning on the slogan “Apres moi, le deluge.”

The Daily Stirrer – September 2010

Equalities Bill Discriminates Against Everybody Equally

Liberal Dilemmas

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