When will Blair start acting like a man

Twice in two weeks the insignificant piece of shit (a fave phrase of bigtime “Christian” George W Bush accoring to my Texan friend)who calls himself our Prime Minister has caved in before American demands and committed great injustices against British citizens.
First the Natwest Three were extradited to the U.S.A. under a treaty that has not been and will never be ratified by the U.S. Government, to face trumped up charges that will serve the purpose of letting spin docors suggest the Enron collapse was engineered by perfidious Albion (the bankers will probably be brought to court made up to look like Alan Rickman or Donald Pleasance) and was not a totally domestic fraud carried out by crooked American businessmen with the collusion of a crooked American government. These three were sent to America for trial having broken no UK laws and having only broken American laws while in the UK where, to the best of my knowledge, American law has no jurisdiction.
Now an executive of the small online betting firm BetonSport has been handed over to face American justice because he took bets online from American thus involving himself in illegal gambling and racketeering. Now lets be clear about this. The Bets were taken in the UK from Americans who contacted BetonSport. Again no British laws were Broken and any transgressions against American law occurred outside the jurisdiction of American law.

So why is that lily livered wimp in Downing Street not standing up to these blustering bullies. Maybe he thinks if he kisses pal Georgie’s arse enough times then Georgie will help him get a job as General Secretary of the United Nations.

Blair lost touch with reality a long time ago so he will not have considered that the appointment of a traitor, war criminal and known neocon sychophant to such a position would be vetoed by Russia, China and France.

Tough shit Tony.

One thought on “When will Blair start acting like a man

  1. it’s time poodle blair fucked off. What he is doing to the citizens is horrendous. whatever happened to saying “yo, Dubya, fuck off and leave my people alone?” but nooo, he is sooo eager to join the KKK that he would sell his mother to do it!


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