Swine Flu Vaccine – Just Say No

It is not often we agree with The Daily Mail or The Mail On Sunday but they are right on the Swine Flu vaccine story. Technically we are not agreeing with them (phew !!!!) as we had the vaccine danger story over at The Daily Stirrer yesterday and have been running regular updates on it for several months. Follow the link at our Daily Stirrer Just-Say-No article and you will find a page run by medical professionals featuring articles on why not just Swine Flu but many vaccines should not be trusted.

The problem, which relates to how the vaccines stimulate the auto-immune system to go hyper in response to a very weak dose of vaccine, is explained thoroughly in a level headed and professional way. How different to the attitude of the boy-scientists who have visited Little Nicky Machiavelli in the past when we have questioned the integrity of the healthcare industry and whose defence of suspect medical products consists of telling us we cannot possibly understand a scientific issue because we are not scientists.

In all these cases however, the science is not the point at issue. IT’S THE MONEY. And we can all understand that.

So when the government is telling you that your family must be vaccinated with a potentially lethal vaccine against a disease that will in most cases be very mild, when the Government is muttering darkly about making it a criminal offence to refuse a vaccine which in a Swine Flue epidemic in the USA in 1975 actually killed more people than he Swine Flu infection, just THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY those New Labour donors in the Pharmaceutical Industry stand to make out of vaccinating us all. And the tell Mr. Brown and his cronies to fuck off.

How seriously should we take scientists? Recent posts at Boggart Blog, including Crocodile Snack Science offer a big clue.


8 thoughts on “Swine Flu Vaccine – Just Say No

  1. My mate back in the first gulf war. refused his jabs. and got threatened and nearly charged. he stuck to his guns and refused. it ruined any chance of promotion. but out of 10 of his unit he was the only one not to get gulf war syndrome…!!!!!!!. the government states that GWS was not caused in any way my the jabs and pills that they made the troops take.

    So no I wont be having any Flu jab thank you.


    1. I wrote this about the planned forcing of statins on the population – but it equally applies to this vaccine and Tamiflu debacle.


      The Sheep Pharma.

      Hello Mr Minister we’ve got a deal to do
      it’s a way to help the country
      and a fair old whack for you
      and we don’t mind admitting
      that we’ll make a quid or two.
      We’ve overstocked on tablets by a ton or two
      let’s off load em on the country
      but the plan depends on you
      Sit down and have a drink
      and I’ll tell you what we”ll do.

      Blood pressure is a terrible thing,
      scourge of the modern man
      who can save you from an exploding head?
      The caring government can.
      We insist you take these tablets and
      shove them down your neck,
      it’s for the best you won’t have to rest
      and you won’t be a nervous wreck.

      See we push em as a saving grace,
      and also make it illegal
      for over fifties not to take to take em,
      even the monarch so regal.
      We’ll rake it in and even better
      it helps you stay in power,
      cause these tablets won’t just
      keep their pressure down
      but tranquilize the entire shower.

      The UK will once again
      be a green and pleasant land
      with the UK sheep walking fast asleep
      and grazing right out of your hand.


  2. I can see my looming jail sentence lengthening…

    I already declared taht I refuse to allow the govt and/or private companies to take ‘n log my biomentric data.

    “I refuse to accept your fascist biometrics scheme. I angrily reject any plots you try in an attempt to force it upon me. You have no authority over me. Who the hell do you think you are? I know who you are. you’re Hitler’s missing gonad. Zeig Heil – NOT.” – I wrote to identity and passport service.

    Of late, I’ve been sticking the V’s up about this potential nightmare of a so called ‘Vaccine’. And prengnant women are to be the first to get it. How damn messed up is that??? When disasters strike people often look back and say ‘that was always an issue that should have been spotted’ etc. Well for heavens sake, lets bloody well act on it BEFORE (potential)disaster strikes.

    Great to see you writing again here Ian. You went quiet for a while so I didn’t drop by regularly. I miss your posts. Many of my fave bloggers are quiet these days 😦

    lwtc247 -on-wordpress


  3. But Nicky, we both know that when you posted before about the Omnibus Vaccine Hearings in the US, you we’re bullshitting.

    Almost everything you said was an outright fabrication.

    Is there any reason to think you’re any less clueleess now?


    1. hello Seanie you insignificant piece of shit. Still peddling the lies of big pharma and promoting their poisonous vaccines and propaganda I see. Well I told the truth, your contributions on behalf of Big Pharma were fabrications. But you are so stupid you probably don’t understand the difference between truth and fantasy.

      You want evidence Seanie. You guys say you like evidence, funny how you’re not so keen on evidence that demolishes your prejudices Another Autism Case Wins In VAccine Court Not so keen on that kind of evidence are you Seanie?

      What’s your problem now about my reports of the US Omnibus Vaccine Hearings. Are you trying to say big pharma are not paying out multi-millions dollar settlements to the children they poisoned Seanie? Because for your information it is a matter of public record they are. So why are they paying if I lied Seanie. Why are they parting with millions of dollars to compensate these poor kids whose lives they wrecked Seanie if they are blameless as you are trying to suggest? From the goodness of their hearts? I very much doubt that.

      You never knew how to read legalese did you Seanie. Multi million dollar settlements Seanie. They are being paid now Seanie. More judgements are being awarded every week Seaney against the child poisoners of Big Pharma. OK the class action was defeated but you see that does not preclude indiviidual cases being pursued Seanie. And the individual cases will clog the courts for years. And each one will reveal more truth about the corruption and greed of Big Pharma and self serving nature of medical scientists who work for them Seaney

      Read this from Huffington Post: Looks like the game is up for the murdering little cunts of medical science Seanie. The bastion they built is crumbling Seanie, the facade of lies has been breached. Peer reviewed academic papers my arse. The bastards that write most of those would sell their infant daughters into prostitution for the price of a drink Seanie. Een that Bilious Bacterium Goildacre has been stretched on the rack of truth and forced to admit his beloved “peer reviewed papers” are not even good for wiping shitty arses.

      Read the article I linked and you will find that the U.S. Vaccine Court has returned 1300 guilty verdicts in cases where vaccine has reslted in brain damage. 1300, One thousand three hundred, that’s a lot of evidence to set against your theories and academic peer reviews written by the authors best mate Seanie.

      Mainstream media are not going to report it, the same money and political interests that profitS from Big Pharma’s crimes controlS the media. But there are a lot of us getting the news out Seanie. A lot of us reporting the FACTS, telling the TRUTH.

      So when you are out of a job and nobody will employ you even as a shelf stacker, because of your track record as an advocate of mass murder, do think of me as you tuck yourself up in a cardboard box under the railway arches.

      BTW Seanie, why don’t you get a proper name, what kind of an effing name is Seanie? You sound like some kid whose brain has been damaged by one of the vaccines you are so fond of.


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