The Modern Mystic defined

I don’t suppose anybody noticed but I have been a bit pissed off with “scientists” recently. Now you may think this is strange for somebody who did very well in the computers and communications industry, but really I still find scientific enquiry fascinating. No, the people who piss me off are the people who proclaim themselves “scientists” as if this indicates they are all wise and must never be questioned. People who cling to their certainties as tightly as evangelical Christians cling to their dogma.
People like the guys (there don’t seem to be any girls – are we surprised?) who hand around the cultish Bad Science Forum and their spiritual leader Ben Goldacre.

What have they done to me? Nothing, what could such people do to me? They are just so smug, so arrogant, so utterly lacking in imagination and so smitten with tunnel vision they piss me off. Oh and there is the small matter of their commenting on my posts and when I respnd they then reply to the answer they expected me to give rather than the one I gave.

So I was delighted to see one of my fave US blogs, The Huffington Post has given a regular spot to a modern mystic. This lady is worth reading if you are open minded and like to see the big picture.

6 thoughts on “The Modern Mystic defined

  1. Minds, like parachutes, should remain open, etc.

    Scientists get my goat too. I want to know EVERYTHING and I’d rather examine everything and not miss something because I’d ruled it out as being implausible.

    After all, if it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, then it might be a dinosaur.


    1. I’ve got more for them, (including some teasing thoughts on crop circles) this one was just about keeping the blog moving during my quiet time. A few days without new posts and you start to slide down the Google listings.

      Cynical, me? As if 🙂


      1. Aha! See how ignorant I am of the ways of the world? It would never occured to me to wonder for a minute if I was in the Google lisings, let alone where I was!

        Pardon my stupidity, but what difference does it make?


      2. What difference?

        Well as soon as I put it online, Greenteeth Labyrinth will be fed by both Boggart Blog and Machiavelli. The Labyrinth will be the site for serious readers so it needs a good page rank to get the high positions in the listings.

        And despite all the twaddle about quality content and contextual links, Google likes quantity – new poists, new links. So it responds to new content and if a web page (particularly a blog) goes stagnant for 48 hours or more it starts to slide. Sometimes therefore my posts may seem pointless and irrelevant but they are actually saying to Google “hey, I’m not dead.” Thus the page gets reindexed – and on a good day I get around two thousand hits.

        You get indexed because you are linked from my page so when I index, the crawler follows every link and indexes all the pages I link to.

        Search Engine listing complicated, this is why I have two heads (like Worzel Gummidge).

        I just checked and you have 2110 listed entries. And you are the Number 1 sallyontour (very possibly the only sallyontour 🙂 See, you are more famous that you ever thought. No point googling me, you just get lots of stuff about swimming and big feet.

        How hard to work on traffic getting depends really on whether we want lots of hits or are just looking for a bit of social interaction. As Greeteeth Labyrinth will be about selling books, CDs, downloads, artwork etc. obviously I want lots of hits.

        Hope I have not given you a headache with that. Its not exactly scintillating stuff.



      3. Phew, well now I know, thanks.

        I’m only a social blogger so it’s not really important to me.

        However I shall make sure I hit on you lots if that’s what you want!



      4. Nah, I’m not into S&M. But when I do put up the front page to Greenteeth, which is the key that unlocks the labyrinth, you can sell your music or art or whatever there.

        I’m off to look at a UFO investigation site that I’m told will silence sceptics forever (I’m not sceptical, having seen two) It looks interesting. I’ll report back.


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