Hoodies are people too.

So the somersault is turned and with an allez and an oop – la to the smell of the greaspaint and the roar of the crowd, The Flying Parliamentarian Bothers have passed each other in mid air and exchanged positions totally. And while Blair talks tough on crime and the causes of crime Cameron advocates care and compassion towards those who might be planning to kick an old lady to death for her pension. Well we should not be hard on the little cherubs, after all they might come from poor backgrounds or dysfunctional families. Hoodies are human and will respond to love and compassion goes the Cameron line.

Now on most issues Little Nicky M. is well to the left of Lenin and Marx but he knows that if we are to have a just, egalitarian and inclusive society we must ensure that everybody who wants to live in that society must respect the person and social privileges of others. Privileges like being able to walk down the street without being intimidated by gangs of youths who hide their identities under floppy hoods.

Respect first, then compassion will follow says Nicky.

But we must not forget that it is a Conservative leader who is pleading for understanding and tolerance of the disillusioned young. And so is this political manoeuvre not a little hypocritical when we remember that the creator of a society in which parents were encouraged to abandon their kids to the tender mercies of the street culture while those parents worked 25/8 to pay off unfeasibly large mortgages on rather shoddy and inadequate little homes was the leading light of modern conservatism?

Twenty years ago, in a previous incarnation as Armytage Shanks, the man who puts the BIZ in ShowBiz, Nicky was arguing that the fostering of an obsession for owning property was a kind of quasi – religious scam. Just as the people who suffered poverty and deprivation in the Industrial Revolution were encouraged to believe in God so they would be happy when they were dead so the modern corporate class are encouraged to believe in the housing market and the promise they will be rich when they are dead.

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