Eugenics my arse

Little Nicky felt like a few days off but is back this week.

Thanks to my chums at Boggart Blog for their support when, while I was on R & R, someone came in with a stupid, fatuous comment accusing me of advocating eugenics simply because Isuggested some people should not be allowed to breed. Eugenics my arse.

Regular readers and friends get it of course but visitors to this blog should tread warily, it is full of traps and snares for people who think they are smartarses but really lack comprehension skills and a sense of humour.

Read this at Boggart Blog,

7 thoughts on “Eugenics my arse

  1. Ok, for the sake of my delicate self-worth, I had better tread very very carefully. I hope you won’t bite too hard if I inadvertently miss the joke though, it will hurt, I am but a naive and tender soul.


    1. I was not thinking of you chassy, but certain visitors who look in now and then and tell me off for not treating things as seriously as they think I should.

      They accuse me of being a wind up merchant. But winding people like them up is my job.


    1. Eugenics is not an evil thing in itself. Some people are suggesting it relates to elimination of certain ethnicities, but that was a Nazi thing – they believed being non-blonde was a genetic defect.
      I was not suggesting anything related to eugenics though, simply making a tongue in cheek but very provocative remark. The person who fell for it suffers from the genetic defect that makes people take themselves too seriously.
      Thanks for your comment – please visit again.


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