Blair’s Revenge Splits Labour

Blair’s Revenge On Brown Splits Labour says The Daily Telegraph gleefully.

The Guardian meanwhile has a story on Blair The Zealot saying his book reveals a seriously dysfunctional mindset.

The sheer brutality of Tony Blair’s attacks on Gordon Brown, which amount to character assassdination threaten to split Labour so deeply the party will sing into another period of internicine conflicts thus consigning itself to the electoral wilderness for a generation.

Published on the day Labour members received their leadership ballot papers, the former prime minister’s detailed and sustained criticism of his successor in his memoir has prompted extreme reactions from former cabinet colleagues.

Some said it risked reopening the conflicts that marred the New Labour era and could be extremely damaging as the party tried to move on from its general election defeat. Figures close to Mr Brown retaliated by accusing Blair of being “delusional.”

read more on Blair – Brown split Labour at The Daily Telegraph

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4 thoughts on “Blair’s Revenge Splits Labour

  1. Indeed. Lord Prescott (He who coined the phrase: “Shag with Labour”), has said the same. He’s right for once–Labour is in a mess.

    I shall be posting on Blair when excerpts from his book are serialised. Seems Blair was an egomaniac and a dangerous snake to deal with.


  2. I watched Tony Blair’s interview on Wednesday with Andrew Marr, and listened to his interview with Richard Bacon on Radio Five yesterday. I get the feeling from these interviews that the right wing media are being very selective with which quotes from the book they choose to analyse. Blair seemed to have more positive than negative things to say about Gordan Brown, but this seems to be being ignored.


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