The Rumour That Will Not Go Away

Who Started the Obama is a Muslim story? It is turning into one of those rumours that just will not go away. It sticks to the Democrats candidate like a bad smell.

Technically speaking of course B.O. is a Muslim even if he was never introduced to the faith and has never shown any interest in it. Just as Jewish blood is passed down through the maternal line, Islam is passed through the paternal line so as Brak Obama Snr. was a Muslim his son is too, technically speaking. In the same way the daughter of an atheist mother whose mother was also atheist is still technically Jewish if there is a Jewish woman way back in the line somewhere.

This is why Orthodox Jewish families have such a big issue with sons “marrying out.” If the daughter marries a Christian, atheist, Hindu, Muslim or whatever, her children are still Jewish and her daughter’s children will still be Jewish. If the son marries a non jew, the line is severed.

Its the opposte way round in Islam.

So the nasty smell of rumour will keep following B.O. around until he confronts the issue and finds a Rabbi who supports the Democrats to help him explain the situation.

Down in the Bible Belt states of course, all the explaining in the world will not change the fact that he’s black.

7 thoughts on “The Rumour That Will Not Go Away

    1. We are all a bit of a mix. In America there are a minority who take such things very seriously though.

      For example my very slight touch of the tarbrush would, in society of the haughtiest particularity down in the deep South, allow me to be your dancing partner but disqualify me from marrying you.

      I guess that comes as a great relief 😀


      1. Paul,
        He’s right too. My wife who’s been lapsed for most of her life still gets reminded “once a Catholic, always a Catholic.”
        Its easier to leave the Scientologists.


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