180 Quangos Face The Axe In Coalition Cuts

180 Quangos Face The Axe In Coalition Cuts

Not before time we have a government that is willing to take action to reduce the size of the bloated public sector:

from BBC News:
Proposals to abolish 180 quangos and merge a further 124 have been seen by the BBC’s Politics Show. The Renewables Advisory Board and Museum, Libraries and Archives Council are among taxpayer-funded bodies proposed for abolition.The list, dated 26 August, includes groups linked to all major government departments.

The Cabinet Office has ordered a leak inquiry and says it regrets any “uncertainty” for employees. The list of public bodies up for abolition, mergers or other reforms was included in a letter from Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude to other ministers… read all

also on this story from The Daily Telegraph: 177 Quangos To Be Scrapped

Throughout their years in power Labour used expansion of public sector employment to mask the true level of decline in our industrial and commercial base. This employent policy lies behind the structuraL deficit that is dragging our economy from recession into stagnation and slump. It costs so much to run the country and pay public sector wages, benefits and interest on our debts we do not take in enough revenue from taxes, duties and speeding fines to cover the outgoings so we have to keep borrowing more. Appointing another tax eater does not help grow the economy it helps grow the deficit.

For thirty years under both Conservative and Labour governments, quangos (quasi autonomous national government organisations) have become the personal bureaucratic empires of ‘special advisers’, failed businessmen, academics in search of a pension fund and clapped out government ministers in search of a peerage Sme of these organisations to a good job but most cost a fortune to run and achieve nothing except the creation of lots of paper for the recycling industry to repulp.

If the coalition can dump a few of them it can only be good. And the tax eaters they employ will cost the nation less on the dole.

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