Charity begins at home

Following news of the superphilanthropists big givaways to charity LITTLE NICKY has sussed the scam.
Read his comments on the blog The Welfare State We’re In at the Adam Smith Institute blog.

(We’re taking the fight to them in their own backyards Shazza my pulchritudinous prole friend)

2 thoughts on “Charity begins at home

  1. Hi Ian
    Yes and no: I have become a full time online trader, selling stuff on a NZ auction site TradeMe. Sometimes I use eBay, but find it very expensive to be a seller.

    I’ve just read about the Welfare State and with 3 elderly aunts, in residential homes feel that I have some knowledge of these places. The homes for the elderly in NZ are not state owned; they’re privately owned but fees of $700 + per week for the elderly are topped up by the government.

    Elder abuse is alive and well in most NZ residential homes for the elderly. We moved mother-in-law when we found her arms and legs covered in bruises and cuts, a home in which swarms of minor strokes robbed her of intelligible speech. We got nowhere when we complained to management. In the new home during the last few months, all bruising and strokes have stopped and mother-in-law is smiling and happy.


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