A Bad Case Of Wind In Denmark

Saw this story on the Sunday Telegraph website. Once again it gives Little Nicky Machiavelli a chance to say “I told you so.”

Ill Wind For Denmark’s Green Revolution

Denmark has long been a role model for green activists, but now it has become one of the first countries to turn against the turbines.

To green campaigners, it is windfarm heaven, generating a claimed fifth of its power from wind and praised by British ministers as the model to follow. But amid a growing public backlash, Denmark, the world’s most windfarm-intensive country, is turning against the turbines.

Last month, unnoticed in the UK, Denmark’s giant state-owned power company, Dong Energy, announced that it would abandon future onshore wind farms in the country. “Every time we were building onshore, the public reacts in a negative way and we had a lot of criticism from … more >>>

The Daily Stirrer has reported the failure of the Danish and Spanish green energy experiments a few months ago. Even a fool should have been able to see committing to wind as the nations primary energy sdource was never going to work. Still at least the German and French conventional generators are happy. They are supplyinmg the electricity needs of neighbouring nations.

Climate Change Sacred Cows

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5 thoughts on “A Bad Case Of Wind In Denmark

  1. Never been fond of these windmills. Cost a fortune to put up–do they even recoup their losses? Are they really worth their weight in gold.

    I know they’re damn ugly blots on the landscape.


    1. Not only are they ugly, they do a lot of environmental damage in the uplans that are the best onshore sites and to the seabed in the case of offshore sites (often fishing areas or fish breeding grounds)


    1. Good one šŸ˜€

      I’ve always said tide and ocean current are the best ways of generating truly clean, reliable power supplies from nature. Great to see the schemes currently being built around Scotland to harness those sources. I used to think solar was realistic too until I started reading up on some of the problems.

      It’s fine in the Sahara, South West USA and southern Spain but not much good where most electricity gets used.


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