Benefit Scrounging Scum and the craziness of the system

You might think a blogger who chooses the pen name Benefit Scrounging Scum would be a cloven hoofed, pointy tailed troglodyte who supports tax free status for the rich.

But you would be wrong. I look in occasionally and find well reasoned articles highlighting the craziness of the system that disabled people have to deal with.

Like “why can breast enhancement be had on the NHS while those with genuine need are denied a motorised wheelchair

I like people who are prepared to be provocative, even if their opinions are not always in line with mine. On the subject of giving free boob jobs to women whose depression and low selof esteem is due to their flat chest, the blogger and I are entirely in accord. Its bloody stupid.


12 thoughts on “Benefit Scrounging Scum and the craziness of the system

    1. Well I esteem you highly.

      Oh, I had fan mail from the Radio show you declined coz you did not think you coyld make a decent contribution. So now I’m trying to think of an idea that will amount to an offer you can’t refuse. I will get your self esteem up young lady, I WILL.


  1. Hello! Thanks for sayin’ nice things about me 🙂 The whole benefit scrounging scum thing is a fairly major statement, but its partly ironic and partly a comment on the way it feels to have to rely on state benefits and be judged for that these days, Bendy Girl


    1. Its a pleasure bendygirl. Having been on the worng side of the bureaucratic system myself I know where you are coming from. Ten years ago, while trying to cope with having been made hemipolaegic by a brain haemorrhage and having leaned that I must register for incapacity benefit to get other entitlements, my application was turned down with the curt comment, you should register for work at your local jobcentre and apply for jobseekers allowance. I was still in hospital and wiping my own arse was a hazardous adventure. Its effing great innit?

      I’ll keep your mail on file because at the moment I am bogged down with other stuff and an absolute bastard of a shoulder, but in the near future I’ll be doing interesting things you might like to be part of, or might just wish to take advantage of an offer to shameslessly promote yourself through the project.


  2. Thanks Ian. It is indeed great. Did they then turn you down for jobseekers cos you weren’t fit to seek work by any chance?
    Interesting things sound, well interesting, and I’m sure I’d love to shamelessly self promote. I still feel quite new to this blogging thing really!
    Sorry to hear you’re suffering with your shoulder, mine go all the time so you have my sympathy! I hope it settles down soon, take care Bendy Girl


  3. I feel much the same about multiple cycles of IVF on the NHS while so many lifesaving drugs are on ration. Having children is a privilege (or a burden) – not a human right, however distressing the lack of fertility may be. But being childless isn’t nearly as tough as dying of cancer in mid-life for instance.

    Did you feel you were in a Kafka novel during your brushes with the “welfare” state? In my only encounter, there seemed to be an endless circle of catch-22 conditions, each of which was unachievable on its own and therefore, they didn’t have to give me any help. Result!


    1. You’re thinking of The Trial aren’t you? No I did not feel I was in that story, the world it portrays is rational and straighforward compared with the benefit system 😀


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