Labour Invites You To Seduce Yourselves

In an interview with Progress magazine Andy Burnham, Culture Secretary in Gordon Brown’s Government warned voters not to be seduced by The Cameron Conservatives talk of how liberal and cuddly the Tories have become.
Burnham then went on to remind us of attacks on civil liberties that were every bit as illiberal as things New Labour are doing and that were enacted during the eighteen years of Tory misrule.

Seduced by the Tories eh? Hang on, Andy Burnham is a supporter of New Labour, the party that removed all constraints from the Finance industry and invited us to seduce ourselves with the idea that we could all become millionaire property developers by selling ourselves our own houses. Labour is the party that told us run down inner cities could be regenerated by building supercasinos and opening lap dancing clubs. Labour is the party that turned government job centres into recruiting services for pimps and ponces by making managers advertise jobs in the sex industry (with the tacit threat that anybody turning down interviews for such jobs could lose benefits.
Labour is the party that relaxed licensing laws to allow supermarkets to sell cheap booze seven days a week and now castigates those who buy it in order to seek a temporary respite from the living hell that three terms of Labour government have of Britain.

Don’t be seduced by the Tories, New Labour will be happy to carry on raping you.

Apology wanted from Andy Burnham

Jack Straw is Caligula I had him down for Claudius myself.

Taking The Food Crisis Personally Is vegetarianism the only way to save the world. Not if cranks like this guy are the best advocates of a meat free diet.

2 thoughts on “Labour Invites You To Seduce Yourselves

    1. Well he certainly things right wing Tory Dave Davies and left wing civil rights campaigner Shami Chakrabati are – although its had to imagine a more unlikely pairing.

      Except maybe John Prescott and … well anybody really.


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