Jaqui Smith Prosecution? This Is Interesting

Did you think the MPs dodgy expenses scandal had been quietly swept under the carpet, that the Labour miscreants would quietly be allowed to keep their second homes while the Tories were not made to throw the shit back in their moats.

Well no, thanks to the official Shit Stirrer Pursuivant Guido Fawkes there is a genuine hope that theworst offenders will be prosecuted. It will probably not result in MPs going to jail but as Guido says it will put the scandal back on front pages throughout the run up to the election.

To find out exactly what’s going on read the latest news from Guido Update On Jaqui Smith Prosecution at Guido Fawkes blog

2 thoughts on “Jaqui Smith Prosecution? This Is Interesting

  1. I am still astounded that they can squander taxpayers money in this way, when today it was announced that nurses, policemen and social workers are going to have thier pensions slashed by at least a third, because they are short of cash!!!!

    Double standards or what???


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