In Support of Pope Benny

Was the DOPE (Dear Old Pater Ecclisiasticus) right to say what he did about Islam?
Resoundingly yes, bearing in mind it is only his opinion.
Quite recently we were involved in fighting off a “Religious Hatred” law which, had it been allowed to become law without amendment, would have made it a punishable offence to say anything about any religion which was deemed to be offensive by anybody who happened to hear it.
The Poe’s remarks were made to an audience of German academics, not broadcast through mass media. It is the news corporations that have broadcast the remarks.
In the last two weeks Little Nicky’s alter ego has faced down attempts to have him removed from an American website for criticising Christian fundamentalism. All religions would like to use the law to place themselves above criticism but if we allow them to you will see cilil liberty disappearing over the horizon with its arse on fire.
Nothing is above criticism – we should only draw the line at inciting people to commit violent acts against members of a religion, sect, ethnic group or any other minority.
But what group are most prone to offending against that particular ethic?
Preachers, that’s who.

SAME RULES APPLY. If you want free speech to criticise anybody you have to be prepared to accept criticism. Sorry if that offends your God but remember,
“I count religion but a childish toy,
and hold there is no sin but ignorance.”

5 thoughts on “In Support of Pope Benny

    1. Some people would like a world in which we could only talk about our own religion, or own nation, our own political party (Manchester United fans have much the same attitude to football.)
      In the case of religion though, the concept of blasphemy would make it imposdibe ever to criticise the hierarchy.


  1. The one thing everyone seems to be missing on this story is this – the pope either made a mistake by not realising the effect his comments would cause (which is in effect what he has said) or he knew it would cause this effect and his subsequent apology is itself a mistake. Whichever way you look at it the Pope has made a mistake of some sort. Which means he isn’t infallible. Which according to the Catholic religion must mean he isn’t the Pope – because it is the definition of the Pope that he is God’s representative on Earth and is infallible and cannot ever make a mistake.

    Seems like this is more of a problem for the Catholic church than the Islamic religion.


  2. The media is responsible for fuelling religious etremissm. they know the way they report certain things will cause particular reactions, whether from christian or Islamic extremists. They revel in having some nutter calling for the pope to be executed, although if the same nutter quoted some obscure scholar purpoting chritianity to have brought nothing but evil and murder, i wonder what would happen.

    All religion should be banned. fullstop. Let’s try to live without the DOPE and Mullahs abd see the world become better;)


  3. I totally agree!

    I feel this freedom of speech is only allowed in certain realms. Haven’t, throughout history, people been critical of christianity, especially the catholic church.

    God help us when someone writes an Islam version of the Davinci Code, questioning the holy book!!!!!

    I am not religiuos, yet I believe! not sure what in, but believe there is something. I just don’t think you need to go to church and “seeport” your local church to do so. I also believe everyone is entitled to an opinion!


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