Is Barak Obama a Legitimate Candidate

An interesting rumour circulating on American political blogs questions whether Bsrak Obama is legally qualified to be President. If there is any substance in this it will be very embarrassing for The Democrats.
Obama not a legitimate candidate?
We wait further new with baited breath.

But other political bloggers are suggesting more nasties are waiting to jump out and bite Little Black Barak’s arse.

Liposuction – the key to energy independence
A novel solution to the enegy shortage

Raw Story – The Coming War.
Following on from something we reported on Friday

And don’t forget the funnies blog on the web: Boggart Blog

5 thoughts on “Is Barak Obama a Legitimate Candidate

  1. Read in the Graunaid today that Obama’s candidacy is bringing the racists out from under their rocks! I won’t repeat the crap they were spouting, but lets just say it referred to the paint job of the President’s house.

    I’ll try to appear surprised at this revelation that America is still quite racist! 8|


    1. Its going to get a lot worse.

      But poor Obama is blundering regularly now, and after running a sexist campaign against Hillary he now finds many of her supporters turning on him.


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